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'Lightning Siege' Sparks Hundreds of Fires in California as New Flames Overwhelm Resources

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/08/19/lightning-siege-sparks-hundreds-fires-california-new-flames-overwhelm-resources

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Have they NOT been sweeping their woodlands and grasslands as trump suggested?


Lol. I was backpacking this weekend when some of the storms blew over. We were lucky we didn’t get rained on too badly. Nothing like a lightning storm at 9000 feet!

Reminds me of our Bad Lands tour. It was dusk and we found ourselves with miles to go on the scenic road as it began to steer up to some hill tops. In a flash high wind, torrential rain, and scary lightning. Couldn’t see a thing and had to stop. We though the van would be blown over and down a slope.
Didn’t see any sweeping there either. Nothing like 9000 ft. though.

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Oh, I dunno, as you indicate, those Midwest storms are something. We went to Badlands and Black Hills last summer for vacation and got caught in a bad one as we were heading towards Denver. We were close to our hotel, thankfully, but the rain was torrential. Of course, when you are camping on granite at elevation, there’s a different kind of fear that can set in.

DEATH VALLEY--------130 degrees----I do believe they said this is a world record-----maybe Mother Nature has had enough.


its true, the anti-christ is coming, fires, climate, pandemic and orange bozo the clown to top it off.

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Perhaps she’s just having another hot flash.


Comment of the night! Made me laugh and I needed it.