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Linking El Paso Massacre to ICE Raids, Sanders Says Trump's Campaign of Terror Against Immigrants Must Be Defeated

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/08/08/linking-el-paso-massacre-ice-raids-sanders-says-trumps-campaign-terror-against

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rounded up suspected undocumented workers

This is what concerns me. We have already seen that they are grabbing green card and naturalized citizens in these pogroms. Are we seeing Guantanamo version 2.0 with these arrests? Will these people be detained indefinitely? With private prisons making a fortune off this hate, I would guess so.


Would we have immigration problems if we helped their countries instead of exploiting them?


when your government’s best allies are sadistic Saudi Arabia, psychopathic Israel and queen of murderous medieval England the results are here, for everyone to see


We must find a way to take the target off the backs of brown people, and put it where it truly belongs, on the faces of the White Nationalists, and all those who cover for them, in Business, Industry, and Government.



The problem of Latino immigration to the US belongs squarely on the US theft of Latin America. While Mexico had nationalized oil and gas operations under Pemex and the government had control over the economy not many wanted to go north. But the fucking neocons forced the Mexicans to abandon their socialist system and privituzed Pemex, cut off all government food subsidies and eliminated all social programs to the needy. While the Mexican corrupt leaders made out like bandits millions of Mexican farmers lost their livelihoods due to implementation of NAFTA the dumping of round up treated cheap American GMO corn and deregulation more ordinary mexicans lost out. The only solution some of the saw was to head north.
Reagan opened the borders to Mexican immigration even before NAFTA to help US meat eating chicken and mad cow slaughter houses, berry farms, Salinas Valley lettuce farmers hire cheap Mexican labor. So now it’s too fucking late to undue what Reagan started about 40 years ago to help his wealthy supporters.


The “white nationalists” on the whole are stupid as shit uneducated and mostly unskilled beer drinking P otatoe chip and hot dog eating pigs. They have not receiebmved proper parenting or proper schooling they are mostly functioning or maybe nonvfunctioning hate machines brain dead easy to manipulate. They can be taught to hate anyone their evil handlers tell them to .
These white skinned racist morons are out of balance they got cheated out of a proper education and a decent family life. Their half witted ones sign up for the military duty to be used as cannon fodder then come back mentally ill to burden the society. A loss loss situation for the “white nationalists” except they are too stupid and incapable to think.

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…tweeted Rosas. "For anyone who tries to desensitize the situation or blur the connections between the acts of terror this week, I call bullshit.”

Yes! The mass murderer with the gun, egged on by the violence-inciting president, followed by the ICE ‘BrownShirts’. A co-ordinated effort to terrorize and eliminate immigrants and brown-skinned people. Arresting 680 ‘illegals’ means that the management of those companies engaged in at least 680 federal crimes. How many are in prison? How many managers from the earlier mass arrests and sweeps by ICE are in prison? Why do the corporate managers get a pass? Why do the media never ask? Why do we put up with this?


Trump is moving quickly from racist to terrorist. Someone has to stop the momentum.

Perhaps 45 will meet another 45 someday.

Love to comment but the “violence police” may be watching.
“Silence is Golden” Don’t think so. Dissent is the flavor of the day.

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45 + 45 = 90 in mathematics.

45 + 45 = a step towards Democracy in a Fascist leaning state.

Fact vs. Fiction.

No harm, no foul-mouthed Fascist.

Wow, this is the fantasy Trump has envisioned.

Hunting down Mexicans and our Neighbors from Central America and make them tremble with fear.

This type of Sadistic conduct is going to go over really well at the next Trump Rally.

I can see the Blonde Bigot standing on the podium with his Mussolini stance and his Adolph Hitler smirk boasting about how he got rid of Rapists and Criminals.

There will be no mention of how he callously separated young children from their parents, oh no, every single person that he rounded up, we will be told, was a member of the notorious violent gang MS-13.

Thank Goodness for Ivanka and Melania to curb his Barbaric Behavior, oh wait…

We Have Met The Terrorists and The Enemy and it is US.


Or just even leaving them alone at this point. It seems any time the U.S. “helps” another country these days is when they plan to steal from that country.


Let’s just shorten up that title a little bit to reflect more accurately what this country is dealing with.

White Nationaliists leaves interpretation open to whatever educational level the reader may have.

White Racists is much more definitive.

Trump wants to be an intermediary between India and Pakistan in the nuclear Kashmere situation. Now we can all rest easy…

Who’s going to replace the cheap hardworking laborers. The slaughter houses and meat packing companies don’t like paying a living wage, so does that mean the corporate fascist’s will eliminate welfare and food stamp program to compell the poor whites to replace the deported abused separated mexicans. Most on welfare and food stamp cannot work period. They either have a physical or mental impairment that makes working impossible for them. So are we going to let them all die en masse. Seniors off social security and disabled turned into dog food for the elites?

Careful. They will call you “anti-fa”

It’s a strange word “anti-fa”, as if being against fascism is bad.

Maybe we should ask the media using the sinister-sounding term “anti-fa”, why and who among them are pro-fascist. Money seems to be the source and money buys what money can buy; poor people don’t own TV stations, radio stations, networks and publishing houses.

Pelosi is on the job!

“Impeachment is off the table” for Bush.
“It’s not worth it” impeaching tRump
“The green whatever” for corporations.

But, Pelosi tells the NYT, “All these people have their public whatever and their Twitter world, but they didn’t have any following,” referring to a border funding bill the Squad opposed. “They’re four people, and that’s how many votes they got.”

When did DNC leadership board the Republican train? And why is the media cheering?

If you explain exactly what Fascism is to each and every American, you will find an overwhelming majority who are not for living under Fascist rule, so, what’s to be worried about?

If fascism ever takes hold here in the USA, what they now call Domestic Terrorism except aimed directly at the ruling Fascists, will blossom and come to fruition rapidly.