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Like Falling Ashes: Leonard Cohen Dies


Like Falling Ashes: Leonard Cohen Dies

Like we weren't feeling bereft enough, poet, singer, songwriter and Buddhist monk Leonard Cohen has died at 82 after decades of writing, touring and being revered as the "songwriter's songwriter." His final album last month was titled, "You Want It Darker." Now it is. One fan quoted his lyric, "'Everybody knows that the good guys lost.' We really did. Trump is president and Leonard is dead." But Cohen never stopped seeking. "There is a crack in everything," he wrote. "That's how the light gets in."


I want to get off 2016's depressing ride already.


I am writing this through my tears. Have loved Leonard Cohen since the 1960's. He is surely in Heaven, if there is one. He was the quintessential humanitarian who fought his entire lifetime for what was good and right for all humanity, personally and through his magnificent and memorable poetry and music. Listening to Leonard Cohen brought me through many trying times over the years. Songs of Leonard Cohen and I'm Your Man are my favorites. The last time I saw him was a replay this year on PBS of his Leonard Cohen Live in London concert. When he sang "Suzanne," I was spun back in time.

Blessed be!


Canada produced a number of singer songwriters I am especially fond of. Gordon Lightfoot, Neil Young, Joni Mitchell and Leonard Cohen.

They all "happened" around the same time which made those times so rewarding and unforgettable.

I am trying to pick a "favorite song" from his vast library but like any great aritist there is not just one. The one I played as soon as I heard this was "dance me to the end of love".

Leonard brought great joy to me and in a world that can seem so terrible at times his music and words helped make it all worthwhile. Yes there can be and is great beauty in this world yet , and in a world where so many seem hopelessly divided, his music united many.

RIP Leonard Cohen and thank you.


Sometimes, the influence a person has on others is best demonstrated by a cover version of his/her song. I like this below.


Goodbye, Leonard Cohen. Thanks for all the songs.

So I knelt there at the delta,
at the alpha and the omega,
I knelt there like one who believes.
And the blessings come from heaven
and for something like a second
I'm cured and my heart
is at ease.


As if I weren't depressed enough... He opened his heart and shared his journey through his songs. RIP, Leonard Cohen, a complex soul "with a golden voice."


Leonard was so adept at speaking to the bitter sweet experience of being on this amazing planet and went forward creating and being through it all.

May we all carry on in such good stead.


beautifully put, thank you


I get in my truck at those times when I just must get away by myself to think. I drive the still mostly deserted roads here in rural Colorado and put on one of my Leonard Cohen CD'S and let his words penetrate my soul. I too find it inevitable that the cleansing tears soon start to flow from somewhere deep within. The man was indeed a miracle. I give my thanks that he left us his music. Time to pull out and read once again, "I'm Your Man, the life of Leonard Cohen."


R. I. P., Leonard, along with SuspiraDeProfundis, the song that popped into my mind when I heard of his passing was Dance Me to the End of Love. I often get an urge, in the quiet of the evening, to listen to Leonard, I will continue to do so.