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'Literal Colonialism': Blackwater Founder Calls for 'American Viceroy' to Rule Afghanistan

'Literal Colonialism': Blackwater Founder Calls for 'American Viceroy' to Rule Afghanistan

Jake Johnson, staff writer

Displaying what one commentator called "sheer 19th century bloodlust and thirst for empire," Erik Prince, founder of the private mercenary firm Blackwater, argued in The Wall Street Journal this week that the United States should deploy an "East India Company approach" in Afghanistan.


Prince’s hubris is tragically laughable. The Soviets spent billions and billions of rubles, lost more than 53,000 soldiers’ lives, and gained absolutely NOTHING after 10 years of slogging through Afghanistan yet EP thinks he has the solution. The US government created him (along with his family fortunes) as Rummy thought privatizing U S Military operations overseas was a sure thing…paid militias devoid of any allegiance to the US who are strictly in it for the money and the adrenaline/power fixes.

He and his sister, B. Devoid (of brains) are quite the pair of demons…making Satan very proud, indeed.


A little off topic but wasn’t there a lot of talk in 90’s and 2000’s about One World Order i.e. Bilderberg’s and Carmichael’s Groups whose membership include many of the elites of the world and people who attend Davos yearly. Don’t hear much about that anymore? Why?

Along comes Trump who is a buffoon idiot who is a big distraction but he loves money and mafia and oligarchs of the world. Are these people using this idiot to get a bigger foothold into One World Order Rule.

We’ve got to know after years of their annual meetings some in open some not so much and we know Bush/Clintons.

Prince wants to rule Afghanistan and of course never see world peace. He profits off death and destruction.

These are very scary times. Scary people in charge.


The U.S. would be so much better off if we could keep all of the millions of “illegal immigrants” and deport this one “citizen thug” from the country. He is probably one person that belongs in a supermax prison as versus out trying to run the world on behalf of the U.S. He obviously represents the U.S. as in an American oligarchic corpratocracy as versus a U.S. of the American people. Of course, I don’t think the current government is really a government “of the people, by the people, for the people.” How can we take back this government that is out of control?


Ah, the parallels with Rome are delicious. The private legionnaires eventually bankrupted the Roman Empire, as they eventually ran out of plunder to pay them. Then when the hordes from Northern Europe and the Middle East began moving in, there was no army to defend the realm. They ended up giving away large swaths of the empire in order to keep Rome from being sacked.
Eric prince just wants to establish his own private, homo-erotic empire in Afghanistan, as he furiously jerks off to pictures of his sister.


Does he want to give the job to his Sister, after she ruins the American Educational System?


I’ve been advocating for a long time for us to just get the eff out of the place. It’s called the “Graveyard of Empires” for a reason. It defeated the British, and then the Soviets, and now us. Just cut our losses and leave, because whenever we do finally leave the inevitable will happen, and the Taliban will take back over. I don’t see any other way around it. We can’t impose liberal Western democracy on a place that just doesn’t want it, no matter how horrible it will be for women and non-Muslims (and I’m an atheist). I couldn’t imagine being a lesbian atheist there, it would be a death sentence, either literally for coming out, or figuratively because living in silence with that would probably drive one to suicide.

I know the right will scream about our soldiers who died in vain, but more of them will if we stay and then finally get driven out in another five or ten years, which will happen. So, just get the f*** out, just do it! Quit throwing good lives after wasted lives.


If only we could leave there and take all of the weapons thrown at the people in Afghanistan by the USSR and the USA. Possibly providing funds to anyone who wanted to leave the country would have been better and cheaper than all of the militarization. There are probably many problems and horrible issues in this world that the US as a nation cannot solve and in fact, when they have done things, usually make it worse.


Now, with great difficulty.

Viceroy? If the orange turd appoints him, wouldn’t the proper term be Reichsmarschall?

yeah but … he’s not been orange for some time, the left are supposed to be the ones connected with reality ?

It is actually really hard to believe that this kind of absurdity is really happening. A Viceroy!

Well why not? We already have the know nothing about government king and his powerful Grand Vizier in Kushner … why not go the whole atavistic path and have a Viceroy! Maybe two or several? Let’s just put away these silly notions of freedom, democracy and independence and do empire the right way! In fact maybe we could even institute a Viceroy system here in America. Now wouldn’t that be neat and tidy? No more worry about voting and stuff. Just work and pay tribute…um …pay taxes to the crown … um… the government. Well you know what I mean? Enough of all this thinking and troublesome rights. Just obey and know your place!

Would this Blackwater guy be offering himself up for the job of Viceroy?

Seriously folks… did we really cross into the Twilight Zone? Can this insanity truly be real? Shall we now export a fascistic autocrat system to other countries? A Viceroy? Why didn’t any freedom loving Americans at the WSJ simply laugh this fascist would be strongman dictator out of their offices.

Anybody else feeling worried that this man (or anyone else like him) is serving as an unofficial envoy between Trump and Putin (but don’cha know that trolls insist there are no backdoor connections between Trump and Russia… right?)!

And the correct term would be Imperial Viceroy actually.


I recall being in a VA Hospital back in 2012 and reading a copy of National Geographic. Of Afghanistan and a Local Tribesman poising with he Prize Possession a 1747 British Brown Bess Musket. That one of His Ancestors obtained by Killing an East India Agent in 1749, almost 6-1/2-Generations ago. Afghan people live a Simple Life?/! But living a Simple Life doesn’t make them STUPID. Don’t be any more STUPID than the East India Company was in Afghanistan from 1747 ON…


Names were: New World Order and Project for New American Century (PNAC)


Well, if he’s changed his hair tint, (I don’t watch him enough to notice), he is still a turd, whatever color, and if he appoints another turd to that post, I think my query is correct.

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Right, I stand corrected, but I still think the term Reichsmarschall would be more correct in this case.


Actually, it goes back even further. I think one of the first was Alexander the Great.


And the PNAC’s plan is a little behind the schedule’s timeline, but it seems to be staying pretty close to the plan. Especially as they got their much needed “new Pearl Harbor” on 9/11 to “drag the People along.”


In charge of handling, accounting for and distributing all the military hardware that would be poured into Afghanistan? Is this a trick question? Why not give him the title of Viceroy or, better yet, Minister of the MENA.
Hell, why don’t we just send him a blank check? Wouldn’t that be cheaper, if he promised to go hang out in an undisclosed location?
Democracy Now! did a lengthy segment on the DoD’s complete lack of accountability in tracking U.S. weapons shipments from depots in Kuwait to the farflung Iraqi military bases. ( Where are those DoD audits first demanded by Congress in 1992? ) :wink: :wink: :wink: :wink: :wink: :wink: :wink: :wink: :wink: :wink: :wink: :wink: :wink: :wink: :wink: :wink:
The insane wardens, formerly running the asylum, have escaped from their rubber rooms. Oh wait, this is only a trial balloon. If it had been an actually emergency we’d all have to tune our cellphones into Radio Free Saudi Arabia, right?
" As cynical as I get, I just can’t keep up ".
Lily Tomlin


How could anyone in their right mind think this could possibly be an idea to even consider? We would end up fighting every single Afghan tribe and army that currently exists in that country, not to mention the entirety of the civilian population. This two bit tin horn despot needs to go back to the hole he crawled out of.