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Life Goes On Under the Helicopters and the Terrible Cost of Avoiding the Dangers of Kabul



Now imagine were the Russians to arm the Taliban and other insurgent groups in Afghanistan with manpads and other such SAM missiles so as to allow them to shoot these helicopters and aircraft out of the sky and the outrage that would occur.

Well the USA does this very thing in Syria. They are shipping SAMS to the insurgent groups like Al Nusra. These are capable of shooting down airliners.


Thank you for the critical work that you do, Mr. Terrell. I am repeating this since it's vital:

"While these asylum seekers should be given the hospitality and shelter that they have a right to, clearly the answer is not the absorption of millions of refugees into Europe and North America. In the longer term, there is no solution except a restructuring of the global political and economic order to allow all people to live and flourish at home or to freely move if that is their choice. In the shorter term, nothing will stem the massive tide of immigrants short of stopping all military intervention in these countries by the United States and its allies and by Russia."

Tragically, War produces the greatest returns for Disaster Capitalism's investors (and proponents.)