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Like Adding 'Five to Six Hiroshima Bombs of Heat Each Second,' Study Shows Oceans Warming at Record Rate

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/01/14/adding-five-six-hiroshima-bombs-heat-each-second-study-shows-oceans-warming-record

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“However, the more we reduce greenhouse gasses, the less the ocean will warm.” (article)

True - but that is just a start.

We have also treated the world ocean like a garbage dump - and like an inexhaustible hunting ground - attacking the food chain from both top and bottom simultaneously.

Then there’s plastic - the almost certain decline of oxygen producing phytoplankton - hypoxic zones - eutrophication dead zones - the cascade of effects on the stability of the Holocen ocean ecosystem itself - the slowing Gulf Stream (AMOC), the dying coral reefs around the world, and on and on…

The ocean is broken, and we have left the Holocene behind for the ugliness of The Anthropocene - and the ugliest part is the lack of foresight and remediation at all levels of government, while we continue to hurl missiles at each other, and develop ever more lethal weapons of mass destruction, and all with the tacit consent of the governed.

Citizens - of the world - where are they ?

As rare as the black rhino and the snow leopard.


Once the oceans get heated up, it would take thousands to cool down to a livable temperature (assuming we stop pumping green house gases into the atmosphere).


The picture of adding the heat of six atomic bomb explosions to the oceans every second, day after day, year after year, is incredibly vivid.

And incredibly scary.

There’s no way we’ll survive that if it continues much longer.


Damn that exponential function.


Got news for you pal, there’s no way we’ll survive based on what we’ve already done.


There’s a graphic of all the water in the world – including everything on, in and above the ground. It depicts all our water as a blue sphere of 433 miles radius, which it places over the western US for scale.

It’s at a USGS site and it’s titled “How Much Water is There on Earth?”

Imagine adding the heat of 6 atomic bombs to that blue sphere every second for years.

You may well be right.

The ocean is miles deep. Most of the sun’s extra energy stops at the very top of the ocean, but then the heat sinks down through mixing and because water is a good heat transmitter. I’ve heard that the ocean slows the effects of climate change down by 30 years.

So, if we had been taking drastic action 30 years ago, we might still have a rapidly intensifying hurricane erase Grand Bahama and Abaco islands (Category 5 hurricanes feed off of hot oceans), but at least we wouldn’t have set anybody up 30 years from now. Now we’re certainly going to have a problem in 30 years. The question is, are we going to leave an incredible problem in 60 years?

Bombs away!

Another nail on our coffin. Diggin’ my grave today at 52 years of age. Not much time left for any of us now. I curse what we’ve done to this once-pristine planet!

I propose since January 25 is a global day of action across our globe to stop warfare we make the connection:

Fight climate chaos not the Middle East.

It is Life that is important not “civilization”.


“Like an inexhaustible hunting ground”

No truer words. If you haven’t read the Atlantic Monthly article: “History’s Largest Mining Operation is About to Begin” - about mining on the ocean floor - it’s a must read. We’ve exhausted the land and now we must exhaust the ocean. What stupid creatures are the ‘civilised’ ones among the human species.

It goes without saying that the human species (and many other species) are dead in the water - no pun intended. In my non-scientific opinion, the feedback loops have been cemented for at least the last 5-10 years. Too many decades of over population, over consumption, over fishing, over exploitation, over farming, over-etc,etc.etc. has guaranteed that they’ll continue on their loops.

Does this mean that I’ve given up on my Simple Living mantra - growing my own veg, eating vegan, not driving? Not at all. I do this because it’s the right thing to do and it sets the tone for my next lifetime. And frankly, my actions in this world are the only thing that I can control. And so I act with with the realisation and acceptance that it will not stop the global climate crisis / mass extinction that we’re witnessing daily.


This is the whole ball game and it looks like we don’t get the option of leaving early. People think this signifies the end but I doubt it. What it does tell us is that we won’t escape the relatively immediate effects of what we have done to the world. I believe that this decade will be our awakening when the whole world gets scared but good! The problem after that, say twenty years on, is complicated by our desperation as catastrophic climate change hits us hard. Really hard in twenty years for sure.

