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'Lindsey Graham Must Resign': Outrage Grows Over GOP Senator's Alleged Assault on Election Integrity, Voting Rights

You’re right stardust. During the coney barrett fiasco he was all sweetness and light. But like you said he has another nasty side.

Thanks Fes. I’m not familiar with her but will do some research.

Welcome Dennis- Now go away wackco.

We have been forced to listen to Republicans in general and Trump in particular scream about 3 million cases of voter fraud when that crime is so rare it has never reversed a US election. Voter purging and vote tampering by powerful criminal minds like Rove and Graham have always been the real problem. The combination of computer vote modeling by district coupled with the arcane electoral college opened the door to reversing election outcomes by changing just a few votes in a few districts. That is likely the reason Trump was ever elected in the first place. That is most certainly the reason BushII ever won the White House and why he was ever supposedly re-elected. Republicans cheat by creating fake purge lists and using “proprietary” voting machines which can be easily hacked, always targeting minority and young districts where they do not provide enough voting machines and often seek to intimidate voters. .

Lindsey Graham is a double crossing, hypocritical liar so that makes him the perfect Southern Republican hero. It now appears that we can add criminal to his descriptive adjectives. The only question is is there enough evidence to hold the scumbag accountable.

without a shred of evidence to support his [mounting …
I keep hearing in your articles that there is not a shred of evidence…yet I see copies of affadavits, hundreds and hundreds…what gives with the editors of commondreams…does the left not support the rules of law and justice?
I have been an activist my entire life in support of some of the issues promoted by Commondreams. Your constant lying is a threat to the credibility of my common positions on so many issues…please stop this. Yours and my credibility is at stake!

25 Trump inspired claims of fraud have been thrown out of Court for lack of supporting evidence. Several of Trump’s lawyers have resigned in order to avoid putting their own licenses in jeopardy, because it is against the law for a lawyer to file a frivolous lawsuit. Trump has a long history of filing frivolous lawsuits, losing them, and then pretending he won after he leaves the Courtroom. The orange sloth’s claim of voter fraud, which has been going on for four years, is without any merit whatsoever. Trump has been violating the law, refusing to comply with subpoenas, attempting to use military forces to quell demonstrations, lining his own pocket by constantly visiting his own facilities, and lying his ass of for four years. We will soon witness multiple tax fraud cases brought against him after he leaves office. Ti you that needs to get your facts straight.

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Thank you kindly and to you as well ,and a wee bit early but happy hogmanay also,

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Probably a bit of a miserable hogmanay this year. All the best for us all here.

Kinda hard to pardon someone who is not accused. The time to strike is after the transition.