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Life Under Trump: Night Terrors and Daytime Hopes


Life Under Trump: Night Terrors and Daytime Hopes

Rebecca Gordon

The night after the election, this long-time pacifist dreamed she shot a big white man carrying an arsenal of guns. He was wandering around a room full of people, waving a pistol and threatening to fire. Someone pushed a gun into my hand and said, “Shoot now, while his back is turned!” I shot. Blood seeped from a hole in his back. He fell. I woke up stunned.

And the election results had not changed.

Night Fears


At some point, the Trump administration will be briefed on climate change. The military and the CIA are well aware of the implications. After they are, they will have to lie to their supporters (easy enough) or come clean (not likely). This is a talk by Col. Wilkerson on how much the military has thought about it.



With all due respect, who opposes bigotry? We no longer even take note of a prevalent form of bigotry -- class-based, which has defined our policies and much of the public discussion for years. It's now so much the norm that we don't discuss, or even think about it. Our homeless poor (most of whom are, incidentally, white guys) have been attacked, even killed, without stirring up a wisp of public concern.

We've essentially remained on a course that was set as far back as Reagan in the 1980s, and have reached a point that seems inevitable. We don't know what will happen from here, and as far as I can tell, there's nothing we can do about it.


Agreed, there's nothing we can do to stop what human beings do to each other: our instinct to survive that pits us against everybody who doesn't share our genes. The government we are about to give total control of our lives to, the power to destroy the last remnants of our democracy, and the tools to destroy all life on the planet, doesn't represent or mirror more than a small percentage of us, but they can depend on a majority of us to stand aside and let it happen. "There was no one left to help when they came for me."


Thank you Ms Gordon for this wonderful article.



But...but... what about the down-trodden and discriminated white straight rural or rust-belt male?