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Like Grass Before the Sickle


Like Grass Before the Sickle

This week marks the 125th anniversary of the Wounded Knee massacre - long dubbed a battle in U.S. history books - when U.S. soldiers gunned down almost 300 cold, hungry, unarmed Sioux men, women and children, including their renowned Chief Big Foot. Today, many Native Americans still struggle to heal the wounds from a final atrocity that heralded the end of the world of the Plains Indians; says one, "Wounded Knee is today."


Return the Black Hills.


Remember Leonard Peltier and other Native American political prisoners who were incarcerated for defending the revival of the traditional way of life. We need to remember the genocide of the First Peoples here and acknowledge that we wanted to annul Native life and culture to pretend that European settlers were first. Israel is copying us in that way. How can the US move away from its mad drive to empire when the country ignores this starting point of its history.


They were not Christian, so it was open season.
Just as it currently is on muslims.

Tomorrow it will be a new bull's eye
Rah Rah Rah MIC!!


They made the mistake of existing in proximity to the empire's resources. And its lebensraum.

That said, this pitiful, powerless band at Wounded Knee was also done in partly by elements of the reconstituted 7th Cavalry, who were itching for a little payback for the whuppin' on the Greasy Grass 14 years earlier. Ironically, one of the survivors of Custer's folly bought it at Wounded Knee. 'Friendly' fire, of course, since that was pretty much all the firing going on.


Well, they thought they were. The "Ghost Dance" movement was based on the idea that Jesus Christ had come back to earth as a Sioux. and would resurect the dead ancestors and buffalo. Also, that it would make the native americans shirts bullet proof.


From a fellow who lives on an Indian reservation... I am a lot tired of the romance of a "revival of the traditional way of life" when it is rejected by every person on this reservation universally. Ya, sometimes they wear funny hats and do the hoochy cootchy shaking it all about... THEN they create Indian artifacts along the dirt road to my house appropriately labeled "Coors". The vast majority of kids who finish school here, move out. Those who remain are here not because they have access to leather clothes, TPs, and such but because of federal hand outs, mock leadership positions administering those hand outs, dodging Idaho state law (not paying sales tax and operating a gambling casino) and underwritten housing. We do those of native American decent no favors allowing them to shame congressmen using bigotry and implying that because they as a decedent 5 times removed from Chief Joseph are now "disadvantaged" by it.


Great description of someone, like you, who lives on the reservation which hands out free stuff to people like, himself. Oh irony, where art thou? And, every tribe needs a popular social and cultural critic, I guess.:sunglasses: I'm sure you see nothing wrong with the Washington Redskin, either. It's their right to call Native Americans the equivalent of " nixxers ", after all, they won the big one. Go, Team America, Go! Like the brave who rode his horse backward in Little Big Man, your vision is 20/20, and sees TPs and casinos instead of solar homes, solar and wind farms. A true contrarian, fighting right down to the bitter end. Your own end in this case. The best bumper sticker of the early 1970s was, " Custer Wore The First Arrow Shirt ". Hopefully, he will be remembered in history the way great Indian fighting generals of the American West are; as a really, thoroughly dead one. :wink: And, I say good riddance.


Well, it cannot.


After many ethnic cleansings and slaughters we still have not lived up to treaties we made with Native Americans - they were tools to displace people.

Their lands "as long as grass grow, wind blow, and the sky is blue".

We have still learned nothing......and the same mindset of arrogance, racism, and violence rules us.


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Well, I will never endorse raping and pillaging, maxbeaverbrook. I am a modern man. Reparations are useless.

Just how far back am I to go to be ashamed of the ignorance of my ancestors, 100 years, 500 years, 10,000 years? How is it that I am to pay for sins I did not commit, to people who were not alive during the offense? For doing a sin that was not considered a sin when it was done? How about we recount those of European decent killed by natives? Who will mediate the reparations of tribe on tribe violence? How do we discount the payments for free education, free health care, massive assistance in tuition, welfare, free housing (this is a really long list)? Ya they were here first, and the US government won the war. You can't go back.


Emphyrio, How long are we to abide by poor decisions of ignorant people? No matter what the "treaty" said, it is a reflection of the ignorance of those who signed it. We have learned lots, and treaties that were based in bigotry, forever granting special favors based on racial traits, is wrong, will always be wrong.

It is time to wall off reservations, close the roads, prohibit those who refuse to select to become/stay "Indians" or become Americans from access to jobs, to passports, or anything else not "native". It is time they quit this obvious double standard of being an Indian when it allows them some privilege and an American when that suits them. They want to be Americans, fine, Americans do not discount people because of their national origin. If they want to be Indians, good too, but at least get off the charity train, have some pride.


I live on land sold by the tribe. I am not a decedent of Chief Joseph. I pity those who are today passing time until the next hand out, rather than earning his way through life. Life here for many is being trapped by a choice of less than minimum wage for doing nothing, or working for slightly more. Those who could earn more left.

But what I hate the most is an idea that your race is relevant. That a racial description of you allows you special government privileged. That they can accept handouts for being "nixxers" as you say, and then shame me for pointing out their racial traits or that they represent a race. If the government recognizes race with them then it is OK to do so with all racial distinctions. Or, the premise is wrong, for Indians, for Filipinos, for Africans, for Europeans, all. Why, the premise of distinction because of race or religion is simply un American.


And the list of unjust acts world wide is a long one. Do we establish a dollar value on some list and then start exchanging money? How much do I get for the enslavement of Spartacus? All of the wars fought over the eons? Why is the Native peoples complaint any more actionable than the sins of the romans against the Germanic tribes?


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