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'Like a Parallel Universe': At Trump Rally, No Mention of Cohen or Manafort But Plenty of Surreal 'Drain the Swamp' and 'Lock Her Up' Chants

'Like a Parallel Universe': At Trump Rally, No Mention of Cohen or Manafort But Plenty of Surreal 'Drain the Swamp' and 'Lock Her Up' Chants

Jake Johnson, staff writer

President Donald Trump on Tuesday was directly implicated in a criminal conspiracy by his former personal attorney Michael Cohen and—almost simultaneously—a federal jury found his former campaign manager guilty on eight counts of financial crimes, but you wouldn't know it by watching Trump's inane campaign-st

This is trump’s gift to the duopoly: delivery into armed chaos of all the people they both have been working to disenfranchise in a virtual reality for over fifty years.

That Trump can pump like an auto-erotic adolescent is a serious problem - no news there.

Become especially aware of the temporal positioning of all topics in discussion. Past, present and future are played over historical fact - as is being done by the entire cast of criminals -to crank up the fast lane skids distracting from local and regional realities as if something were actually going on when the resident of the oval office - whoever it might be at any given time - dangles his dingle to the delight of the deluded.


Trump Can’t Handle The Truth.

Let’s not forget about Pence and the other complicit republican which is most of the congressional republicans. They all need to be drawn into this swamp and jailed. Of course, we have dems that need to go also.

Accountability needs to come back to Washington DC and these thiefs and killers need to be jailed.


Yes, Pence needs to be removed from office before Trump is dumped or nothing positive will have been accomplished.


In the lead up to November, I’m interested in seeing how many Republicans in tight races will abandon Trump.

I’d be surprised to see more than a dozen or so. Trump is now the Republican brand.

And it’s worth repeating: The D-party is thanking its lucky stars for Trump. Their corporate gravy train is loading up at the donation depot.


Who in the D-Party? Be specific. Most Democrats I know aren’t thanking Trump, they can’t stand him and understand what that 5th seat on the Court means for any progressive-leaning initiative.

Did anyone notice how few were at this latest rally.

If public executions were still in fashion, I bet these loyalists to Trump would all be fighting for a seat to watch him hang.


Yes Donald, there is a witch hunt. That’s what we have when there are witches about. We will be compassionate to you and your fellow witches (warlocks as it were) that have already been caught, and won’t drown or burn at the stake. We will try to get you off our streets and attempt to stop you from putting spells on people. G

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This is what fascism looks like. Millions of American are really into this and prefer it to democracy. And they have taken over the Republican Party which is now aligned with Russia rather than western European liberal democracies which themselves are in jeopardy of falling to the white nationalists. Americans get a chance in November to vote for autocracy or democracy. But Facebook has reported finding numerous fake accounts trying to influence the mid-term election, many apparently from Russia and Iran. Democracy right now in the US is teetering and the Russians are working night and day to push it over the brink. Most reports suggest that Democrats have a good chance of taking the House which might stall the demise of democracy in the US. For the Democrats to take the Senate pretty much everything would have to fall their way. I think this is the first time in American history when the two major parties were aligned with different world powers. The Democrats still support NATO, the EU, and governments of countries like France and Germany while the Republicans led by Trump are on the opposite side supporting white nationalist parties in Europe that represent autocracy.

Absolutely. The Democrats are fighting to save democracy, both center left Democrats and progressive Democrats. The have serious differences but hopefully they will not be foolish enough to let these differences stand in the way of uniting against the Republicans who now support Trump which means they support fascism. That is the main reason Bernie Sanders enthusiastically supported Hillary Clinton. When it comes down to it Sanders will always join the fight for democracy even if many of his supporters object to his support of a center left Democrat. When if comes down to it Sanders clearly understands the need to fight for democracy.

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I know we’re supposed to try and “understand” these trump fans. I understand they have little between the ears.


Republicans haven’t been hiding their true color. They all about all things to do with profiteering. It’s Deja vu all over again. The corruption and profiteering by U.S. politicians and business interests during WW2 is back in the hood.
Then it was Ford selling trucks to the Nazi’s in France, Standard oil shipping fuel to the Nazi’s. Even the Davis oil, related to Nancy-Davis-Reagan was selling to the Nazi’s. ATT was a player as was Chase bank holding for the Nazi’s to tap. FDR was no saint at this time, but that’s for a different post.

With the republican party sitting on their hands during all that Trump and his swamp have done already, and now backing up lawlessness, the whole damn bunch needs purging. G

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His crowd seemed a little flat, looked confused


Don’t confuse them with facts. Everybody knows that the Democrats are worse than Trump, because “they are the more effective evil”. You know, like all those evil environmental and labor regulations that Trump is dismantling.

If you think things are bad here, you should go over to the comment section of “Truthdig” where the leftists for Trump went after the election because Commondreams was insufficiently supportive of the building red-brown coalition.

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How is the Republican Party “aligned with Russia”? The Republican Congress has enacted the toughest economic sanctions regime ever toward Russia. That reality is at odds with your claim.

Trump continues to create diversions by passing off his policy deficits to something Obama did. Usually these comments are false or misleading.
Now, if he were to refer back to the many horrible things that came out of the Bush Administration there would be some credibility.
Trump attempts to brag on his accomplishments. He calls the rescinding of the many directives that Obama put in place (for the people) a good thing. All it accomplishes is to deregulate everything that is an imperative to regulate because republicans cannot be trusted. G

“Drain the swamp” and “lock her up” is all he has left ,the smell of his bull shit is spreading fast and people are starting to gag, he kn

He knows that he’s going down, but he will spend the rest of his life spouting nonsense that he was the victim of a conspiracy theory and that he was the greatest President in the history of the universe

Are you saying Trump is in denial? Yup.
When Trump visits Putin and comes home with shit on his nose, guess where he has been? G

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