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'Like Nominating Dr. Phil to Run CDC': Alarm Bells as Trump Nominates Right-Wing Sycophant Stephen Moore to Federal Reserve


'Like Nominating Dr. Phil to Run CDC': Alarm Bells as Trump Nominates Right-Wing Sycophant Stephen Moore to Federal Reserve

Jessica Corbett, staff writer

Economists and progressive experts responded with exasperation and unease on Friday after President Donald Trump said he will nominate right-wing commentator Stephen Moore to the Federal Reserve, the gatekeeper of the nation's economy.

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Remember when Bush appointed a horse show judge to run FEMA? Heckuva job, Brownie.



I wish we could make presidential candidates choose their cabinet before the election. They could even bring their cabinet to debates, and point to which person they want to answer each question.

Better yet, lets elect each cabinet position separately.



Ah yes, the clown car administration of imbeciles, fools and psychopaths are well on their way hastening the collapse of US Empire and plummeting society into a new dark ages. Every day I say how much worse cant it get? Then in a day or two it reaches new lows in the modern age. Ever since the attacks of September 11,'01 the demise of the US is heading toward the iceberg that sank the Titanic. How many survivors is the only speculation left to ponder. As the GOP goons have wet dreams of endless power and wealth the 6th Mass Extinction Event is well underway. Clowns will tank the economy again, guaranteed, only this time a partial recovery won’t happen as life support systems are used up. May the Koch’s and all the oligarchs suffer the same fate as the rest of us, because they ultimately caused the collapse.



The non-elected officials are a large part of the present situation. The oligarchs funding think tanks and lobbyists to make lists that presidents appoint to further their interests. This is anti-democratic in the worst way possible. I don’t see a way around the current situation either. We are at the whims of the ruling class without decent representation to help the regular Jane or Joe. A few brave members of Congress are speaking truth to power and they are smeared relentlessly by corporate media and their idiots in Congress. A situation that’s sure to change sometime in the near future. I hope anyway.



Remember when Obama made a deal with Citigroup to let them pick half his cabinet? Anyone want to write an article about the consequences of that?



Trump appointing one incompetent, out of their league, Stooge after another. MAN, we are in trouble



If this uber-hack gets on the Federal Reserve, it well could be the most damaging appointment to that board since Alan Greenspan.



Keep a stiff upper lip folks, the hits just keep on a comin’. Are ya tired of all this winnin’ yet?

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Eek! Dr. Phil as head of the CDC doesn’t hold a candle to this. The CDC is so corrupted by money from big Pharma, Dr. Phil might be a good replacement, LOL. The British published a report on the CDC being influenced by corporate money: https://www.bmj.com/content/350/bmj.h2362
The report said, “the CDC gets millions of dollars annually from Big Pharma and then turns around and recommends testing and drugs created and marketed by those same companies, and this is often done upon the contributing company’s demand.”-

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Get rid of the Fed! ffs!



So glad to see this article. This guy is a true hack, the type that says raise interest rates during a recession (which he did). He’ll try to wreck any non-Republican plutocrat that gains the White House, be it Sanders, Harris, or Biden.



Stephen graduated summa cum laude in economics from Cardinal Guido Sarducci’s 5-minute University. All you need to know is ‘Supply and Demand’. (and couldn’t even keep that straight)



“This is about like nominating Dr. Phil to run the CDC.”

Dr. Phil would probably run the CDC with reasonable competence. He earned a Ph.D. in clinical psychology, so he uses “Dr.” in all honesty, and also he’s been running a pretty big organization for quite a while. The Center for Disease Control could probably use some of Dr. Phil’s input on the interpersonal and behavioral aspects of disease transmission, from STD epidemics to needle drug epidemics to the spread of tuberculosis among street people.

Stephen Moore at least has a Masters degree, but he earned it at a known redneck dingbat university. From Wikipedia, "In 2018, a Freedom of Information Act lawsuit revealed that conservative donors, including the Charles Koch Foundation and Federalist Society, were given direct influence over faculty hiring decisions at the university’s law and economics schools. GMU President Ángel Cabrera acknowledged that the revelations raised questions about the university’s academic integrity and pledged to prohibit donors from sitting on faculty selection committees in the future."



Trump has pretty much run the worst appointments in history. He simply has only the worst of the incompetents left. And we know he won’t place anyone qualified and reasonable.
The swamp has intentionally been turned into a cesspool.

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Hey, Moore studied economics at Guido Sarducci’s ‘Five Minute University’. All he was required to do was memorize, “Supply & Demand”



Of course, one of his past paymasters has been Rupe Murdoch.

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