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'Literal Colonialism': Blackwater Founder Calls for 'American Viceroy' to Rule Afghanistan


Right, I stand corrected, but I still think the term Reichsmarschall would be more correct in this case.


Actually, it goes back even further. I think one of the first was Alexander the Great.


And the PNAC's plan is a little behind the schedule's timeline, but it seems to be staying pretty close to the plan. Especially as they got their much needed "new Pearl Harbor" on 9/11 to "drag the People along."


In charge of handling, accounting for and distributing all the military hardware that would be poured into Afghanistan? Is this a trick question? Why not give him the title of Viceroy or, better yet, Minister of the MENA.
Hell, why don't we just send him a blank check? Wouldn't that be cheaper, if he promised to go hang out in an undisclosed location?
Democracy Now! did a lengthy segment on the DoD's complete lack of accountability in tracking U.S. weapons shipments from depots in Kuwait to the farflung Iraqi military bases. ( Where are those DoD audits first demanded by Congress in 1992? ) :wink: :wink: :wink: :wink: :wink: :wink: :wink: :wink: :wink: :wink: :wink: :wink: :wink: :wink: :wink: :wink:
The insane wardens, formerly running the asylum, have escaped from their rubber rooms. Oh wait, this is only a trial balloon. If it had been an actually emergency we'd all have to tune our cellphones into Radio Free Saudi Arabia, right?
" As cynical as I get, I just can't keep up ".
Lily Tomlin


How could anyone in their right mind think this could possibly be an idea to even consider? We would end up fighting every single Afghan tribe and army that currently exists in that country, not to mention the entirety of the civilian population. This two bit tin horn despot needs to go back to the hole he crawled out of.


This you tube video is relevant:


The fact that a trained killer and mercenary for money should have the temerity to speak the way this evil man does, shows just how degenerate, America has become!


As usual, all you have to do is follow the money...


The corporate ocracy are the ones that actually did the visa programs for letting the illlegal immigrants into the country. keeping them here was not really a great idea when you start thinking about it that the original reason why they were brought in here was to cut the wages of the working class in the United States. so what do you do with these folks after their visas have expired well there is only one solution to it if they're still here in country and are not going for citizenship that is deportation unfortunately. It would happen to me in just about any co7ntry


How do these people not realize that they are the villains?? Have they seen any movie ever?


As we (and they) should have learned from our exposure to classical Greek tragedies, they are blinded by some human failure -- in this case the lust for greed and power. Of course, they were probably never exposed to Greek tragedies or any other classical studies and are, thus, ignorant of such concepts.


Yes, to what you very thoughtfully said...

But but but, all those rare and precious minerals are there....


Prince is presently 'contracting' a big part a dandy little war in Yemen - providing superannuated veterans of Colombian wars to provide the hard kernel for attacking the mountains of the Mughrib. That's a paying proposition for his little 'security operation'.

No doubt he could sell the same model to Trump, especially if he could figure some way to have the Afghans pay for their own subjugation. He would however require the services of the USAF humanitarian bombardment force - to tamp down the opposition and reduce the size of those mountains..


Using third world mercs Prince could get 'er done without having to worry about death rates on any side. There are hundreds (thousands?) of real American warriors - Brits, French, Aussies and others who'd sign up to 'get some' with the gloves off.


I think you are onto something. I have been thinking for months now that this Trump fiasco must be cover for or fortuitously used as cover to advance some of the more insidious goals of global elite consolidation, namely by flooding D.C. with corporate insiders (which they are not even being covert about) and extinguishing any burgeoning multipolar world for the sake of GCC pipelines and Brussels/London/NY-controlled globalization. Perhaps Trump is painting the Republicans in such unsavory hues so the polished Democrat that runs in 2020 will be granted a great amnesiac post-election mandate to please her/his masters greatly.


The U,S, has always been a colonialist empire, literally or not. The murderous voice of the criminal Price simply articulates that truth.


Thank you for these comments because I was actually getting sick reading what E prince is proposing


I am surprised that this piece of shit Prince is still alive. But it's inevitable that all the slime and crawly things are going to be coming out from under their rocks now that one of the worse humans beings that has ever lived is temporarily in control of much of what this country does.

If you voted for Trump you obviously lack the basic mental capacity to recognize an obvious idiot, fool and general asshole. And you probably shouldn't be allowed to drive a car or be on your own for too long at a time. If you still support Trump after all of his own incredibly stupid decisions and actions you are a traitor to this country and everything it stands for.


"Viceroy?" Doesn't that imply an already existing establishment of absolute power and control in Afghanistan? And, to represent that such a situation currently exists is a delusion; moreover, it is laughable.

Ah, and therein lies the problem: a case of the cart before the horse; I didn't know that the U.S. actually defeated the Afghans. The Taliban and the regional warlords effectively control the vast majority of Afghanistan. Whereas the U.S. only barely tenuously controls but a few symbolic cities and outlying areas.I wonder if the West's coalition is still pervasively engaged in the practice of paying tribute to the warlords for the safe passage of convoys through their territories.


This has always been a consignment sale of the American poor and working classes' last batch of assets. When the next bubble bursts in this housing boom, it will be " the last in, the first out " , of their homes. They'll become rental properties. Trump and his real estate buddies always make bucks buying on the bottom, not on the second crest of the wave. He said this in his primary run several times..He's honest about fucking people over, that's how he gets off and how he keeps score. Backed by paid muscle and slick attys., of course. He's The Bamboozler-in Chief. That's it.
God help you if you don't know what Trump is.
He is leaving a trail of bread loaves, not crumbs. He's daring the Congress to do something about it. They won't, of course, because they serve the same interests, the same masters.