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Listen Up Voters – If You Want Change, You Can't Keep Voting for the People Resisting Change


Unbelievable. Not only do the voters not care much about the most important and urgent issue in human history, but not even a mention in the article.

When the hell are people going to get that unless we act NOW on climate catastrophe no other issues will matter??? The media, government, business, religions, public, political parties… have all failed horribly. Who do many people blame? Poor people of color (falsely convinced that the number of people is the problem and denying that the actions of the rich are causing almost all of it) scientists, and green groups–the only ones sounding the warning everyone else has refused to heed. Ocasio-Cortez, the Netherlands…there are some more progressive plans than most. But there’s no government, candidate or official that publicly advocates for a plan that’s enough to solve the crisis before utter calamity becomes unavoidable. Get your church or temple, business, representatives at every level of government, and everyone else you can reach, to read and advocate for an emergency climate mobilization on a scale to reduce human GHGs by at least 90% in the next 7 years.



Leading into emergency mode http://theclimatepsychologist.com/leading-the-public-into-emergency-mode-a-new-strategy-for-the-climate-movement/

Emergency blueprint http://www.theclimatemobilization.org/blueprint_for_a_climate_emergency_movement


They all take special interest money. Every damn one of them so how is this going to work?


You write well, SDP, but I’d be interested to know whether you have any concrete ideas about what to do - including if you think the writer has a good point. Actually, on that issue - voting - are you aware that just today, I read Ralph Nader’s current column where he strongly advocates the same, but with this difference: legislate universal (aka compulsory) voting across the United States before having the next vote.

How does that sit with you? How ready are all the voters here, and across USA, to subscribe to a law that forces people to vote? Or pay a fine of some sort…

Until most, if not all, citizens actually vote, how can any non-voter legitimately complain about any government for which they couldn’t be bothered to vote for? Oh, I know many voters are prevented from voting; we all know that. But - if voting is compulsory under federal law, no state can get away with non-compliance. That puts the kibosh on all further attempts to prevent anybody from voting.

Just think about all those voters who were prevented from voting - and missing out at keeping Trump out of The White House. Because that’s what would have happened … no Trump.

You reckon Congress is ready to make such a fundamental change in voting? Well, if the citizens of USA still do nothing about forcing change in that House of Thieves, nothing fundamental will change. Ever.


I am a Canadian so can only speak to the idea of forcing persons to vote in a generic sense.

I am not really a fan of the idea. I think if people turned off from voting thus staying home, it a result of the Political system itself. If all a restaraunt is going to offer up an a menu is CRAP , people should not be forced to eat there just because they can choose between different crap items.

Forced votes IMO tend to be just a means by which a corrupt Political system “legitimizes” itself. The peoples right NOT to vote is as important a right as them having a right TO vote.


Well, you’re entitled to your opinion. Frankly, though, you appear to have missed the point: unless everybody (or at least 95%) votes, the system as it stands in USA will never change as both parties - the Repubs more so - rig the system further to ensure that more and more people are disenfranchised. Thus, the 1% will continue to squeeze the wealth from the system. That’s not my idea of democracy, nor that of others more visionary e.g. Nader, Chomsky, Reich and others. Quite simply, with a larger pool of voters at the ballot box EVERY time, there is, mathematically, a greater chance for younger people - like the recent upset in NY, an avowed democratic socialist - to get into the fight. And begin making real change…

Good job you have a much better system in Canada. I lived there for 20 years.

We two can only now, I guess, agree to disagree: because we’ve reached Kansas City, Oklahoma! Too bad…


I am not missing the point. In the USA you have a duoploy with third Parties marginalized. They even handcuffed the head of the Green Party to a Chair so she could not enter a debate.

How on Earth is forcing someone to Vote Republican or Democrat going to change things?

The AuthoritarianCountries they used to hav 95+ percent turnout because everyone forced to vote. There was only one party to chose from. You have much the same down there. What has to be FIXED in the USA is the people need LEGITIMATE choices and not two sides of the same coin.

The legitimate response of those running for office should be “How can I design a Political Platform that will appeal to the 40+ percent of Citizens that do not vote” ?

The reason this does not happen is the Corporations have all but bought the Democratic Party and the Republican party and will not allow this to change .