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Like Father, Like Daughter: Ivanka Accused of Violating Emoluments Clause


Furthermore, I spent about an hour researching the Seth murder story, and guess what?

All evidence points that it originated as FAKE news on behalf of guess who? Trump.

I challenge you to find credible evidence to the contrary.


Yes, they are held up as the ones who really do care “for the little people”.


I love this stuff. A word most ‘progressives’ didn’t even know 14 months ago is now a highly principled argument! Until such time as a leftist is in office.


Paying more to get worse coverage isn’t a bargain in any sense of the word. Especially given the reality of the govt track record of predicting health costs for it’s own systems. Where is the 2000 bucks a year we were promised we’d save under Okare?

Tell us again about logic. In this version, govt taking over the second largest industry in the nation and probably the most complex and turning it into a monopoly controlled by politics will yield ‘better’ results. Sure, if you’re willing to not only lower your standards, but you consider the existence of a program success no matter how poorly it matches promises. And if you don’t care the actual net payers are not getting the full value of what they pay.


I think it’s possible. Vegas, I’m sure of.


Vegas you’re sure of eh?

Dear Reader, this is the tripe she cites as “evidence”.

Drink some strong chamomile tea prior to viewing, no good shot of whiskey, no perhaps valium is needed to keep the blood from boiling for any rational person.

On this topic, yes I’m inferring you RainyinSeattle are irrational, absolutely.

And dear Reader, please take note of how Sane Progressive doesn’t counter the right wing hate in the comments under her “presentation”, and indeed chimes in with them against some commenters that write how they personally know victims.

But really the focus should be on this charlatan’s idiotic narrative relative to the “evidence” she cites to support her conclusion.

At your own risk…


Add how you consider Sane Progressive worthy of a Steve Bannon comparison. I’m guessing it’s the DNC calling all liberals fringe to the point that they’ve lumped them in with the extreme right fringe. That’s the only way to get a comparison like that.


How fucking ironic. It is YOU who is supporting the Steve Bannon angle on this.

Once again, get a fucking clue.

And to your snipe equating me with DNC talking points. Check my comment history you dolt.


I wouldn’t know Steve Bannons angles. I don’t follow him. I do know I accused everyone of being a gunnut who even suggested shootings were fake until November. It took me watching CNN and the news casters saying there was a drill of the event going on at the same time, that I finally went - Whaat? That’s when Sane Progressive caught on too as well as her followers. We were all new bright eye’d people going, I can’t believe this is happening as we watched the footage. News reporters interviewing people that looked like they couldn’t stop giggling while they talked about their friends who died, walks through groups of people at the scene and saying they all have blood on them and are wounded when nobody in the video has blood or looked wounded, finally a few days later showing people with gun shots to the head and limbs that were all cleaned up except they had a bandaid on their gun shots as if they’d gotten a scratch - they all walked away from the place after getting shot. Hey, they wouldn’t have HAD a head or limbs after getting shot by an assault riffle. Anyway,that was way too shabby of a job. I had to wake up because of what I was seeing on the news. I never followed Florida, I simply question it. After Vegas, they lost me. I no longer just believe or attack anyone who doesn’t - like you do.


Seriously, you are so far fucking down the rabbit hole I can’t help you.

By the way, you attack as well, so spare me, okay?

Here is a lovely post that Sane Progressive hasn’t seen fit to reply to for over four months, yet she replied to the very next post.

Lots and lots of these posts she apparently can’t even vote down, much less counter.

The post, underneath the post I allude to, is one where she chimes in with those hating on people saying they knew people either injured by bullets or killed.

This is the idiocy you actually defend, as she sure as hell isn’t pushing back against the hate.

From the forum underneath Sane Progressive’s summary of “evidence” post…

craig_oz_land saneprogressive • 4 months ago

Nothing personal, I automatically place gays in the cultural Marxist minorities who are lefty libtards hell bent on majority cultural subversion of heterosexual and national majorities, gun control advocates and telling lies for the greater good. You are a rare bird and a real truther. Be careful, you are on the cull list if the Marxist Communist New World Order agents take over. Much respect for being brave in the face of death for telling the truth.

Troy McGarrigle saneprogressive • 5 months ago

Debbie, surely you are not saying the whole thing was faked. My employee knew someone who was shot and killed there.

saneprogressive Troy McGarrigle • 5 months ago

This I know a guy who knows a guy is getting really old. Give me a name and then we will talk.

You don’t follow Florida? Sure you do, via Sane Progressive’s take on it.

Including her conclusion because a kid who just went through that horrendous ordeal smiled for a few seconds at her fellow classmates as she was being interviewed.

I made the argument before, even based on my own experience of having been faced with possible death, and it is easy to find such evidence of people being interviewed after surviving earthquakes, tornadoes, car wrecks, etc.

The survivors, still in shock, indeed can behave with a giddy, upbeat demeanor. It’s called being in shock, adrenaline pulsing through veins, and even relief that one is still alive.

That you can side with this charlatan coalescing hate upon these kids along with her right wing following is sickening, and pitiful.

Again, I had a gun held to the side of my temple and for 15 (seemed like hours) minutes being pushed around an office while opening 10 cash drawers and a safe while he kept telling me that if he couldn’t see what my hands were doing at all times he would “blow my brains across the room”.

If I would have been on camera talking to my friend afterward, where I was giddy in the aftermath, this charlatan, and apparently you, would have screamed “FAKE!!!”.


They have experience with controlled demolition in NYC.


So Obama had specific instances of such business relationships directly benefiting from being President?

What, libertarians or other right wing “free to screw over the masses market” types didn’t know about the “emoluments clause” during his Administration?

Did I just assert that Corporate State Democrats don’t use their service in office to further their own ambitions including ties to corporations prior to, during, or after their terms? No.

But again, Trump and his clan could benefit from all of that anyway right? Even if they specifically adhered to the rules regarding the Emoluments Clause.

In other words, you don’t have a point.

Carry on brave defender of the “free to screw over the masses market”.


The point that I am trying to make is that those who are in favor of those currently in power are the same or similar to those who worship wealth and since they themselves do not hold much power or wealth and perhaps are devoid of intellectual needs and capacity sublimate their desires.


Yeah, right, Rainy you’re “sure of Vegas” - “sane progressive” Debbie bitshite isn’t either, just batshite, just a wannabe whacko peddling nutter hoax conspiracies with rambling horseshit dialogue that doesn’t match the video she suggests proves something - no evidence and no rational answers, just garbage to flush the chumps - so Glenn Beck nuts ranting - Vegas and Sandy Hook, both hoaxes both “staged” - “badly staged” - anyone that believes her (Debbies) idiot rantings is also a fuckin idiot - hey, its on the interweb so it must be true…yeah, how much does Debbie make?..“see, see, the crowd is moving!”


I suppose they’ll get cells next to the Clintons.


Daddy bought her education, and she is dumb as rocks.


I didn’t communicate very well in my post. I understand and agree with the point of you’re post. When I was younger I couldn’t understand why the people of England tolerated their royal system. As I’ve aged and look around at our society, were not much different. Sorry for the confusion.


Peggy Noonan mused, on MSNBC, that she had been studying Neanderthals, and compared to this Republican congress and administration, they had class. Pack it in fellows, when you have lost Noonan, time to pack it in.


Not likely, isn’t treason a death penalty?


They can’t afford it. They are all nearly bankrupt. They have made some really bad investments in real estate and are in debt, living on borrowed money. The really big lie is that they are wealthy. They really can’t afford the escalator Trump came down on during the campaign announcement. Trump admires Putin because he has turned his government into his own crime syndicate and legalized stealing wealth from others.