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Lindsey Graham Latest Republican to Admit GOP Tax Plan Is All About Keeping 'Financial Contributions' of Donors Flowing


Lindsey Graham Latest Republican to Admit GOP Tax Plan Is All About Keeping 'Financial Contributions' of Donors Flowing

Jake Johnson, staff writer

"Republicans are literally out here warning each other that their big donors will stop writing checks if they don't do their bidding."


Hmmmm . . . and having the huge amounts of corrupting money cut off to these soulless bastards would be a bad thing?

Gee, maybe we could actually get back to being a participatory democracy again without it.


This is indeed an interesting election strategy.


interesting development. could the GOP be growing a conscience? And don’t the Democrats–as a party, at least–generally service the same class?

That tax cuts are quid pro quo services are the least kept political secret of the last century. No one ever believed “trickle down”. Not for a minute. It was always “trickle into my coffers”.

So what do we do about this? First, maybe the GOPers will show some pride and start hitting back at the donor class that’s forcing them to make bad policy. Let’s not forget, as abhorrent as a clown like Graham is, he’s still just an errand boy. The enemy is the class giving his ilk these marching orders. Those are who we need to focus on.

Keep it simple: go Left. And let every rich %&*^ know that, “yes, we’re coming for your stuff. Because it’s actually our stuff.”


Senator, if you believe what you’ve said, wouldn’t the principled thing be to resign?


AH, the direct result of Citizens United, which would be much more aptly named Citizens Fucked. What a bunch of patriots these politicians are – they are, by definition, prostitutes, whores for money and the public be damned. Let’s hope last Tuesday was a preview of the next few election cycles and that these whores are swept from office by a tide of pissed off citizens (the idiot 35% notwithstanding).

As an aside, these admissions from the whore class are evidence of direct quid pro quo corruption, the very thing poo-pooed by the SC in Citizens United. Perhaps its time to let the SC revisit the issue and overturn its ruling based on evidence of direct corruption.


Just drain that damn swamp


Seems like the DNC made the same thing clear when they placed Tom Perez into the number one spot over Keith Ellison to placate mega-donor, Haim Saban.

And really, didn’t the Supreme Court codify the concept of money as free speech into law with the Citizens United decision?

And more importantly, haven’t the oligarchs basically owned government since, like, forever?


While I am no fan of Senator Graham, speaking out as he has IS highly principled. It could hardly be to his benefit to to call (more) attention to the glaring inequity of allowing the wealthy to ‘buy’ favorable policies. Now, if he had only named names…


Then why don’t you Republicans (and Democrats) raise your campaign funds from your constituents? You’d know then if your constituents wanted you in office, and you could vote for the good of your constituents. That’s the old-fashioned way. Bernie does it, so you can, too.


It’s a good thing the people who vote for these SOBs don’t inform themselves and will continue to vote against their own self-interests. Problem for the rest of us is that the Democrats aren’t too far behind at the trough. We need more Bernies.


Could it really be that Sen Graham may be the bellwether of the GOP leading the way to embracing integrity and truly advocating for the best interests/well-being of their constituents? I know, that is too much to wish for…


I know this is maybe too much to hope for Mr. Senator Sir, but while you’re in such an honest mood, why can’t you admit that US military adventurism is just a ruse to sell more military shit (for basically the same crowd you’ve already fingered,) and create more “terrorists” to keep the whole dung-ball rolling downhill?


Yes just drain that swamp and decapitate the beast that resides therein.
Oh wait, rump is the head of the swamp beast.


Graham isn’t one to be trusted due to consistently talking out of both sides of his mouth. I would be more apt to believe some mega donor pissed that the current system gave his competitors a bigger advantage than his dollars got him. It would be uplifting to see one of them find enough ethics to offer more for spilling the beans on how corrupt congress and their masters are than one of the greedy ones offered as a bribe.

It will take many more congress crooks from both parties to keep outing the corruption in the current system before enough partisan zealots finally get it pounded through their selfish and greedy hearts that money has almost totally destroyed any semblance of democracy. One of the quickest ways to stop the wholesale buying of congressional whores is buy stopping campaign bribes from being deductible on either personal or business taxes.


If all that GOP is looking for in this deal is higher donations, why don’t they just threaten to increase donors taxes unless the money starts flowing. Seems just as illegal, bribery or shakedown.


That’s the charitable reading. Another, slightly less so, is that he’s smart enough to know which way the wind’s blowing and wants to get out ahead of events.

It could also be his way of saying “Eff y’all, what’re ya gonna do about it?”


You on a roll.


We have been somewhat of an oligarchy pretty much since the beginning, more so since the M.I.C. super­seded the railroads, big steel and big oil after WWII, and officially so since the ‘Citizens United’ decision by
“our” SCOTUS.


Democrats are getting the same message-