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Like Clinton, Trump Chickens Out of Debate with Sanders



People who refuse to debate in an election should be disqualified.


Trump and Clinton have both been following the wishy washy politician play book for decades. They are two sides of the same coin and don't need to borrow each others pages.


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I saw some photos the other day with the caption "Chicken shaming."

It showed chickens with tags on their necks akin to "Dog shaming."

So I'd like to see one of Trump with a tag saying, "I said I'd debate Bernie and donate the money to charity, then I chickened out."

And Clinton with one saying, "I promised to debate Bernie before California but my promises don't mean anything."


Oh yes Trump you misogynist dickhead, you are just so concerned about women's issues aint ya?

Meanwhile, at the next rally, Trump will say something like this…

"I mean all of the men, we're petrified to speak to women anymore," Trump told the audience in Spokane. "We may raise our voice. You know what? Women get it better than we do folks. Alright? They get it better than we do.”


Has anyone seen or heard about this? See link below. Sounds like the millions to charity will be provided...



Good god, Trump's withdrawal statement alone should convince anyone not to vote for that idiot. It was just a bunch of ridiculous bullshit.


The twitter feed is priceless and still young. Who is it that said (to paraphrase) When history repeats the first time around its a tragedy - the second time a farce. Just a reminder about the past 15 years 'on the drug called phukitall'


20 million dollars to debate Bernie Sanders? Did Hillary's ears just perk up?


The FBI is not going to lay charges against Hilary Clinton no matter how many voice mails you leave with the DOJ.

This denialism surrounding Clinton's looming nomination is approaching comedy.

Neither will the super delegates, whose primary function is to keep out fringe candidates, suddenly switch their allegiance in the 11th hour to favor Sanders.

Let's be honest!


She's getting more than that to not debate Bernie Sanders.


Exactly what I thought. How can either Trump or Hillary, in good conscience, say no to the debate when someone is willing to donate that much money to charity? Then I came to my senses and realized neither of them have a conscience.


Maybe Hillary can be convinced to debate if that $20 Million was to be donated to the Clinton Foundation?
$20 million for 2 hours of speaking, that sure beats speaking to Wall Street for an hour and only getting $225,000.


Just as she whines every time Sanders holds up any of her baggage, Clinton would make any debate conditioned upon no questions that might expose any of the vulnerabilities that Trump would expose if she runs against him in the general election.


I like Robin William's suggestion in the video that politicians be required to wear jackets with the insignia of all the companies that sponsored them. I am assuming that he was not just referring to them doing this during elections, but also when in public and when in the various legislative bodies and when doing official business.

To his suggestion I would favour adding a legal requirement that all politicians recurse themselves from any bill or activity or position where representing any of the sponsors on their coat could conceivably be or become a conflict of interest.


Two chickens (sorry about the real birds being called this) refused to debate Bernie Sanders. Why not let the 3rd party people debate Bernie Sanders? I am sure they would be delighted to actually be admitted to a debate. They also might make some points that make sense, and they might talk about the issues. These two would be Jill Stein and Gary Johnson.


Well, of course not. Whyever would Trump wish to debate Sanders?

He has no need to weaken Clinton in the primaries: Sanders is the more formidable opponent. Sanders' policies are popular, and he won't get away with this "beltway insider" schlock against a genuine reformer.

Nah, if he debates Sanders, Sanders airs popular views. If Trump runs against Sanders or debates Sanders, he loses straight away.


He'd probably also chicken out if Elizabeth Warren agreed to debate him.


Imagine his handlers probably had to explain to him that Bernie is smarter than he is and
probably not a good idea to enter into a debate with him.