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Like Sanders and Warren, I'm Backing Biden

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/10/24/sanders-and-warren-im-backing-biden


Portraying Biden as being compassionate means that you are living in privilege.

Trump is indeed grossly offensive, but Biden is also.

In the year 2013 - when the author was fasting for immigration reform -

the Obama-Biden administration deported about 414,000 people from the Mexican border area.

The average of deportations from that region alone during the 8 years of Obama-Biden is

over 400,000 people per year.

Trump is averaging more than 100,000 fewer deportations than Obama-Biden every year.

Biden also pushed for the slaughter of hundreds of thousands of people in the Middle East

during his time as a corporate predator in the senate.

What the author sees as Biden’s sensitivity is actually an ability to deceive the gullible - a political


Trump is blatant in his awfulness.

Biden is deceitful in his awfulness.

Once he is in the white house, as with Obama, progressives will be kept outside of the schemes.

Look at how they limited progressives at the convention while they embraced the voices of

republican war criminals.

Biden is already trying to prove he is a stronger supporter of militarism and “cold war” scheming

and accusations than Trump.

Two steps backward is what we are facing. Stop trying to make it look like progress. It’s not.


Like anyone who grasps the reality of our situation and rightly perceives both parties as obstacles to overcome, I am voting 3rd party. Voting Biden does not buy us time; it merely perpetuates the illusion that the major systemic changes, which have become essential for the survival of the species, are capable within existing paradigms and the “right moment” to abandon the Democratic party will magically present itself at some indefinite time in the future.


I’ve been speaking up for the proud nose-holders around here, with validation from a robust crew of eminences grises who think Orangeman resembles a mad dictator because he is a mad dictator. My view has been that, given the vote-counting pandemonium ahead for us, it would be better for the mad dictator to have the strongest oppositional vote possible – even though the only real opposition is Biden, even here in California (where our votes hardly count in USA’s insane electoral system, hmmm).

But I happen to have seen the ballot of someone who doesn’t see things that way – someone I’d find impossible to revile unless I caught them smashing bunnies with a big rubber mallet or something! We go back a ways together, I guess. Not everyone agrees on everything, thank goodness…

Amazing that any find such pablum persuasive. If I still had any respect, or faith, left for Sanders, or the Democratic party, this might soothe my complete devastation over the loss of our nation, global civilization, and quite likely our entire species, that this election means, regardless of who actually wins 10 days from now. I’m sure that many will feel relief and pleasure and others will experience horror, again, no matter who wins. Me, I’m just a bit numb, and like the rest of the walking dead, I’ll keep going through the motions until reality and rigor mortis make the motions stop for all whom I’ve ever met and known, as well as all those I’ve never met.

I still pray for a miracle, but I understand and accept reality, even when it is as horrifying and utterly empty of meaning or mercy as the tragically foreshortened remains of our existence over the decade or so left of our nation and the lives of its population.


True and the fact that Sanders and Warren are backing Joe should tell all Progressives that Sanders and Warren are also deceitful in their awfulness.


Here is a summation of the qualities of Joe Biden.

Alleged rapist but that is ok with the writer of this article because Biden is not Trump.

A racist who backed Crime reform that saw the US prison population double in a decade that population made up mostly of blacks, latinos and the poor but that ok because he is not Donald Trump.

Part of administrations that saw the USA enter into numerous wars and voting for wars like the Iraq war which has led to millions of deaths. That is ok because he not Donald Trump.

Part of an administration that oversaw a fracking boom in the USA to the point where Barack Obama boasted he was the best friend the Oil Industry ever had, but that all ok because he not Donald Trump.

Part of an administration that enacted Bankruptcy reform making it harder for students and people with credit cards to discharge themselves of debt , but that is ok because he is not Donald Trump.

He claims that he wrote most of the Patriot act which saw the erosion of civil liberties and rights in the USA , but that ok because he is not Donald Trump

Openly stating that if M4A ever came across his desk he would veto it even though 80 percent of Democratic party supporters want it but that ok because he not Donald Trump.

Part of welfare reform, the signing of trade treaties which led to offshoring of jobs, banking reforms which lead to more banking fraud, massive trillion dollar bailouts of bankers even as Americans were losing their homes , welfare reform , massive deportations of immigrants, and a list of things too numerous to mention but all of this Ok because he is not Donald Trump.

You got Donald Trump because of the LOTE strategy and now it suggested it as the fix.

I am going to suggest that the author of this piece was always going to vote Democrat no matter who was picked to lead because he IS a Democrat. The past record of the man is not material in other words. All that matters is he is not Donald Trump or a Republican. It loyalty to party above all.


if Bernie was sincere he would have left the corrupt D party and joined with the Libertarians. Trump win and the corrupt party of Clintonites will die. Only then will a new and representative party for the people emerge.