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Lights in the Darkness: Celebrating Down-Ballot Progressive Victories


Lights in the Darkness: Celebrating Down-Ballot Progressive Victories

Deirdre Fulton, staff writer

Even for voters devastated by Tuesday's election of Donald Trump to the U.S. presidency, there were glimmers of hope around the country—down-ballot wins on the local and national level that speak to the creation of a progressive farm team nationwide.


This cloud definitely has a silver lining. I hope Trump's a one-term president. We haven't had any one-term presidents since GHW Bush.


Here in Arizona the good news is Arpaio was defeated......the bad news is he may end up in Trump's administration.


Except for Russ Feingold in WI. Sad...


Let's plan for massive civil disobedience to make him a half-term president or less, forcing him to give up part way through.


What should be devastating to the left is the realization just how bad we let things get without doing much about it.


Its vital to note our actual progress here. It is also true that Trump (barely) lost the popular vote. Some ballots have yet to be counted, but Clinton's 59.7 million votes amounted to 48 percent of the popular vote, compared to Trump's 59.5 million (47 percent). Trump has no legitimacy and must be challenged on every front.

I'm encouraged that people are already coming together. We will get through this and come out much stronger together but make no mistake, it won't be easy. You can bet the cops are empowered and will be much more vicious. We must stand strong and more important, we must unite.


This article whiffed on Rhode Island. A good number of Bernie volunteers turned around and ran for the state legislature. I believe that six candidates endorsed by the RI Progressive Democrats beat their archconservative Democratic opponents in September, then walked into office on Tuesday. The conservative Majority Leader of the RI House of Representatives has been replaced by a teacher. The conservative Speaker of the House is 150 votes behind at this minute but might get back in with mail ballots, in any case he's running against a Republican right now.

Now the handwriting is on the wall. If you're a friend of the conservative Democrats, you too can be sitting outside on the park benches with the other conservative Democrats. Oh, and if you're a Republican in Rhode Island it's almost like being the third party in the legislature. Let's see if the rest of the herd starts moving in January.


I find it perplexing that the face of this article is presented with a woman of servitude. The Muslim society subjects women to 2nd class status. How does that fly as progressive?


Morocco, Syria, Turkey & many other Muslim nations are different from Saudi Arabia. Women are given the same rights as men.