But people aren’t calculating humanity’s responses to the problem. Expect some dire attempts to mitigate disaster using geoengineering schemes that carry their own global sized risks. Think of the talk of injecting particulate matter into the upper atmosphere and reducing the amount of sunlight reaching the Earth. Now there is a gamble of epic proportions that few of us will have much say in, is my guess.

The ‘End Is Not Near’ despite the wagging fingers of those who apparently feel satisfied that humanity deserves to be punished and now will be. I think though that it will be the end of the good times and the start of a hell on Earth for everybody. My guess is that it will be a toss up whether some dire experiment of geoengineering succeeds or not. If it doesn’t then another attempt, another experiment of global proportions will be tried because humanity has left humanity no other choice.

It won’t be the end… but you won’t want to live here. Good luck kiddies. You will see a strange new world whether you want to or not. The End Of The Good Times Is Nigh!


The problem is that we ARE civilized! If we all had to still go out an ‘hunt and gather’, we would have far less impact upon the ecosphere. ‘Civilization’ ought to be a dirty word.

I, too, grow most of my own veggies. I’m not averse to eating some meat, however. I once raised sheep. Ruminants, you know, eat cellulose and make human food out of it. The real problem is human overpopulation. Any organism (herbivore, carnivore, or omnivore) can produce a destructive ‘bloom’ and hurt a wide range of other organisms as well as itself. That’s what we have done.

Despite our vaunted ‘brain’, we seem to be no smarter than bacteria in a bottle of nutrient. We now race to see who can consume the most before someone else beats us to it.

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Exactly, we have gone too far so now the question, in my mind, is what is a reasonable life-style in the face of this impending disaster. My personal attitude is quite similar to yours and this is impossible to contemplate without addressing the philosophical issue of - is this what we really are about? Is there a deeper meaning to life than rampant consumerism and lives spent is the pursuit of what is ultimately empty pleasures? I feel there is and that also we are creators and the ultimate creation is a life of balance and respect of our world and each other. Just maybe there is reason for all this suffering.

Abraham said in a statement Monday announcing the study’s publication that the public needs to be aware “how fast things are changing.”

The public. Yeah.

There are essentially three options about the climate crisis:

  1. Complete ignorance. By that I mean those living more primitive lifestyles and are not subjected to the ‘modern’ world’s media influences. They may know their world is changing, without being aware of the reasons why. They are not unlike the entire realm of other life forms on this planet, who are not causing the problem, but are paying the price for it.

  2. Knowledge with Denial. It strains the imagination to conceive of anyone in the developed countries who has not heard report after study upon warnings such as this. Having that information available, most, unfortunately, opt to ignore and/or dismiss it, for whatever reason they choose, in order to continue their unfettered lifestyles, assaulting the natural world.

  3. Knowledge coupled with Action. Those of us who have been heeding the warnings, who are aware of the perils and all their impact, willing to alter our lifestyles, to speak out, to live in respect of all life on this planet, essentially the minority of the public to which this author wishes to address.

But keep in mind, if we would have remained hunter/gatherers, we would have long ago killed off every edible animal on the earth. We would also have been faced with either having to become agrarian any way, or just eat each other until there were no more of us.
Hunting and gathering is an evolutionary dead end. It certainly would have been better for the earth in the long run however, but here we are.

Thus proving what most scientists have feared for a couple of decades now, that the effects of global warming lag years behind the growing CO2 levels and the warmth of the ocean.
The only logical conclusion that can now be drawn is that we are long past the point of no return. The worst effects of global warming will come, and they will be upon us in less than fifty years. While it may not cause ours, and the extinction of most other life forms, it will definitely thin the herd.
Face it. American conservatives and others like Rupert Murdoch, have already shown their hand for all future arguments concerning global warming. The damage is done, there’s nothing we can do now to mitigate its worse effects, just stay the course.
Let the good times roll, until there aren’t any good times any more.

“Five to Six Hiroshima Bombs”… Wait! How much is that in Fukushimas?


We passed the threshold of survival a long time ago and the rich and powerful could give a crap and care less. We are not extinguishing only our species but other flora and fauna at an accelerating rate. The planet will survive but greatly degraded by our human efforts. The apocalyptic movies maybe more accurate than we had perceived. We who are baby boomers may miss the worst of it but consider our legacy.

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I fear you underestimate what’s coming (though I hope not). Exhibit A: Australia.


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