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'Like Talking to a Toddler': Mother of School Shooting Victim Reveals How It Felt to Discuss Gun Policy With Trump


'Like Talking to a Toddler': Mother of School Shooting Victim Reveals How It Felt to Discuss Gun Policy With Trump

Jake Johnson, staff writer

President Donald Trump visited Texas on Thursday to meet privately with families who lost loved ones in last month's Santa Fe high school shooting, and at least one parent came away profoundly unimpressed by the commander-in-chief's behavior.


Here is an interesting approach to dealing with gun violence in the United States:

This approach puts the power to prevent gun violence in the hands of families rather than law enforcement and politicians, two groups that have long proven themselves to be incompetent when it comes to controlling at least some civilian firearms deaths.


Everyday I marvel at just exactly how perfectly Trump mirrors virtually all of this societies ills. He truly is the American President.


We are with you, Rhonda Hart. The majority of American people are profoundly unimpressed with the wacko-in-chief’s behaviors…


The Knuckle-Dragger-in-Chief has the vocabulary of a 2nd greater. The man makes me sick.


What happened to Trump that causes him to live and behave as a “toddler”?

Why has he no conscience – does he somehow manage to forget the harm he does?

How do people become sociopaths – I’ve always thought it happened by something
very destructive happening to them.

Should we not pay attention to this description of our president as a “TODDLER”?


And yet Trump would sail to re-election were the voting held today.

Meanwhile, the Democrats dither with Russiagate and punching hippies…


Hart really wants unarmed “veterans serving as sentinels in schools” ?


We indeed should pay attention to the TODDLER-in-chief. We are watching this decade of destruction that has been excessively accelerated as all civil, human and environmental protections are being gutted.

A persons character is formed by their environment. It seems the orangie was taught that money is the most important aspect of life and it is OK to do anything to obtain wealth. Without learning the basic positive values of character building like honesty, empathy etc a person does not develop beyond basic toddler needs and understanding of life.


"“If that kid needed help, he needed to have proper access to it,” Hart said in an interview with People. “I said all that and [Trump] didn’t say anything. He was just like, ‘Uhhhh …’”

According to Hart, Trump also “kept mentioning” his plan to arm teachers, which has been widely denounced by educators themselves.

When Hart suggested having veterans serve as “sentinels” in schools, Trump reportedly responded, “And arm them?”

“No,” Hart said.
Sentinels? And, she just blamed lack of access to mental health facilities in stead of his gun access?

Read what this parent is saying. The title says “gun control” but WHERE’S THE GUN CONTROL? She just threw it on mental health and suggested sentinels.

Pay close attention to the parents. Too many of them are either not willing to talk about gun control or all out saying they don’t want to make it a gun control issue. Why does this matter? Why should the Russian name of the shooter matter? Because when you look closer and start questioning some of these start really stinking. The whole shooting may be real and the gov just lucked out that the kid has a Russian name during the massive anti-Russian propaganda campaign that’s going on. I care about the lack of willingness to talk about gun regulation/control that I’m seeing and oh, our non-gun rights going away in the most Orwellian fashion - on the back of these shooting, in the name of “gun control” where there is none.


I know where this is going. Pretty soon posting on liberal sites and even posting anything against the gov and the MSM is going to be declared a mental health issue where they “need” to take us away and lock us up - for everybody’s saftey.


On the subject of gun violence in the US –

We had an article in the NJ Star Ledger yesterday in regard to placing “armed officers”
in elementary schools in one of our towns – Bloomfield

"Parents group balks at armed officers in elementary schools"

Cost – $450,000 plan would hire and train Class III special officers to start at the school
in the fall. Bloomfield’s middle and high schools already have school resource officers
and unarmed security guards, the district said.

Parents with the newly formed group “Bloomfield Families for Sensible Safety” maintain
there are other ways to tighten security without bringing guns to campus.

“Anytime you introduce a weapon into a situation, you are farm more likely to have an accident,
to have violence,” said one of the parents who child is entering kindergarten next year.
“So many of the recent treagic school shootings happened when there were armed guards in place.”

Another parent (Gatts) said the news came as a “big shock to a lot of people.”

“I’ve heard an overwhelming confusion about it; we need more information. This is obviously a hot-
button issue,” she said.

She said that parents wee not informed of the plan and did not get a chance to express their
concerns or to get their questions answered before the money was allocated to hire officers.

There is a petition opposing the armed guards which has 175 signatures so far.

Plan was approved by the Board of Education in April, included as a line item in the overall
district budget.

Board president objected saying that “the budget was public and specified that we were going
forward with this.” And suggested that parents had opportunity at every board meeting to
voice any concerns and have questions answered."

Former Gov. Chris Christie approved a law allowing the hiring of Class III officers as long as
they were specially trained on school safety matters. The officers must be under 65 years old,
work no more than 20 hours a week and are not entitled to health or pension benefits for their

Bloomfield Superintendent Goncalves said the officers would be able to communicate through
police radios and quickly relay information to the police department in case of an emergency.

Gatts said she was concerned about both the logistics of having armed officers on campus and
the emotional effect on here kids.

The district has also spent $1.5 million to add security at the schools, including anti-intruder
locks, lighting and security cameras.

IMO, the WAR should be on guns and gun violence in the US –

and not on these students – and indeed very young students – who will experience a
constant WAR zone in their schools, creating fear and intrusions on their lives and liberty.

The WAR is misdirected when it comes into the lives of elementary school children.


It’s called Malignant Narcissism. It’s incurable, and it can be dangerous in a “leader.”


Tiny hands

Tiny brain

Tiny soul


BB, have you read The Dangerous Case of Donald Trump? The analyses of Dump’s behaviors might give you some insight. Also, on my reading list is Wayne Barrett’s biography of Dump. He followed Dump for decades, gave interviews on the creep, and was not a fan of the maniac idiot.


Apparently part of it is that his father was cold, mean, and critical. Dump couldn’t get approval or affection from him. Factor in his absences which translates into abandonment in the kid brain which translates into “I’m not good enough for him so he’s rotten and I’ll show him.” If both parents were materialistic, that characteristic is where Dump would imitate the “perpetrator” (identification with the transgressor [Freud]) in order to get positive attention or avoid negative attention). If his mom was aloof and self-absorbed, self-stroking for the kid, Dump, was the only way to be “ok” with himself. But the need for love, adoration, or even approval didn’t fade away. If Daddy-O was abusive in any way, there’s more programming laid down. Anger begat increasing meanness…and now we have the sociopathy or malignant narcissism.

I’m not making excuses for this vile humanoid…just offering a plausible explanation.


The school shootings seem as copycat instances from troubled youth who see the attention gained from earlier events and desire that same attention.


I’m pretty sure that Dimitrios Pagourtzis is a Greek name, not Russian at all.


We never hear anything at all about his mother, at least nothing I’ve noticed.


You may be right but I find it hard to believe –
the public would vote for Bernie Sanders overwhelmingly –

But then there is the rigging to consider –