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#LindseyGrahamResign Goes Viral After Senator Advises Don Jr. to Refuse Congressional Subpoena


#LindseyGrahamResign Goes Viral After Senator Advises Don Jr. to Refuse Congressional Subpoena

Julia Conley, staff writer

Tens of thousands of social media users joined a call for Sen. Lindsey Graham's resignation on Tuesday, after the South Carolina Republican publicly offered advice to Donald Trump Jr. about his recent congressional subpoena.


That is ONE piece of swamp shit to go! Now…howzabout a couple hundred more of the Republic-destroying, “We the People”- ignoring assholes! (BOTH SIDES OF "The Aisle!)


No problem. Just lock them both up.


This slimebag only cares about himself, obviously paid off by trump. He cares not about our country and is a traitor through and through. Disgusting puke!


He was a dick-headed asshole WAY BEFORE Dumbf!


He gives gay men a bad name for sure. Not that there is anything wrong with that, but in his case, maybe it’s his conflictions that’s caused him to be such an asshole his entire life. Just a thought.

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"STFU Lindsey Graham You Hypocrite."


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Where can I sign the petition, WITHOUT doing it through anti-social media?

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Erratic enigma LIndsey has sold his soul to the anti-Christ.

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Linseed is a senator from South Carolina. The same place that elected Strom Thurmond even after they had to roll him out on stage in a near vegetative state with oxygen tubes hanging from his nose. If you want rid of this guy, first you’ll first have to build a state Democratic Party as the one they have now operates part-time out of the restroom of a Columbia Piggly Wiggly.


How to not be a southern white boy. Way to go Lindsey, you total POS.


I hope that if Graham has broke any rules or laws he held accountable. Too much crap washing under the bridge without scrutiny.
If Lindsey were Al Franken he’d be gone already.


Graham Must Go — and take McConnell with him!!


The Ruskies, or President Caligula, or Koch Bros…SOMEBODY has SOMETHING on Miss Lindsey. No one is this screwed up without pressure