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Listen Quick, There's a Fire

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/09/10/listen-quick-theres-fire


While politicians continue to play with themselves, nature makes a change. Nature is bringing a civilization, collapsed in spirit, back into harmony. Nature is the only reliable force for change there is.


I wonder if all the climate denying hillbillies out west who drive around in their pick up trucks with their confederate flags and shotguns, with vote for Trump stickers, are still denying climate change with the orange skies over their heads, while also advocating for the Orange denier in chief?


Those hillbillies will just say that fire is “natural,” and that the historical and prehistorical record demonstrates that fires of similar magnitude have occurred many times in the past. Some of them might go so far as to flatly deny scientific data pointing to climate catastrophe. Most of them, though, will accept the data, and then insist that recent weather & fire extremes are “natural,” and that there is nothing that humans can do about these extremes. Life is always difficult, they will say, and we just have to tough it out.

There really isn’t a lot of difference between the trumpistic tendency to excuse recent weather and wildfire catastrophes as “natural,” and the neoliberal, ruling class tendency to excuse economic catastrophes (such as the steady, decades-long upward transfer of wealth away from the middle class) as “natural.” In both cases, the claim that “It’s natural” is used as a rhetorical shield for deflecting the truth.


If I can make one thing clear here, this is not climate change. Hang with me for another second here. This is a full-blown Climate Crisis!

With that I would quibble. A crisis is merely a situational inflection point, a fork in the road of time. The crisis gripping Earth’s climate has progressed to a catastrophe – an episode of irreversible damage.

Excellent article overall, though. Nothing can beat sincere personal accounts. Yesterday I was searching for news on Berry Creek, CA when the phrase “community destroyed” kept popping up. That was my OMG moment. The phrase “three dead” didn’t help calm me about loved ones who lived there, until Wednesday.

The Chronicle’s firemap shows the Bear Fire’s expanse, which grew a quarter million acres yesterday, entirely consuming Berry Creek and Brush Creek. Oroville & Paradise lie westward of it now:


But it might be hard to find the fire you’re looking for in this. There are so many fires.


And yet media whores throughout the US and Australia continue to search into every dark and diseased corner- looking for dishonest cranks and corporate science deniers to hold up next to experts with decades of experience (and published research) in their field.

This is why, even though we haven’t lived in America for 12+ years now, we continue to support Common Dreams.