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Like it or Not, Mr. President, Many Americans Embrace Democratic Socialism

Like it or Not, Mr. President, Many Americans Embrace Democratic Socialism

Krystal Ball

In his State of the Union address on Tuesday, President Trump previewed a crisis threatening our nation. Rampant inequality? Nope. Climate change? Nope. Our vulnerability to cyber weapons? Nope. The latest scourge striking terror in the hearts of his “Make America Great Again” supporters is socialism.

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And what are the adjectives, verbs and nouns used to describe ‘socialism’ for the ‘financialized’ class?
“tax havens”
“citizen united”
“extensions on copyright”
“anonymous political donations”
“super pac”

please feel free to add to this ever so swishy and waycool coded language way to put it over those who are not of them…


How can one not embrace the beauty of this woman, and her beautiful selfless mind?

As long as AO-C and Bernie remain Democrats (and yeah, Bernie is pretty much a Dem), their agendas will be subsumed by the d-party’s general centrist positions. In the d-party big tent, liberals are useful only for votes and donations – on policy, they are ignored or worse.


Hedges recently posted about the increasingly real prospect of the US having ‘revolution’ imposed upon it from multiple sources no longer interested in US petro$ hegemony:

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Indeed, a cynic might argue that the current, budding crop of democratic socialists is tolerated on the Democratic side of the duopoly mainly for show (i.e., good cop, bad cop). In our system, money authors legislation, and big money will not allow one penny anywhere near a socialist solution. The passion of AOCites will draw votes to the Democrats, Pelosi will smile wider, and the money will continue to flow to the MIC and plutocrats. But it’s progress that counts, right? Looking on the bright side, after 40 years of neoliberal media indoctrination, some people have recently recovered the ability to advocate out loud for democratic socialism! Not that the Kochs are nervous or anything.


With today’s strong leadership in the House, and a hopeful future of less republicans, the time will come when taxes are strongly raised on wealth. The will of the people is being published and pushed by democrats. A green new deal and increased help for the poor and middle class is going to happen also. But, it’s all just talk for at least 2 years.


Hedges is smart, but he’s sure no economist.

Money talks. That’s why it will take time to move in the correct direction. Obama raised taxes on the rich a fair bit, but then voters were stupid enough to allow it all to go away. A sort of stealth attack is the only way to make progress. Grind away with every new year at Congress to make things ever better. Get stupid and give republicans a chance and it can all be wiped away.


It doesn’t take an economist to notice the ongoing efforts by our allies and adversaries alike to bypass the petrodollar. In a world of multi-polar currencies, ours won’t be worth as much.


Yes, but the drop will be very slight. If for some odd reason the dollar would drop further that would merely mean more exports and jobs for us. It’s just not that big of a deal. Some are concerned that China will finally have an economic slowdown with an accompanying tendency for a fairly worldwide deflation.

Most economists believe in spurring on their country’s economic growth.

They refuse to consider that the world economy already requires one and one half Earths (1.5 Earths required for world economy as it is).


You do realize that we run a large trade deficit, right? That means those Apple products will all cost a lot more, and the oil…

If we have a general world deflation and a slowdown in China then they will dump those products in order to try to stay competitive–deflation. The same with a slowdown and oil–deflation and lower prices until they quit pumping oil and then a later rise.

Economic growth can take many forms. We could have an excellent economy that is based on healthcare, eating mainly vegetables and grain, power from sun and wind…

That’s the spirit, cheerlead for a situation in which demand drops as consumers anticipate lower prices in the future. I love it.

It’s just a possibility; nothing more.

Yep. You hit the nail on the head. Quality of life in health, education, fun and good food grown on a healthy planet. That kind of growth can go on for a long time.

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The biggest problem is that people relate “Socialism” to Carl Marx and Harold Wilson of the early 20th century.Today it is collective cooperation.For example we all pay taxes,federal,city and state that enables us to fund…The military,local, federal & state governments,police,libraries,schools,roads,street lightning,sewage treatment,water and a host of other services that to bill individually would be impossible ! So why not medical ?

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