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Like Father, Like Daughter: Ivanka Accused of Violating Emoluments Clause


Like Father, Like Daughter: Ivanka Accused of Violating Emoluments Clause

Jessica Corbett, staff writer

President Donald Trump's daughter and senior adviser Ivanka will receive more than a million dollars from the family business this year, according to McClatchy's D.C. bureau, raising fresh concerns about apparent conflicts of interest that seem rampant among key members of the Trump administration.


Ivanka Trump would have us believe that she is an "unpaid senior advisor “and took the job as " unpaid senior advisor” out of the goodness of her heart!


To all republican trump-Latest enablers: what in hell is wrong.5 with you that you enable the trump crime family? My congressman, John Faso (NY 19th) is among them


Think they will get adjoining suites at their Correctional Facility.
Guess they will need a triplex, with ol’ Jared on the list of convicted.


Ivanka and her baby-faced husband are the two “Democrats” in Trump’s White House, neo-libs to be exact. Supposedly the least worst of the bunch …


Someone dump white trash all over my front lawn. Guess I’ll have to get a rake and pitch-fork to clean up this mess.


The saddest part is none of Trump’s supporters - and apparently most of the Rethuglican and Democrat Congresscritters, too - see anything really wrong with Trump and his family’s violation of the Emoluments Clause. If they did, they would have opened serious massive investigations into it/filed impeachment long, long ago. This sets an incredibly dangerous precedent, if they do not do something about it ASAP. Once enough time has passed, then the new precedent is that it is perfectly fine for a President/White House appointee to not divest themselves of their financial interests that can be directly impacted by their work in said White House. Once this becomes the new norm, then corruption - already insanely common - will just skyrocket. But then again, maybe I just answered my own question about why nobody in Washington is really making any big deal about this, on either side of the aisle. They WANT that precedent established, for future profit by future presidents and their families.



It’s high time to recognize crime for what it is.



If they buy the correctional facility would it be a conflict of interest to profit from their own incarceration?


WOW A Family run Business

That has potential, considering the number of co-conspirators


Give them all lobotomies, followed by a padded cell for life.


Nothing is done about Donald’s violations. Why should anything be done about hers?
Congress does not care.


At this point, my guess is that exactly no one from this benighted “administration” (or even its “advisers”) will go to prison.


This would be a total waste of resources and time.

Seal them all in Trump Tower, and bring it all down in a controlled demolition.

A proper example must be made in this country for what is totally unacceptable.

This may sound harsh, however, just think of how many people have died as a result of their greed and false governance.


She means “I will not take any taxpayer money for being an advisor”.
Running a business on the side is a different story, besides if she gets caught, daddy will give her a pardon.


Ever since the lust for Camelot Scene of those young beautiful Kennedys, I have wondered why the majority have a craving desire to hear about The Royals. People worship money and families with money. Europeans have their royals and uscitizens have “wealthy”

I am feeling nauseous over the results of these worshipers.


It may a deep-seated instinct for humans to automatically grant credence to the wealthy.


Maybe this will cheer you up. Saw a story this morning about how white Christian woman are rethinking their support for Trump, I didn’t bother to read it, but bless their hearts.


Yeah and European history shows forced obedience to feudal lords, barons, kings etc who consistently taxes peasants and then sent them off to war to fight and conquer more lands for their liege.

Same story today duh history repeats itself


I’m not slamming you’re post with this, but I was told Pres. Kennedy tried to refuse a salary, but was told he could not, so he took $1 a year. Can any one confirm or deny this? If true, maybe someone should inform our current dip stick.