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Lindsey Graham Admits That Making Voting More Accessible Renders GOP Victories Impossible

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/11/10/lindsey-graham-admits-making-voting-more-accessible-renders-gop-victories-impossible

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Incongruency arguably causes mental illness. It’s the raging disconnect between what is said and what is done that’s at work here in driving huge populations to the brink of clinical madness.

The GOP is and has been a minority party empowered by an incongruent system that privileges the minority at the expense of the majority. And the GOP’s right wing ideological message has been ramping up for generations. Back in the days of the Moral Majority (which of course was neither), there was a right wing disinformation push against the United Nations, with the beginning rumblings of suggestions for the US to either leave, or dismantle it all together. Fast forward to 2002 and the anti-UN din has reached a roar. Boogey man stuff - as if a global organization with an annual budget that’s less than the NYPD has any real power at all.

But it doesn’t matter. The US has removed itself from just about any committee worth belonging to. The damage has been done.

While the US continues to pretend that the Senate provides “real” representation, the reality is the incongruency makes voters in Wyoming far, far more important than the voters in New York. With this unfounded privilege comes all the other trappings.

Think this might be part of the cause we’ve had white men claiming to be the real oppressed minority here since the 90’s? That raging disconnect between fact and message is just almost never discussed.

One thing that should be patently obvious by now - the modern Republican is insatiable in their appetite for total control. I can’t think of a single act of compromise since the Clinton years, and those weren’t compromises as Clinton was giving them EVERYTHING they wanted.


The article ends with this:

[William] Kristol told Daley that the GOP “lost faith in democracy. We lost faith that we could compete for votes and win elections. Therefore, you’ve got to start restricting the electorate.”

"First we’re going to gerrymander. Then we’re going to suppress the votes in inner cities. Then we’re going to discredit mail-in voting,” Kristol said, detailing his party’s strategy to win in spite of its lack of popular legitimacy in the eyes of a majority of voters. “It’s all of a piece in terms of the unwillingness to value a fair, open, and legitimate intellectual process.”

“That’s very bad for democratic principles and very bad for a political party,” Kristol acknowledged.

Good to see Bill Kristol speak honestly about the blatantly anti-democracy Republican Party strategies.

Too bad Bill Kristol is still a repugnant Neocon, and way too bad that the neoliberal and neoconservative 21st Century Democratic Party is a good home for him.


Let’s not pretend the Democratic Party, the innovator of the American poll tax, is comfortable with full access for voters. Especially in primaries, when most of the viable options haven’t yet been eliminated. SInce neither party is democratic or interested in what the majority of the citizens want, it stands to reason that they only want “their” people voting.

Full access and participation in elections would probably render victories by both ruling class parties impossible within one or two election cycles.


Meanwhile, Republican Racism is the 600-pound Gorilla in the room.


I would like to hear more about voter suppression, did it really go away in 2020?


The top three draws that recruit GOP cult members are 1) unequivocal racism, 2) getting away with ever more egregious lies with each passing year, and 3) voter suppression and election rigging.

Therefore, the GOP will keep keep ESCALATING voter suppression and election rigging as long as they exist. It was a critical mass of spotlights on GOP fraud, combined with record numbers of voters that enabled the 2020 election vote count.

Notice that I said vote count, not outcome. The outcome will be confirmed on January 20 at which point the GOP’s ongoing coup efforts will have succeeded or failed.


While we’re on the subject of the Senate, even in the unlikely but not impossible event that the Dems get both Georgia seats, Joe Manchin will fight them tooth and nail. He is a monster.


And Sinema is Manchin’s sidekick.


There’s part of me that agrees with you, but part of me that doesn’t. The Never Trump Republicans really have stood on principal when they could have easily bent and grifted their way onto FOX and OANN. Guys like Charlie Sykes lost their top-billed radio shows because they refused to go along with Trump. I don’t agree with them on lots of political issues, but I do not agree with progressives who can’t see how important it is to have people on the other side of the aisle that stand against the wannabe fascists on the Right.

Journalists like William Shirer watched in amazement and disbelief as Communists in Germany sought ideological purity with their erstwhile allies on the democratic center-left and right while the forces of oppression gathered. It did them zero good in the end, and the revolution they hoped to achieve by doing so was a revolution of authoritarianism that hurt everyone.


This all culminated with trump’s consistent “Bizarro World” treatment of all things.
Example: Anything a republican did wrong was immediately blamed on the democrats, time and time again. Ridiculous and transparent, but the “deplorables” ate it up.


Then he may be the next monster that gets crowds outside of his home day in and day out.


The vocal minority has mistaken their loud ruckus and self righteousness for something more than it isn’t, and it’s time for the silent majority to shut these mother fuckers up.

Like the song says, if nobody’s right, then everybody’s wrong.


OMG! Hell just froze over.

We are a nation that still executes people in that 19th century invention - the electric chair. We use sheriffs to evict people from their place of living and throw their possessions onto the street. We have a health care system that drives people into bankruptcy and is a joke compared to some of the European nations. We also incarcerate more people than anywhere else in the world. And a lot of americans love this stuff. If we continue to operate in a 19th century fashion why shouldn’t our political systems reflect that as well.


Machinations of capitalism. Gotta feed the beast.

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Do you ever notice that the little soundbites vermin like Lindsey Graham, trump, and other GOP spew are often unable to load on Twitter, FB, and many other platforms, especially if it makes them look bad? The commercials, on the other hand, almost never fail to load. A little corporate chicanery there, methinks.

Well Bernie certainly did well in WV and there’s a good teachers movement there.

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We still have to deal with the sensibilities of the “old south.”
Confederates and racists on the one hand, and the supporters of the MIC on the other.
Future things in the south to look forward to. Flooding of Miami. The new Battle of New Orleans during a hurricane produced flood. A tidal wave or tsunami swamping ships at Norfolk.

You know the reason the Confederates fought a bloody civil war to keep Black people from becoming citizens was because in many places in the south, including SC, they outnumbered whites and could have voted them out (as they did in Reconstruction times under the 14th amndmt before they were terrorized out of power). So for Lindsey, an SC neoconfederate, this is a racial dogwhistle, not just an ideological shriek.