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Like Father, Like Daughter: Ivanka Accused of Violating Emoluments Clause


What’s it like to not worry about going to the doctor, or dentist, or ending up on the street in your old age?

Ask Ivanka? Not interested in asking her.

Ask Swedish citizens!

Yes, ask a Swedish citizen. Read up and dream about it. Life can be different on planet Earth, and guess what? Capitalism exists there too.

After age 20 in Sweden, for instance, dental care is the most expensive care you have to pay for. Sweden demands that you pay a whopping $345 dollars in a year, before the State steps in and pays for the rest.

All medical services, including emergency care or going to a specialist, the citizen has to pay an equivalent of $20 for a general doctor visit, and $40 to see a specialist or receive emergency treatment. These co-pays accrue up to a whopping $145 equivalent, and then the State steps in and pays the rest.

Damn. Imagine THAT worry taken off your back and expense? Imagine how much more FREEDOM you would experience in life in general? In changing jobs, moving to a different State, etc?

This whole notion of “freedom” needs a serious update among the masses in this country.

It’s amazing that the arguments that this country can’t go this route get very fucking tired.

Oh yes, the Swedish State isn’t involved in Empire building for corporate interests and slaughtering people all over the globe 24/7, ostensibly “protecting our freedoms”.

My bad. Carry on.

Dreaming of Sweden. I’ll just buy some warm clothes and adjust to the climate, thank you.



Save Trump Tower and give it to the homeless and poor.


Just took my DNA test, looking for potential new digs

Keep you posted, may be posting from Stockholm this year.
Check out my granddad’s hometown.


This is what people should go after. Not Stormy Daniels and the Russia Hacked our election B.S.


Yes the Swedes pay taxes as well, but remember, they are not shelling out thousands upon thousands of dollars each year paying insurance for their essential medical and dental care.

How much combined state, local, and federal tax on average to Swedes pay who make, for instance, $45,000 USD per year? 29%.

Hmmmm. Damn!!!


Frankly I think the jerk should be investigated inside out and sideways. The jerk payed her off for her silence, and has a long history of being a complete and utter jerk to women. The more this jerk gets called out for being the overall slime bag he is, the better.

And for Russia? If you think there is absolutely nothing to this story, I’ve got a bridge in Brooklyn to sell you.

Do I agree with Russia bashing in general? No. Do I side with NATO policies that comport with isolating and confronting Russia militarily? No.


So you believe Hillary’s campaign’s email that was released, was not released by Seth Rich but by Russia? And they hacked our whole election by releasing ONE email that the Clinton campaign never denied the veracity of? Do you want to go further and say that THREW that election to Trump because that’s what the HRC campaign lie is?
You buy that bridge, buddy. We have Trump because Clinton set it up so he would be her only contender. She didn’t deny her campaign’s email saying that. ALL polls had HRC’s favorability going down from the minute she announced her run to election day. She could not beat a deplorable racist, sexist buffoon because she was too corrupt. Heck, she did more private speeches for Wall Street during her campaign then to regular voters. She couldn’t win back any voters after the primary to unify us because she’d already incessantly called all of us women haters and uninformed. I’m a woman who had to put up with that. Her fascist blanket statements she and her supporters used non stop instead of countering evidence of corruption by trying to come up with equal offset facts, sank that whole campaign - which should have never stared to begin with. Her voter fraud with her friend Wasserman-Shultz sank the Dem party. Most people fled and remain independents now - like me. Our Stein votes were stolen and flipped in the election. She was already too well known for corruption across the board so should have never ran.


Well said Rainy. I couldn’t have said it better.

Seth Richs murder is the key to killing the Duopoly altogether.


Hey jerk, go cluck yourself.

You aren’t worth another word, idiot.

You make me out to be a HRC supporter, yet you know that is absolutely false, as you have been around here long enough to know.

But, intellectual honesty obviously isn’t your strong point.

I blame HRC for Trump winning okay? Like I’ve stated in many many posts.

You rattle off a whole line of rhetorical questions asserting positions I haven’t taken, but that’s indicative of your intellectual pedigree.

I mean, you believe that mass shootings are all fake.

Seriously, get lost.


Well said? Her attack on me, well said?


“No” Chicken. Her comment wasn’t all about you.


Wow, I think you’re right. Thanks for pointing this out.


Actually, other than that argument about mass shootings I never really noticed you before. I was answering your post to me. I don’t believe that mass shootings are all fake. You’re doing what you’re accusing me of.


Just most of it.

Regarding Seth, no doubt that death is suspicious, but is there any evidence that you can point to that a Clinton ally did it?

Isn’t it obvious that Assange had an interest in getting Trump elected? He has said as much and I resent him for it. I used to think of him as a hero, but no more. You fall off the hero boat when you decide with the alt-left that getting a fascist into the White House is a good thing.


Okay okay, you think Vegas, Sandy hook, and the recent one in Florida are all fake, and these kids were all actors.

My bad, buddy.


Now don’t dare accuse me of being an apologist for Corporate State Democrats.


thanks for the link, I’ll check it out.


I always get a kick out of Americans who scream bloody murder at the thought of Medicare For All, because “you would raise my taxes!!!”

The morons have no problem whatsoever paying $5000-$10,000/year (and up) out of their own pockets for insurance premiums/deductibles/co-pays/etc. to their health insurance company, but they go absolutely apoplectic at the suggestion of raising their taxes 3-4% to pay for universal healthcare. You can show them the math that the tax increase is LESS than the $$ they pay annually in health insurance premiums, so that they would actually be SAVING money, until the cows come home, but they just won’t see it. Logic is not a strong point of most right-wingers.


By the way, I think overall the point you make about investigating Trump emoluments clause violations is sound.

Generally, yes, I think what you assert is correct.


There is no shortage of outright stupidity running rampant among citizens of the USA. And add the cost of college to those things the idiots pay out of pocket when they could be for free for a few more dollars in taxes. But of course the owners of the USA don’t want an educated populace who might just be able to see just how screwed they are. Or how about the vacation time and pay in those horrible socialist nations around the world. Instead the idiots loudly cheer on the policies that continually fuck them over. There truly are no words for the masses of morons in the USA.