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Likely Conflicts Ahead as Trump Elevates Giuliani to Cyber Czar


Likely Conflicts Ahead as Trump Elevates Giuliani to Cyber Czar

Lauren McCauley, staff writer

Former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani will be serving as a key cyber security adviser to President-elect Donald Trump, the transition team announced on Thursday, which could pose yet more conflicts of interest for the incoming administration.


Awesome. One more proud racist on the team.


Great pic, Rudy. Brings out the real, deviant, psycho "you". I bet you would love to bomb the whole world, too, since you think the whole world is against us and hates us. You should be riding on the back of a garbage truck, unloading 55 gallon cans-no offense to the folks who do that hard dirty job, by the way...


Sounds like a mafia pulling together it's players. Money will be made, you can bet. Giuliani is so stupid he said it out loud. This is way past conflicts of interest.
Do you think anyone has told him how dangerous it is to piss of the CIA?


Here's the cyber precedent-elect:


This is the definition of fascism - the mixing of state and business to control the economy and benefit those in power. Even if a guy his age and as addled as Giuliani knew anything about "cyber" anything, he's the wrong guy and his conflicts of interest are being thrown in our face.

Why, why are we putting up with this insanity? Why are there not mass demonstrations in the streets? And mostly, why are American voters so stupid?!


Giuliani has Alzheimer's, is a lifelong alcoholic, and is otherwise totally incapable of carrying out any and all duties of cyber czar...let alone cleaning himself after he messes his pants.

But he is just how T-dump likes his staff: sycophantic, bumbling, incoherent, and highly malleable.

Yet the press keeps imploring the public to give flaming orange Satan a chance to be presidential when there is not a chance in HAEDES he could ever be presidential. A petty despot like Noriega or emperor along the lines of Caligula or Nero, maybe..."same breed of cat."

It just keeps getting deeper, darker, and more dangerous with this mad man (T-dump).


I guess when you drain the swamp, a lot of really disgusting things come slithering out of the mud.


Another flag-pinned system gamer.


Thank you WiseOwl.


Oh yeah,

The plot is really getting thick, here. First it's "From Russia with Love." And now we have Dr. Evil snickering about holding the whole world for on-line ransom, in lock-down like they do all the time in IsNOTreal.

So trump has his own goon-squad since Trump doesn't trust the SS. I guess he's afraid they will help See-Eye-Aye JFK him?

The old Cyber-Tsar in the Skyscraper Trick.

Control ain't gunna like this. Time to deploy Maxwell Smart Agent 86.


I agree with you that it's bad, but that isn't the definition of fascism. Fascism is authoritarian nationalism, it has very little to do with business.

State and business and inexorably linked in any statist system.


All together it looks like the Rise of the Fourth Reich --

Including the guy who helped bring off 9/11 -

And yet some American citizens continue to be hopeful that Trump will
do something worthwhile for the public and the nation?


Well said, lol, the plot thickens or sickens...


Encrypt the web from Electronic Frontier Foundation:


The alleged swamp is growing exponentially with the T-dump administrative and cabinet anointments. Indigenous life forms in swamps live in balance and harmony...it is the invasive, foreign species introduced to the swamps that wreak environmental and ecological havoc that eventually erode the health and well-being of the entire swamp ecosystem. Such is and ever shall be the T-dump legacy...hopefully our nation, the world, and the planet can survive the imminent destruction.


Hey, nothing new here . . . it's just the feds doing what they usually do-
" bypass the usual ethical disclosures, divestitures and other safeguards."
The schizoid national experience continues.
Shine a light on that. (Burroughs?)