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Like a 'Horror Movie': Hurricane Irma Brings Total Devastation to Caribbean


Like a 'Horror Movie': Hurricane Irma Brings Total Devastation to Caribbean

Jake Johnson, staff writer

While at least one billionaire was able to safely ride out the storm in his luxury wine cellar, most residents of the Caribbean islands that took a direct hit from Hurricane Irma Wednesday described scenes out of a "horror movie" as the megastorm—the most powerful ever recorded in the Atlantic—came ashore, re


Welcome to the new normal. Actually we will likely look back at these times when the storms were still small.


I have friends living in US VI and have traveled a bit in the Caribbean. It was surprising and disappointing to learn that they do not have a recycle program and most of the power is generated by giant diesel engines. How crazy is that! No solar for you Amerikan sun drenched colonies.


A pox should descend on all the major oil companies, I tire of their murderous ways…their denial of actual reality…


The horrible additional fact is this is just the beginning of the hurricane season.


Well, no customers no product. Just like the drug problems: no customers, no cartels. We are all responsible.


This is the time to divert that latte money to organizations such as the IRC to help fund recovery efforts. Or I should say survival. I am dubious about the Red Cross these days…


The island of Barbuda nearly " uninhabitable ".

One wonders how much longer the fossil fuel industries, climate deniers will still be in denial?


I imagine as long as they possibly can. And if people ever wake up and decided not to drive those over sized gas guzzling SUVs, they will probably start giving them away for free and just increase the cost of gas. People without ethics will also drive them without a thought to their own actions.


“Oh, the humanity…” (spoken by a newscaster during the explosion of the Hindenburg in NJ). And the horror has only just begun… Jose is following close behind.


In some cases, driving an oversized SUV can be more eco-friendly than building a new SUV that is using carbon to construct it. It may be more green to keep using an old SUV than to buy a new SUV that gets slightly better mileage or is elecric.


Hurricane scientists have never seen an image like this before
The Atlantic experienced three simultaneous hurricanes in 2010, with Igor, Julia, and Karl all swirling in the basin at the same time. Julia never threatened land, so the NHC didn’t issue a warning for North America. This is the first time that three hurricanes have the potential to make landfall at the same time.

The National Hurricane Center (NHC) has issued advisories on Hurricane Irma (currently located north of the Dominican Republic), Hurricane Jose (700 miles east of the Lesser Antilles), and Hurricane Katia (over the southwestern Gulf of Mexico).


I admit it is a learning curve because petroleum products are so prevalent in products we use without thinking about it. There was a time that we lived without those things and to our benefit that we did. From the Exxon standpoint they are providing something we use and if we want that to change we have to change. I measure my carbon foot print all the time, glad to say I have some room compared to most people. But, once you start it gets easier to find comfortable alternatives. I’m happy to say that one complex where I lived got rid of all their carpet and it is really an improvement. Each person has to be able to do what they can do and try different things to see how it works for them.


“We” are only responsible as willing ‘slaves’ to the process. It is the greed of ‘unregulated capitalism’ that is the ‘pox’ that the oiligarchy set in motion. ‘Their’ denial of innovations in ‘other’ technology has kept us in ‘energy darkness’ as I might call it. Oh, and btw there will always be customers for ways to ‘alter’ consciousness, whether it be for fun or personal medication, right or wrong. Oil and drugs are apples and bicycles…yeah, there is that much difference.