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Lifted by Bold Stances on Economy and Healthcare, Sanders Takes Solid Iowa Lead


Lifted by Bold Stances on Economy and Healthcare, Sanders Takes Solid Iowa Lead

Jon Queally, staff writer

Just two days after a poll showed Bernie Sanders 'trouncing' the national frontrunner Hillary Clinton in New Hampshire, a new survey of Iowa voters released late Thursday afternoon shows Sanders with a "solid" 8-point lead over his rival in the early caucus state.


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For resources on educating the public on single-payer:


Hillary is a filthy fighter so fight back! http://www.truth-out.org/news/item/34499-hillary-clinton-declares-war-on-single-payer-health-care




When I hear Hillary talk about healthcare, she just talks about what is realistically possible to do, from her perspective. She is a dream candidate for Big Pharma.
Bernie has come out for what everyone wants, healthcare for every citizen. His plan is obvious and saves everyone much money. We do not need the Health Insurance Industry. The closest our insurance system came to working was when it was Non-Profit. My last pregnancy cost me $400, in 1980, less than 36 years ago. Now a pregnancy costs thousands.


Please be advised that caucusing is a very tricky thing. Polls aside, this will be close and here's to hoping the weather is good, the roads aren't icy, etc. It really does make a difference in GOTV ( get out the vote ) operations. A week is a lifetime in politics, as they say. BTW- The Bernie For Prez TV commercial with Simon & Garfunkel singing, " America " should get an award. Very nicely done.


Just to keep things in perspective a new Iowa KBUR poll came out today and had Clinton leading by 9%. The margin of error was 4.1%. All that you can conclude is this is close. Since Clinton is leading in 4 of the last 5 Iowa polls I would say she still has a slight edge. The evening of Feb 1 is going to be really interesting.


I have been watching your posts. You ALWAYS feign skepticism for Mr. Sanders or insist that he is behind. You do this with covert tactics so that your messaging is not explicit enough to be called out for the likely work of the embed I believe you to be.


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I now see two separate NH polls, one by CNN/WMUR (channel 9 in Manchester, NH, the local ABC affiliate) and the other by WBUR-FM, a Boston University radio station which was related to NPR the last I checked. The WBUR poll came out 60% to 33% to 3% for Martin O'Malley (see page 3), apparently the same numbers as the CNN poll by sheer luck.

One poll is an outlier. Two is a rout.


While I still have apprehensions about Bernie, many of them could be eliminated by Sanders doing one simple thing, before the primaries get started I would like to see him find a young liberal and announce that person as his running mate.
You see, my chief concern about Bernie is not that he is mostly Jewish (although that is a problem) no, it's his age. Bernie would be 74 by Inauguration Day. That would mean by the end of his first term he would be near the age limit of the average American man. while I am not anti-geriatric, It would make me feel much better to see a younger face standing proudly beside Bernie.
That said however, one doesn't have to be a political genuis to notice that the Clintons are circling the wagons. They wouldn't be doing that if their own internal polling hasn't already told them what they fear most, another unlikely candidate that is singing a more progressive, populist tune is about to take a big dump on Hillary's aria.


"Clinton, Trump, and some of the other GOP candidates are fighting for the corporate-imperial scepter. O'Malley and some GOP candidates are running for VP. A few of the GOP candidates are running just for self-promotion and money."

Hey, nice framework!


You shouldn't have apprehensions. You either go with the establishment and the power of their money, or you say, I've had enough of this s***, it's time for a change.

Clinton is not that change. Her gender would be a change, of course, but it's hardly a credential.

I am confident that if and when Sanders is nominated, he will choose (as a running mate) the person who succeeds him in the White House. That person will be younger, I'm assuming female, and I can't think of a more fitting person than the who one who said she will not run for president in 2016.

He's not dumb, he's running for all the right reasons, and he is fully aware of the law of averages concerning his age. Trust him.


For those reasons, Warren would be the ideal candidate, most likely to fiercely carry forward Sanders' economic reform agenda with full integrity, either in the event of tragedy or as his elected successor.

He may choose a different running mate for other reasons.


and like I've been thinking "we're tired of simmering in a boiling pot, let's either change things or get it over". However, that means we the people do need to stand up for the change we want, make sure we take control of house and senate and hold them accountable. Make sure that the groundswell keeps engaged after Bernie is in office as President so that he and our new elected representative get things done.


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What a difference a day makes. A new Loras College poll in Iowa has Clinton leading Sanders by 29%. These polls are all over the place. The three most recent polls have Sanders ahead by 8% and Clinton ahead by 9% and 29%. I don't see how these polls can be coming up with such different numbers in Iowa.


Stop being so sensitive, and actually read and understand what I wrote.
As an American, can you in all good conscience not see that in certain political and social circles being Jewish is still considered a huge liability?
And as for his age, are you so nieve as to genuinely believe that Bernies age is not a potential liability as well? He wil be questioned about his age constantly by the media and by any opponent, and God forbid that during those questions he stammers or stutters.
Let's face it, we know what kind of America we live in. We live in the one where a young, WHITE candidate in 2008 would have stomped McCain by a record landlside. But, the black candidate only beat him by about 4%, despite the Republican Party coming off their most disastrous presidency ever.
I know what America I live in. I live in an America where you are judged by your faith, ethnicity, age, and skin color. It isn't fair, but that's always the way we have been. Should We take a higher road? Of course. But will we? Probably not.


Always look at the polling method and who is doing the poll. The Lorus poll you speak of can hardly be considered legitimate, as they only polled a sample size of 500 voters, and only by landline phone. Demographically speaking, only old people have landlines any more, and those voters tend to be very conservative, thus favoring The likes of Hillary, Cruz, and previous winners in Iowa, Santorum and Huckabee.
My advice is to always research a group before you take any of their findings seriously.


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Wouldn't it be great if Elizabeth Warren were to run with him?