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Listen to Syrians: The Media Jackals and the People’s Narrative


Listen to Syrians: The Media Jackals and the People’s Narrative

Ramzy Baroud

Imagine the Syrian war from the point of view of ordinary Syrians from a variety of backgrounds. They are most likely to offer a different perspective and to hold entirely different expectations than most other parties involved.


Whatever the causes given for more killings and deaths worldwide, one cause seems to be missing: The biosphere can't sustain 7.3 billion humans.


I am grateful for this story that focuses on the lives of ordinary people in Syria. To the MSM it is a giant power struggle with exciting photo ops. To average Syrians it is the end of their world. I visited there in 2008 and it was a beautiful country. It was no human rights paradise but families were intact and strong,people had health care,
the culture was intact without the outside globalization by Colonel Sanders and Safeway. There were lots of small family businesses. Cities and monuments were beautiful. And now, what have we started? I am haunted by
wondering what happened to the happy family that owned the soap shop in Damascus. Where are they now?
This is a major tragedy and we were forced to pay for it with our tax dollars. Our leaders are monsters.


That really is not a good argument for killing millions of people! Please read Paul Hanley's book "11" - the number of people who will share this planet by the end of the century. He proves that we have the know- how, and the resources to accommodate them but we need the will to do so. That is what is currently


I have never been to Syria, but my husband's family has roots there and they attest to a very civil society. I know what the writer here is trying to do--be absolutely fair and quite frankly it drives me crazy. It's like the position taken by some on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict when people talk about negotiation as if both sides were equal, when Palestinians are accused of war crimes when they are fighting for survival under a brutal occupation and have nothing left to lose. The Palestinian living in Syria should understand the workings of the USA and its vassals (although sometimes I wonder who is the king and who the vassal).

You can cite the atrocities of the Assad government, but then you learn that Syria was targeted for regime change long before Bashar took over the government. What is not well known is that Bashar set about liberalizing the government despite old guard opposition. When he refused the American 'offer' to join the coalition against Saddam and sign a peace treaty with Israel, he went up on the regime change list. Then the US-led gang just had to infiltrate, cause a false flag incident and there you have your excuse to invade albeit with mercenaries. Yes, I believe you can say there was a good man, and he is in Syria, legitimately elected, having brought about elections. It was a working society before the mercenaries and change was coming. Actually, there was a similar situation in Libya where Gaddafi was grooming his younger son who had a vision of a liberalized society building on the social welfare state of his father. Where is that young man now? Screaming in torture. Yes, I think you can say there are good and bad folks out there.


Overpopulation is not an argument. It is a condition that can affect any and every organism that stresses its living environment. It leads to resource depletion, conflict and habitat destruction, wealth redistribution and technological fixes notwithstanding.


Additionally, people have known for over a century that commitment to education of women and men leads to a gently declining population.


And you put your own politically/emotionally-charged spin on this as well (don't worry, it sells to the US bourgeoisie). Put this into context. Israel is a tiny country, the sole Jewish nation, the historic and modern Jewish nation, surrounded by vast, oil rich Arab countries. Each of these Arab countries are heavily armed by Russia, China, AND the US. Yet Israel is the all-powerful aggressor oppressing the Arab masses? Every Israeli Arab lives within easy traveling distance of an Arab country -- none of which want these people. Instead, the Arab nations use them as propaganda tools, pawns, and essentially, terrorists within the borders of Israel. Granted, when one sets off a bomb in a crowded marketplace, the Israelis get touchy about it. They hit back. Contrast this to the longest retaliatory war in US history following Arab attack on the US in 2001.

None of which seems to have anything to do with the Syrian war, yet you include your anti-Israel spin -- "fighting for survival under a brutal occupation." Such a description could accurately apply to the US and it's treatment of American Indians, but the fact remains that Israel was and is the Jewish nation, and the "Palestinians" became the Arab occupiers.


Perhaps the Palestinians don't want to give up their homeland and their history to a bunch of people that were given part of Palestine in a deal to get them out of Europe and Russia, who then went on a rampage to get it all, washed in the blood of the Palestinian people, and many others.


Well said, minitrue. I think our Fabian friend took a wrong turn looking for Breitbart. Glad you tried to reorientate Fabian because I wouldn't know how to begin to help her/him. To quote Vladimir, "You really don't know who's behind ISIS and jihadis?" I think the subtext is 'give me a break'. Cheers


Best, most realistic coverage yet. The world is littered with mass graves. War feeds industries of destruction and little else. Thank you Ramzy for this bit of sane realism.


Thanks for your post. Yes, the Amerikan Empire is the #1 terrorist organization in the world and our leaders are monsters that are wolves in sheep's clothing that continue to fool the sheeple!


Sorry Ramzy, but putting equal responsibility on all of the players isn't right either. It is nobody's responsibility for the actions of a government within it's own borders except the people of that country. This civil war was instigated by the US and it's allies in the region, Israel, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, UAE, and Jordan. These countries were and are responsible for the arming, training and paying and transport of the forces aligned against the Syrian government. A very serious violation of international law! One more thing Ramzy, no matter how much anyone doesn't like it, technically the Russians are the only participant in this civil war who are there legally. Their aide was requested directly by the Assad government. Everybody else participating in this fiasco are nothing more than interlopers!


...You left out the part about access to safe, reliable birth control. THAT is under siege in many places ruled by Fundamentalist sects.


Yep. Thanks for reminding me.