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Life in Cancer Alley

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/09/17/life-cancer-alley


Third world status is now official. I’ll check the CIA Factbook to see if it is so noted. Now, where to seek asylum?


I read a well researched book: Strangers in Their Own Land last year about residents of Louisiana falling for the GOP’s Tea Party. Those souls only coping strategy is pie in the sky, gonna get their reward in heaven.


It seems for the US, the “chickens have come home to roost”, and the capitalists, even US capitalists, are fine with it as long as it’s in the poor communities, and not near their gated ones. As the story points out, just bringing those small pieces of plastic into their neighborhoods, gets you arrested.


The refineries and chemical plants of Cancer Alley will kill far more people in Louisiana than covid19 will kill. That is a fact.

Fortunately, in the course of responding to the covid19 pandemic, governments have recently rediscovered their awesome powers to shut down businesses and stop people from working.

I’m sure that state and federal governments in Louisiana will soon shut down the refineries and chemical plants of Cancer Alley. I mean, governments are obviously deeply concerned about their citizens. The covid19 lockdowns prove it. Now it’s just a matter of time before they lock down those refineries and chemical plants.

We will never know the true number of Covid-19 deaths In Louisiana. When my aunt died of Covid-19 in New Orelans in March they did not include her in the Covid-19 count because anybody over age 80 is deemed by the State of Louisiana to have pre-existing conditions to which their deaths are being attributed.

The gubmit will likely define “locking down those refineries and chemical plants” to mean putting bunk houses in the plants so workers will be prohibited from ever leaving the plants.


I hope that was snark.

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This is more WTO agreements that Zed has posted about extensively.

Screw Formosa Plastics, their Sunshine Project, and the horse they rode in on.


No one is talking about how much stronger tropical storms will spread these chemicals inland. Building chemical plants anywhere these days is suicide and ecocide, but along the Gulf Coast is guaranteed destruction.
The little known movie Beasts of the Southern Wild depicts life in this area. The six year old heroine, Hushpuppy, deals with the accelerated destruction of her world as she watches her father die from chemical poisoning. Seeing the plants belching smoke and discharging poison into the water, realizing this is happening globally, should make a sane person very angry and then to take action.
I saw the environmental degradation in the Flint area extending north to Saginaw and Bay City. The rich had their little enclaves in places like Frankenmuth, but the rest was strip-mined, littered with the bones of dark Big Box stores and skeletons of factories. All that was left was the usual-glitzy malls still going strong near Birch Run while the rest had Wal-Mart, dollar stores, liquor stores, casinos, and payday loan joints.
Send Formosa back to the place that FoxConn went. We don’t want your stinking chemical plants! Or your pollution! Jobs ain’t worth shit if you end up dying from them.


They are now finding plastic particles in our organs. Some on them mimic hormones. Another way to kill people.


In a highly evolved culture, a “corporation,” as you call it, would never be allowed to despoil the land in order to make a profit, for it would be clearly seen that the quality of the lives of the very people who own or work for the corporation are being irrevocably damaged. What profit is there in that? Humans are invested in short-term profit and don’t care about long-term loss because they don’t think they’re going to be around to experience it, but HEBs care about long-term loss because they know they can choose to remain in corporal form forever and they’re usually around to experience the long-term consequences of their actions. HEBs don’t pollute their air, their water, and their land. They do not put chemicals into the ground, for instance, which are then taken up by plants and animals, and brought into the body upon consumption of those plants and animals. A HEB, in fact, would never consume an animal, much less fill the ground, and the plants which the animal eats, with chemicals, then fill the animal itself with chemicals, and then consume it. A HEB would correctly assess such a practice to be suicidal. So HEBs do not pollute their environment, their atmosphere, and their own corporal bodies, as humans do. Your bodies are magnificent creations, made to “last” infinitely longer than you allow them to.

HEBs also exhibit different psychological behaviors that equally prolong life. A HEB never worries – and wouldn’t even understand the human concept of “worry” or “stress.” Neither would a HEB “hate,” or feel “rage,” or “jealousy,” or panic. Therefore, the HEB does not produce biochemical reactions within her own body that eat away at it and destroy it. A HEB would call this “eating itself,” and a HEB would no sooner consume itself than it would consume another corporal being.

HEBs understand that all things are perfect, that there is a process in the universe that is working itself out, and that all they have to do is not interfere with it. So a HEB never worries, because a HEB understands the process. Humans are capable of controlling their emotions, but some don’t believe that, and others simply choose not to exercise it. The few who do make an effort live a great deal longer – assuming chemicals and atmospheric poisons haven’t killed them, and also assuming they haven’t voluntarily poisoned themselves in other ways, such as eating, drinking and smoking poisons. A HEB finds such behaviors incomprehensible. He can’t imagine why you would deliberately take into your bodies substances that you know can’t be doing you any good. Humans may find these things enjoyable , but a HEB finds life in the body enjoyable, and can’t imagine doing anything that she knows ahead of time could limit or terminate that, or make it painful. Some humans don’t believe that eating red meat plentifully, drinking alcohol, or smoking plants will limit or terminate their lives, or make them painful. God says then your observational skills are very dull and need sharpening. A HEB would suggest that you simply look around you.

They are killing themselves too…

Yes, we are a shithole country.

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And to be blunt, we ain’t seen nothing with what’s in our future. I love those double negatives because we’re just in the first stages of climate collapse and the storms haven’t hit the Category 7 level. YET. Double negatives seem appropriate for such scenarios!

But around the world we’ve definitely seen some Category 6 which is anything over 200mph sustained. Hainan in the Philippines a few years ago, those 200mph+ tornadoes that ripped through the Midwest a while back… The first Hurricane that comes in Cancer Alley as a 7 is going to…wash all of it away and spread that toxic crap not just where the surge ends up, but with winds that strong it’ll be dropping everything it picks up on people’s houses and crops and animals for miles and miles inland. All it’ll take is one with winds between 200-300mph and there won’t be a Cancer Alley. Just a scar where the damn buildings stood. Or maybe the monster surge that will come with the winds will excavate the ground they stand on, and the only thing visible will be a wider riverbed. Could easily happen. That entire area isn’t exactly bedrock, ya know? Just…river layers…nothing to hold onto.

This is like standing on the edge of the cliff and watching it fall out from under you. No matter where you are in the world the cliff is crumbling underneath all of us…and the wealthy couldn’t care less because they’re rich so they’ll be ‘safe’ or so they think. Eat the rich might not be much of a joke because in the history of the 22 previous major civilizations that rose and fell in the last 9,000 years at the most recent archeological levels in the digs there were always cooked and cracked human bones split for eating the marrow… And the rich will have the fattest juiciest meat to eat because, after all, they’ll be SAFE and be the last ones with food to eat…until they become food themselves.


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Hi earth_saver:
Although in a sad but ironic way—much of the population and the government were on their way to being"plastic," people even before the reality of plastics being in all of our bodies. : (