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Lindsey Graham Latest Republican to Admit GOP Tax Plan Is All About Keeping 'Financial Contributions' of Donors Flowing


And not allowing super pacs like that of Karl Rove’s “American Crossroads” to register as a 501-C3 “charity.”


Geez, that human spill of mayonnaise Lindsey Graham must have somehow eaten some truth chocolate??? Oh my!


His conscience didn’t stop him from gutting healthcare and the entitlements that actually benefit the public good. He knows his number is up, too little too late for this reptilian law maker.


I have known this for years. I am just surprised to see Republicans confess that it is all about butt kissing their Republican donors to keep the donations coming in. When they use supply side trickle down economics to justify their tax cuts to the rich, it is becomes blatantly obvious that the research shows the rich moving their money offshore into tax evasion bank accounts, or shell companies. What happens isn’t a stimulus to the country, tax cuts to the rich leads to stagnation of the economy. The real studies show that tax cuts for the middle and working classes does indeed stimulate the economy because these Americans spend the money in America or bank in America and their banks invest it here in America generally.


How weird are people who propose a law forcing normal people to borrow money and then give it to rich people?


I think it’s so important for the wealthy Republican donors to grab more of our treasury than ever before - here’s what we should do:

  1. Organize “march of the homeless” carrying signs exclaiming, “I support tax cuts for the wealthy - don’t worry about me - my life is nothing and shojld be snuffed out anyway”
  2. Children and families living in poverty in America - “please take whatever we have left and give it to the richest of the rich - we don’t count - they are much more important that we are. We’ll survive, somehow. And give old Donald Trump and extra 5 bucks on us”.
  3. The sick and helpless - "We don’t count - we’re going to die anyway, so don’t waste your money on us - please give it to Trump, his cronies and Republican donors - they are far more important than our miserable lives - just let us die. Thank you

I think the Republican donors deserve more than anyone else - can you imagine the grief they’ve had to put up with for all these years, trying so hard to squeeze out another measly few million $ each year - this is their one chance to experience their dream - the real American Dream. We the people no longer matter. Long live the Republican donors and their rabid dogs in Congress.


The question facing each Republican in Congress is: what matters more to me, my seat in Congress or the welfare of my constituents, whom I pledged to serve? So far, it looks like Door Number 1.


Further proof, if any was needed, that the Republican party is opposed to democratic rule (or republican rule, for that matter).


What you mean-um “no longer”, Kemo Sabé?  We The People never did matter to the turds floating at the top of the financial-political cesspool.  And it’s not just the RePooplicans – the money-grubbing Clintonista Damno­cRats are not one iota any better, they’re just a little sneakier and not quite so honest about it.


And the ultimate solution consists of: 1) Public Financing of Elections, and 2) Drastically shorter campaign periods, say 8 to 12 weeks at most.


Republicans and Democrats alike who live at 15 feet above sea level will drown together with the passionately ignorant and passively informed. Did you know Times Square is 15 feet above sea level?


Wow. These admissions are either a gross arrogance of power, or the first glimmer of a lost conscience.


Lyndsey is a douchebag. The politicians are picking the people 's pockets and lining their knickers.


Sadly, most Rethuglican Americans/Trump Supporters will not let this bother them or change their allegiance or support for this tax bill at all. In their twisted little minds, as long as it is a bill being supported by their Party, then they will stand behind it wrong or right. Ditto any politician supported by their Party - Trump, the alleged pedophile Roy Moore, etc.

There is something intrinsically wrong with the brains of people who align ideologically with the Right. They are intellectually un-interested, love to follow strong leaders and be told what to do and how to do it, are easily manipulated and influenced, and they love to hate and repress others. They are avidly against rationalism, positivism, egalitarianism, and democracy, and they support emotionalism, irrationalism, and subjectivism, and believe that inequality is the natural order of society.

Look up “fascism” and you will find very little daylight between it and American conservatism.


Gotta appreciate their honesty at least. They aren’t even hiding it anymore. In the past, we’d get some marketing babble about creating “opportunity corridors” for investors or tax plans creating “enhanced private possibilities.” Now, we just get, “hey, I won’t get funded if I don’t screw you by helping my donors.”


Putting my money on that one.


If we actually had a true Justice Department, this would be a prosecutable admission of bribery.
How much more obvious does it have to get?
Jamie Dimon handing Trump a stack of 100s on a public stage?


On US soil have more people been killed by foreign terrorists or crazed soldiers coming home?


Bribery is so-o-o 18th century. Nobody cares. In order to get a president impeached these days, oral sex is required. Now if Hillary wants to redeem herself, she should march on over to 1600 Pennsylvania Av., strap on the knee pads, and take one for the team.


“Let’s not forget, as abhorrent as a clown like Graham is, he’s still just an errand boy. The enemy is the class giving his ilk these marching orders. Those are who we need to focus on.”

Well said, drone1066. Despite calls by many of us to do this, it seems nobody has devised an efficient way to do it. An organization with a catchy name should be created with the purpose of determining who is making donations to politicians – Democrats, Republican, or whatever – and then contacting the individuals, or investigating them in other ways, to determine what policy goals they have. Then, the donees should be asked why they agree, or not, with the policy goals of the donors. At this time, the focus of the news media is always on what the politicians think. But they’re just errand boys or girls if they couldn’t stay in office without large donations.