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'Lindsey Graham Must Resign': Outrage Grows Over GOP Senator's Alleged Assault on Election Integrity, Voting Rights

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/11/18/lindsey-graham-must-resign-outrage-grows-over-gop-senators-alleged-assault-election


Barr has pretty much been doing the same thing all along. Bust him as well.


Lindsey, and all the other Trumpian bottom feeders, now have a two month “get out of jail free” card, where they can do or say any awful, hateful, hurtful, illegal thing they like, full well knowing that a pardon awaits them before January 20.
We are about to witness that old ethical conundrum from psychology class in large scale practice. What would you do if you knew there were no consequences for your actions?
The possibilities are endless. And let’s face it, the only way to truly cover their asses at this point is to burn everything to the ground.


Regardless that he is a senator, it is outrageous that Graham is trying to meddle in the Georgia elections. Don’t go off of what Lindsey says; listen to what the GA Sec of State says about it and the conclusions he drew to what Graham said to him.

Lindsey has got to go!


Graham received 54.5% of the SC vote…


We’ve got a lot of work to do in SC.


The “senate ethics committee”. Yes indeed. When crooks judge crooks.


Lindsey has emerged during Fuhrer’s era to be one of the most traitorous and vile senators in recent memory.
Trevor Noah did the following incredible skewering of Grayhamburger, to his face, in this…


I believe Graham is resigned, to be Trump’s corrupt enabler.

I’d much rather see him convicted.


“a lot of work to do” full stop.

"[O]ur sacred right to choose our leaders."

If that were really true there would be no duopoly or two sides of one business party while suppressing the rise of alternative parties as, for example, making it nearly impossible to get funding and exposure.

If that were true, would we have an Electoral College? Would we not have publicly funded elections and real debates?


If republicans resigned for violating laws, rules and regulations or violating their oaths of office there would be no republican politicians left. Republicans ability for corruption is the only thing that sustains the party.


Critics called on the Justice Department and various congressional committees to “conduct an immediate and thorough investigation.”

Or how about next time he walks into the Senate building the Capitol police arrest him and charge him with Treason.


Good luck with that!!   She might as well ask the fox who’s guarding the henhouse to investigate his twin brother.

“If I were a Senator, and if I were corrupt . . . but I repeat myself.” — Mark Twain (approximately)

True for 99.44% of the DimWit-Rats as well.  Replacing both instances of the plural ‘republicans’ above with ‘politicians’ and deleting the singular ‘republican’ would result in a much more accurate statement.


Exactly. Well put. The question in bold (my emphasis) pretty much sums up the clown child’s whole life.


Lets be honest, neither Graham, nor any other corrupt gop congress critter will resign because the people or democrats want them to. They know little to nothing will legally happen to them with the dem party leaders constantly calling for “looking forward, not backwards”.
Impeachment is called for with Graham, Barr, and others, if not, this type of behavior will only get worse.


P’Loser will ‘Look Forward, Not Back’ with Biden in 2021 the same way she ‘Looked Forward, Not Back’ with O’Bummer in 2009, and another two dozen or more criminals will continue to walk free instead of being held accountable for their misdeeds.


This fake outrage isn’t cute any more. We all know that nothing will come of it. It’s just theatrics meant to convince us that they aren’t all on the same team.


Exactly. Too bad people are too timid to take it upon themselves to - at least - make life uncomfortable for tptb.

We get the government that we allow tptb to give us - has that sentiment ever not been true?🤷

So, then: why so soft, people??? Why so yielding & pathetically timid??? Are there not many of you and only a few of them???


From a conservative site, but the inside story of Graham’s squalor:


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