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Like Father, Like Daughter: Ivanka Accused of Violating Emoluments Clause


For God’s sake, the only reason Trump is staying in office is because he has figured out that Congress is going to let him and his family make a fortune off his position. Getting money into his own pocket is the only thing he thinks about. Period. And I’ll guarantee you that one day, we will find out that one of these misanthropic asses related to him - or he, himself - has been selling state secrets to foreign governments as one way of cashing in.

I’d ask what the [****] is wrong with both houses of Congress that they aren’t doing anything about this family of grifters and their illegal enrichment scam as they squat in the White House, but I already know the answer to that one.


I know, Geezer, you are right. In fact, over the last couple of years, with Trump encouraging all of the worst, most vile and disgusting traits in our fellow citizens to be acceptable and even flaunted proudly, with every racist, homophobic, xenophobic, white supremacist, nationalist, fascist, authoritarian asshole coming out of the shadows into the light of day all around me, I find myself retreating further and further from my fellow Americans. I used to be a fairly social creature, but more and more I don’t like being around my fellow Americans, as I am finding there are SO MANY of them that display the ugliest of traits. I can’t converse with them logically, because they despise logic and immediately identify me as a “libtard” (apparently intelligence is a give away sign to those on the Right); I can’t talk about most issues with them because their Neanderthal biases are at odds with mine, and they are unable to have calm, rational, open discussions with someone that has differeing opinions than theirs (race - forget about it; politics - all liberals must die, all things on the Right are awesome. Economy - if it’s bad then it’s the Left’s fault, the key is to cut taxes/privatize everything; foreign policy - military good, diplomacy bad, Israel and Saudi Arabia and Russia and Britain good, most every other country bad, everyone else needs to do what the U.S. says; etc, etc, etc, etc).

In short, being around so many moronic, close-minded, uninformed, intellectually incurious, dishonest, hateful individuals that are incapable of even trying to talk civilly with someone “not on their team” is just too damned stressful (and, to be honest, in many cases physical dangerous) and I opt to not do it. Not very healthy, perhaps, but better for my sanity and blood pressure.


Credible evidence from a MSM that is in with the Deep State and the Democrats as well as the Oligarchs on both sides of the Duopoly fight for control of all the toys.

All that I’ll say to you is the truth is out there. You have to read between the lines and dig for it.

Yeah, fake news is everywhere as well.



Uh, actually, and oddly enough, your take on events is actually supported by FAKE news from FOX.

My first reaction was yours.

Until I started looking for that evidence that is “out there”.

You make nothing of how right wing operatives steered this story through FOX news, and how FOX retracted the story?

Hey, the evidence is “out there”

Soon as you find something, let me know.


Meanwhile, Assange remains the anti-hero in all of this. I mean, he wanted a dickhead fascist to become President as personal payback.


And I thought I was cynical.

Good luck Chicken.

“A Jewish woman had two chickens. One got sick, so the woman made chicken soup out of the other one to help the sick one get well.”
~Henny Youngman~


On that note, go cluck yourself.

Neither one of us know what happened to Seth.

It just so happens, that neither one of us can find any evidence that favors the contention, or the bias that we both originally had regarding this story.

Heck, I even called my Senators at the time saying the FBI should investigate this.

The fact there IS evidence that the counter story originated from right wing operatives is noteworthy, no?

And pardon me, for not counting Assange as a hero any longer (still giving credit where credit is due).

He intentionally seeks to sit a fascist as President, in part to settle a personal score.

And you call me out for being cynical?

Cluck cluck cluck!!!


Be happy Chicken!

There’s no future in the alternative.


Look, I still regard you highly. As you know, I’m just me.


Don’t ever change Chicken.


I’d give you directions to an article that looked much more promising than the website it’s on, however, I can’t bring myself to direct “anyone” let alone you, towards more possible Fake News.

It names names and gives information I haven’t read before.



Sure, why not. I have confidence in my own instincts to sniff it out.


Ok, here goes. The article isn’t too long, read it all before you fly the coop, and call me a Clucking idjit for thinking there might be something there.

In Google, type the name of the article:

“His name was Seth Rich: His father confirms he’s WikiLeaks source.”

That should take you to, “The Goldwater”

The article is by Red Pill dated 3-2-2018.

The site is sketchy to say the least, with crazy fucking articles that I wouldn’t give the time of day, to read.

Like I said, read the whole article before passing judgement.

Have at it.


I’ll take a look Pony.