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Life or Death for the FCC


Life or Death for the FCC

Laura Flanders

​If we don’t start learning from our history and perhaps repeating some of it, we might was well start burning books.


It is amazing how many organizations in the government have been compromised by corporations. While also having the gall to say that government shouldn’t get in the way of big business. We need to expunge these corporate entities from these governmental institutions, or failing that, cut out the institutions themselves and rebuild them from the ground up to how they should be.


You are correct BUT what can we the people do other than what we’ve done. Email FCC who doesn’t give a rat as how we the people want. My congressional people stand tall for we the people or kind of their dems, they don’t have much of a voice. Here on West Coast I cannot come to Washington DC to march for everything that is going wrong with corporations calling the shots.

Solutions for we the people to not be called dummies sitting on the sidelines. I’ve seen this coming for at least 17 years and worked on campaigns, got out the voters, door knocked on issues et al.

It is hard to get thru to republicons who don’t represent your district in your state or other states. Half the time WH phones don’t work.

Where are the dems, they are sidelined by media, Sunday Shows et al.

What’s your suggestions?


I am sorry, I should of said thank you for what you’ve done to inform over the years and you are a voice of sanity in a insane world.


Strange how Flanders article speaks of the deadline of Dec. 14th as though it is in some distant future…It is TOMORROW!


All this screaming at the last minute is worthless and ridiculous. If congress had been doing its job according to the constitution, looking out for the citizens peace and security decades ago we would be where we should be. Our government would be working for the people not the corporations. It seems to me the fight for our rights took a bad turn way back when the democrats refused to allow Henry Wallace to be the VP on the democratic ticket.


Take the fight to your city hall and state house-----demand a public internet at no or low cost—and check out to see how many bribes, ow sorry campaign donations have been passed to city council members-----this is a public safety issue and a jobs issue.