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Life and Death In Aleppo


Life and Death In Aleppo

It is all still going on. Omran Daqneesh, 5, the stunned and bloodied boy in the ambulance, survived. His 10-year-old brother Ali, buried longer in the rubble, has died, one of over 100 children of Aleppo killed just this month and one of many thousands overall. From one Syrian activist, "Ali is the suffering itself, that which Omran tried to convey to us." But there are ways to help, and there is, even now, extraordinary new life.


It’s a tragic situation. The images are heartbreaking.

Syria reminds me of one of those real time strategy games like “dawn of war: dark crusade.” Where you play as one of several factions and fight against the others for domination of the campaign map.


WE the people are providing the weapons for the murder of innocent children. Until we rise up and put a stop to this we are all accessories to murder. We know it’s happening. That makes us complicit.