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'Like Putting Lipstick on a Pig': Changes to CETA Make it More Corporate-Friendly Deal



ANY "changes" to the 'free-trade" deals will be just window-dressing and will not alter the facts that they were written by lobbyists and for corporate dominance and undermining, or completely ending, national sovereignty on many critical issues! Corporate lawyer "tribunals" will replace national or local courts already dangerously undermined - the stench of corruption by proponents of the "trade" deals is overpowering!. Flush the TPP, TTIP, CETA and all the rest, including Clinton's NAFTA!




How the masses can allow corporations to make up rules that give them all the power is beyond me.
We really do need a revolution.
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A politician who would promote a deal that says OK the tax payer will pay half a billion dollars so you don't go and destroy an area and create health hazards is a criminal.

Politicians are our trustees - the job mantra- as evidenced in trade deals remove local jobs so that is a lie. As trustees they openly violate the beneficiaries rights in favour of non citizens is a frustee who has violated his responsibility.

That is clear criminal behaviour. A private criminal prosecution should be brought by groups - if for no other reason than to expose the politicians as criminals. The precedents on how trustees who behave as our politicians do exist. The trustees end up in jail or at least are removed. While no judge will follow the law on this it would bring attention to the criminal nature of our politics.

Legalized bribery and betrayal all under sovereign exemption ?

"It is terrible to contemplate how few politicians are hanged." GK Chesterton