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Lincoln Project 'Epically Failed,' Say Progressives as Trump Wins Bigger Share of Republican Voters Than in 2016

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/11/04/lincoln-project-epically-failed-say-progressives-trump-wins-bigger-share-republican


They didn’t fail at all.

They got exactly what they wanted- the transformation of the Democratic Party fully into the NeoCon party of War.


Imagine if the obtuse party had nominated Bernie in 2016…Now, we must galvanize for radical action to rescue/restore what we can of our eco-systems. The youth needs to become truly radicalized and realize that we all have been living under the nuclear cloud before the ecological crisis although the two are tied together as they are with capitalism.


When we look back to the famous Powell memorandum and the subsequent Reagan years, it seems that American conservatives had but two goals. First, turn the republicans into fascists. And second, and perhaps more importantly, turn the democrats into republicans.
It appears that they have succeeded on both counts, as by any measure, Joe Biden is simply a Nixon Republican


What this means is that the democrats will now work harder to be more like the republicans.

They will work harder than ever to make would-be progressives Shut up.

The democrats see the republican voters as a source of power they need to please and now they will

abandon their faking pretensions more rapidly because they see republicans as being realistic and

pragmatic money-makers. As Biden has said repeatedly in his crass career, everything needs

“to be on the table.” The butcher’s table.


Joe Biden is a Republican when it comes to policies.
So when Republican voters favor a Fuhrer and traitor over a Republican who runs as a Democrat, that shows you how sickeningly immoral and dumb Republican voters are.
You have to wonder, what would Fuhrer have to do to turn these fools against him. I guess he really could shoot someone on Fifth Avenue, or use coronavirus as a bioweapon to “cull the herd,” and they’d still vote for him.


“Turns out there were no ‘Biden Republicans.’” But if Joe wins there will be Biden Republicans in his Cabinet and a Biden Republican in the White house.


'“It seems like a mighty long time, my baby.
shoo bop shoo bop, my baby.
It seems like a might long time.
I’m so happy you’re here again.”

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I think the Democrats have been a PARTY OF WAR for a long, long, time. Clinton, Biden and Obama are proof. They didn’t need Lincoln Project.

But Liberals never like to admit this and prefer to live in delusional brunch, while millions are killed by coups, sanctions, drones, or all out war. All by their “Progressive” war mongers.


Seeing how the GOP has been an organized crime syndicate at least since Newt’s contract on America a quarter century ago, the mob and its cult members have trafficked ever more egregious lies with each passing year while always regarding evidence and facts as two more boogeymen to be added to the boogeymen list that cults need to never stop adding to if they want to keep members engaged.

Presentation of evidence and facts by the Lincoln Project or anybody else has no impact on anybody inclined to vote Republican because the Republicans lost the non-cult crowd during the Dubya regime.


Yet another false flag operation. From the most cynical, but wealthy, political lizards ever to emerge from under an American rock pile.
They were pushed ( peddled ) by their chums; most frequently observed on MSM outlets like Meet The Press, Face The Nation and This Week.
Their 2nd tier powerbase, of course, is the Cable News. Cult-like figures who propel and reinforce TPTBs’ propaganda. Our whole media (MSM ) is a damn puppy mill for raising and training Establishment sheepdogs. Such eager dogs, too.
Plus, it pays damn good. So, The Lincoln Project members are right there with hands out, Washington, D.C. style.
It’s familiar and it’s sickening.


America in love with a strong man-------I don’t think people here were listening to Trump’s message----Those radical lefties are comming for your guns—Those radical lefties are going to take your healthcare away-----Those radical lefties are burning the cities. Bernie and Warren would have been destroyed in this election.

Pelosi and Shummer need to GO! They failed ----they should of had big wins-----THEY NEED TO GO-

Why can’t someone like Swearengen win in a place like West Virginia???

And now we will get all these little Trumps----I am sure republican child molester got reelected in Ohio----and some Q person in Georgia??? No Greens though ------go progressives.

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Why is it up to never Trump republicans to run successful ads that denounce Trump, where have the democrats been? I still have not seen one ad that explains the democrats position on anything, it was just vote for me because I am not Trump.


But, but… Justice Lewis F. Powell Jr. was a reactionary DEMOCRAT, right? It occurs to me, a there’s shitload of Biden Republicans in this very thread. They’re usually unaware of any allusions to the history of our duopoly, since it filled their needs pretty well, until MSNBC & CNN set them loose on actual FDR Democrats, now labled as pro-BLM, anti-autocracy, Communist eco-terrorists? We threaten Murika’s monopolistic corporate imperialists hegemony!




Hello Stranger! love it.

Whatever people think of their politics, the Lincoln Project folks really did put themselves on the line. They could have been good party people, kept their lucrative gigs, and stayed quiet. Instead, they organized against a wannabe despot. That’s not an easy thing to do. I tip my hat to them.


I disagree. The Indies, significantly younger and generally more progressive, are the largest voter bloc. That was a significant part of Sanders’ base. It’s their votes which were either taken for granted or discounted.
The problem of 2016 & '20 is not that the country is too conservative - the conservatives and R’s making up a minority of the population. It was then, as now, that the D’s insisted on nominating uninspiring candidates who could only really run on a “not-Trump” basis.

That majorities, even of R’s, favor Medicare For All , and that progressive planks in general (Sanders’ platform, for instance) garner significant public support was either lost on the Dem establishment; or possibly worse, as many have opined, an indication that the D’s would rather keep the status quo with a GOP control then win with a progressive mandate.


Exactly. The Dems talk all progressive in order to get progressive reelection votes, but when it comes for policy, they are awol. They turn into Republicans. It’s a little trick they laugh about in their million dollar mansions.


Some have claimed they weren’t positioned (for whatever reason - I’m not really following this that closely) to make as much money by supporting Trump as they could be opposing Trump. That kind of stuff is hard to know, but I’m not going to assume the reverse either. The bigger more interesting question is the one posed in the article - did they do anything? Is it possible that without efforts to get some Republicans, that even fewer Republicans would have voted for Biden? Even though Biden already dropped from Hillary on this metric? I haven’t poured through exit polls yet (I’ve glanced at the NYT one which had some interesting results, but nothing to lead me to any conclusions).

In general, I would still side with those that say there is more to be mined elsewhere.

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Get ready for next time when the message is, “The only hope to pass the progressive agenda is to vote for someone EVEN MORE like Donald Trump.”