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'Like Visiting a Cemetery': Millions of Honeybees Dead From Zika Pesticide Spraying


'Like Visiting a Cemetery': Millions of Honeybees Dead From Zika Pesticide Spraying

Nika Knight, staff writer

Millions of honeybees are dead in Dorchester County, South Carolina, after local officials sprayed the area with the controversial pesticide naled on Sunday afternoon in an effort to combat Zika-spreading mosquitoes.


Dead bees and other living things?


The more things change the more they stay the same.

The boys were chasing the city truck, spraying DDT
It kept the mosquitoes down
And that stuff won't hurt you none the neighbor lady'd say
Encephalitis, now that can ruin your day


I don't think the story said, but has Zika even appeared in Dorchester County? Or in South Carolina as a whole?

Amazing idiocy of impulsive, fear-based (literally) overkill.


The basic paradigm of "Western thought" arising from "the Enlightenment" and the development of Liberalism will not stop degrading and destroying natural systems, nature, and the ecology, until collapse becomes obviously unstoppable.

Nature as simply a source of wealth for extraction, separation, "development" and profit, rather than recognized as a holistic entity with its own necessary integrity. Integrity, dis-integrated, under the always-increasing assault of "enlightened," "liberal" "humanism."


And what is that snotty comment supposed to mean? Not all pesticides are poisonous. Not all of NC is a cess pool. Your comment shows no concern .......just stupid



Are all insecticides poisonous?
Do a majority of North Carolinians vote Republican?


Naled is a neurotoxin, (read CD article on Miami Zika spraying, Aug. 26,2016) now being sprayed from airplanes. Spraying just recently in Miami via air planes, and now done in South Carolina without warning via airplanes. Whats the game here?


Big Yellow Taxi by Joni Mitchell-third verse

Hey farmer, farmer
Put away that DDT
Give me spots on my apples
But leave me the birds and the bees

It's all so sad, they never learn


Please define the words "liberalism" and "liberal." Thanks.


Are you feeling sick yet?


pesticide (ˈpɛstɪˌsaɪd) n (Chemistry) a chemical used for killing pests, esp insects and rodents ˌpestiˈcidal adj

The very point of a pesticide is to be poisonous, even though some types target certain species they are still poisons. Unfortunately the bees were collateral damage.


wow . what george w hayduke (i see you, @George_W_Hayduke) said . 'cide' indicates death


Hayduke Lives


Look at who makes Naled? Would not be surprising to find an ultimate link to Monsanto for instance. Kill the bees, you inhibit food production, making the necessity for GMO patented seeds. Riling up hysteria over Zika is playing into their hands. THey have the long term view of things. Of course the inahbitants were not notified, they are being used as an experiment chamber !


1) create GMO bug

2) attempt to kill GMO bug with pesticide, bees become collateral damage. Who would have known ?

3) Only GMO plants will work without bees that you killed

Not Haiku, just three profit centers that will fund the purchase of more politicians


This is so tragic and so unnecessary. The banning of this pesticide in Europe is a perfect example The US is the poster child for corporate new wold order.
They use pesticides banned in other countries, gmo's banned, it's like the old commercial, "give it to Mikey, he'll eat anything", that's us.
Banning poisons that kill bees, humans, ecosystems, is a no brainer in other countries, but not here. We can't get the EPA to do anything sane. like saving our food supply.
This country is screwed.


Not surprised. Considering some have said that the Zika virus has been around a long time but the damage to fetuses growth is not from the virus but from areas where insecticides have been sprayed. Go figure.


CD: Thanks for covering this once again--- it was tragically apparent something like this would occur (in spite of opposition) due to TPTB that I will call homo stultus stultus.

These types occasionally mingle with homo sapiens but seem to have the upper hand as evidenced by this latest example of stupidity and short term thinking.


SG: The most common and worst application of Naled is aerial because its toxicity increases up to 20-fold this way and it can drift up to 1/2-mile. Naled has been found to be highly toxic for fish, birds and beneficial insects, especially bees.

“Corporations like Monsanto live and thrive by producing toxic chemicals that are globally used. They have absolutely no moral compass and they are ready to harm or kill any amount of people, no matter who they are.”

I have found that it is impossible to get away from chemicals in the u.s. I have lived in several places over the past 2 decades: “liberal” places and “conservative” places.

Between ubiquitous gmo foods, chemicals in food, the high cost of organic foods, CAFOS------ along with Skeeter Beeter, aerial spraying for gypsy moths, residential poisoning for ants, rodents, gardens, lawns; it is f---ing everywhere!!

Now there are plans to inundate the incredibly diverse lake where I grew up with massive amounts of 2 4 D----- in spite of opposition.

Mice are coming in to homes for the winter and a huge percentage of the population here uses warfarin and think that is OK and necessary. And---btw---- these people that I know poisoning the food chain are voting dem so we can't just blame this on stupid republicans!

We could see this coming . . . . . just as it is becoming apparent that gm mosquitoes will add more human induced problems to the mix.

What is there left to say? I think homo stultus stultus doesn't even cover it for what some humans choose to do to other humans and nonhumans is stunningly cruel.

Maybe homocrudelis would be more fitting?

Given we're officially in the Anthropocene we should revisit the term homo sapiens. The name of this species that is causing the 6th extinction is so f---ing ironic.