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Listening To Trump Leaves Me Speechless

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/11/05/listening-trump-leaves-me-speechless


I’m at the point where I would willingly cut the auditory nerves so I can no longer hear that nasal braggadocio spouting soi-disant tough boy from the outer boroughs. Rich boy pretending to be tough mob capo. Rather like Bush 43 pretending to be a Texas cowboy with his “ranch” when he was actually terrified of horses.
Second best would be if C-19 residuals cropped up and he developed aphasia. No speeches, no Tweets.
Even if Biden wins, Trump will STILL be on a rampage, talking and talking daily to whoever will give him air time or read his Tweets…


The numbers of “anti-Trumpers” is larger than the people who voted for Biden.

I am anti-Trump and anti-Biden.

Also, Trump sees “fake news” and fraud everywhere because his whole fame has been

achieved through fakery and fraud.

It is the lens of his reality.

A greater problem is that this lens is a cherished component of most of the voters.

It. is how they see the USA as a democracy when it has never really been such.


This country will never be a democracy as long as the Electoral College and the U.S. Senate exist.


I am thinking that we are actually getting a read on the real feelings of the electorate, at long last -

The turnout is exceptionally high - polling has proven of limited value - again - and the truth may be staring us directly in the face.

This morning’s Globe and Mail, Canada’s national newspaper, had a few interesting things to say on the election results so far. I’ll list them in point form - together they make the case that the disconnect is much broader than thought. It is not the one percent and the 99%, as ‘OCCUPY’ thought.

It is that the elites as defined by Trumpists are us - the ‘moderns’, who believe in science, that Neil Armstrong actually landed on the Moon, in Darwin’s evolution, in science…

  • Trump supporters = ‘anti-elitist populists’
  • Trump is “a snake-oil salesman” (i.e., not an elite)
  • “The worse he acts [Trump]… the more he connects” (Lawrence Martin)
  • “But the result, as close as it was, shows that the United States is no longer a high-road country. It showed that about half the population is prepared to take it as low as Mr. Trump wishes.” (Lawrence Martin)


In other words. to a Trump supporter, we ‘moderns’ are the elite, and wealth is not the measure, but belief in modern science and such is the measure.

Conclusion: “Houston, we have a problem” (Apollo 13. To a Trumpist - just a fairy tale)


One afternoon I was forced to listen to a deadbeat former neighbor go on and on about the performance of the stock market under Trump. Knowing this guy (a renter) didn’t have a pot to piss in or a window to throw it out of, I asked him, “Sooooo…you own a lotta stock, do yah?”
That shut him right up.
A few months later the guy and his family moved out of the rental house in the dead of night, and left an overdue $600+ utility bill on the kitchen table for the landlord (who is also a Trump supporter).


Yea I know - but we need to take care of each other. There are increasing numbers of homeless here in Calgary, their stuff on grocery carts, sleeping out. Two were in the lobby of the bank I visited this am to withdraw some money before the bank opened, smoking, boots off, staying warm. I went in anyway - but the bank employees were too frightened to enter. I imagine the police were called.

We used to take care of everyone didn’t we - when we were tribal.

We’ve got to get back to that way of thinking.


I’ve been summing things up in pretty much the same nutshell. We need each other, the more different we are, the more valuable, the more creative potential we generate, the more of an economic and social dynamic generates ecological breadth of thinking.


Why not ?

It’s who we are - sometimes at least.

Can’t we expand the idea of tribe to take in 8 billion or more ?

I’ve heard there may be 30 million Americans facing eviction as winter approaches.

We have got to get our act together.


The trouble is, extending a helping hand to supporters of the Grifter-in-Chief is a good way to get your fingers chewed off.


I think the support they want is social - to not be dismissed - to be accepted as people with limited lifespans like everybody else - with hopes and fears. Treat a person with respect and you are the right road.


A “tribe” by definition has to be local and connected by place/community/mutual aide. These “tribes” can negotiate/collaborate with each other based on their self interest in connected place/ecosystems/customs for their mutual benefit. Cities would have to be organized by neighborhood or other smallish units.

This type of organizing also has to realize the limitations of Dunbar’s Number (150) beyond which trust cannot be well maintained between members of a “tribe”.

The USA and Canada are just to0 damn big in terms of land mass and population to organize in any meaningful way long term. I am coming to believe that here in the USA the States need to secede from the union. Further, the State governments need to be reorganized from the bottom up, not top down in terms of laws and governance.

I have no clue how any of this could be achieved. All I know is that nothing constructive can be accomplished within the current political system.


“In his middle-of the-night rant, Trump got it half right. There’s a very sad group of people here, their sorrow due to their own disenfranchisement.”

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Hi ErnestineBass:

IRONY—can sometimes be so mentally fulfilling. : )

I think the corporate media are ignoring Trump???This is new

If Trump was ahead I think he would be doing a lot more to shut the count down----but he is behind

People that voted for Trump are a disgrace-------my concept of America is that we don’t like any authortarian right or left----middle what ever-----we threw out King George and designed a gov that gives people representative gov and restricts the President-----maybe they skipped school in 5 th grade.

Schadenfreude is watching one Trumptard cannibalize another.

The root of homelessness is in the concept of “private property”. The concept of Private Property has elevated individual DESIRES over social needs. We have had a homelessness problem here in Vancouver for decades and while they pay it lip service, the Governments at various levels make it worse by promoting policies that encourage more “investment and development”. The Housing and hotels and buildings that used to be homes for the poor are being torn down so as to put in newer developmnet, increase the tax base and encourage more “investment”. this gentrifies neighborhoods pushing even more people onto the streets.

The people moving in to these new neighbourhooods then complain about those poor people sleeping out on the streets and the Police move in to force them to go else where.

It a losing strategy.


Hi Reb - long time no see - welcome back !

Yes - the old tribes,

What I am wondering is if the Internet is not a game changer ? Almost, potentially, in a best case scenario, like one brain hardwired over the whole planet.

Sure, that’s a stretch. But so is breaking down eight billion people into Dunbar Number tribes.

So I’m thinking - which is the more modern approach - which is the smaller stretch ?

We are in unknown waters - that I am sure of.

Chris Hedges is calling the US a “corpse” - it’s that bad in his view.

Me - I’m not so sure about that.

We do always look to the past for historical information to help us out - that is what Harari’s books are supposedly all about at first glance - he being an historian.

But he is a very ‘modern’ historian, and looks to the possible futures in light of modern developments in artificial intelligence, the Internet and such.

I simply cannot see any of our possible futures happening smoothly though. It’s going to be a very rough ride, and collapse is an ever present and in fact growing threat - entirely possible.

But if there is a way out - it might be proper use of the Internet.

Theoretically, everyone, everywhere, can be connected - and made aware of the state of the planet, by which is meant the state of civilization, which is us, all of us, for better or for worse.

That’s something tribal people can understand - even a tribe of eight going to ten billion.

It’s worth a shot I think.

The problem is that private property is at the very heart of the current financial/capitalist system, and threatening this system is itself enough to cause panic and chaos, anarchy and brakedown of the social order - in fact - collapse.

You are thinking a transition to a worldwide socialist system I imagine ?