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'Life and Debt': Monster Storms Offer Timely Reminder Why Climate Funds Remain Critical

'Life and Debt': Monster Storms Offer Timely Reminder Why Climate Funds Remain Critical

Joe Solomon

There are certain things in the climate fight that don’t make any money.

For example, when the NOAA mobilized an array of satellites and reconnaissance planes to tell us Hurricane Patricia was swirling massively and madly towards Mexico with persistent winds at over 200 mph — making it "the strongest hurricane" in recorded history, no one got lucky on the stock market.

Remember Civil Defense Plans? There need to be Evacuation Plans for whole populations. These plans need to be done before Migrations, like Syria, happen. Planned housing and food and other resources that will be needed by millions of people. The EU is totally unprepared for it’s present influx of refugees.
America’s coastlines are in dire straits and states like North Carolina are scrapping anything that resembles Planning for the changes that are coming. I was impressed that NYC is thinking ahead with its’ planning. At least Sandy’s warning is being heeded.
Even if Climate Denier Congress people wait until it is too late, our Insurance Companies won’t. They are thinking ahead and spinning their at risk properties, like in Florida, into Subsidiary companies. They can bankrupt their subsidiaries when disaster strikes. They know that is the only way to remain solvent. That has been going on for at least 10 years.
At some point the Insurance companies will cease writing policies in high risk zones. At some point Beach Sand won’t be replaced anymore. At some point people will quit selling their perfectly safe homes to move to Key West.