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Literal Sh*t Storm: Warnings of Major Manure Threat as Hurricane Dorian Barrels Toward North Carolina Factory Farms

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/09/05/literal-sht-storm-warnings-major-manure-threat-hurricane-dorian-barrels-toward-north

Not a mention of those poor imprisoned animals in those “slaughter houses”.


From the article:

“Imagine a TORNADO erupting in your backyard just as a record-breaking hurricane barrels closer.”

It’s the new intersectionality.

Hundreds of thousands of sentient animals are trapped and tortured in those facilities, but few care about them.
If you eat meat, you’re complicit.
I hope the storm selectively washes away the homes of anyone who owns or works in an animal torture facility.


This is what they mean when they say “When the SHI*T hits the fan.”


Nullschool shows Dorian just rolling up the SE coast like a geo-basketball right now.
(press k to go forward 3 hours, j to go back)


At one time, a moratorium was placed against starting any new hog farms after Charlotte got flooded by pig manure after a hurricane. That was when they finally realized all those hog farms were creating a bio-hazard- a bio-hazard that they still don’t want to address kind of like Duke Energy’s coal fly ash piles (just let it pile up 'cause we gots to have profit margin). But at least a moratorium got placed. This happens every year. “The manure lagoons are going to get flooded!”

If people really had to pay the true cost of meat, there’d be a whole lot more economic vegetarians out there. I’m all for putting a clean-up tax on meats. When the manure lagoons do flood, no one including the farmers want to take up responsibility for it because who’s going to pay for it? Its also for this reason that Pamlico Sound is largely a dead zone when it used to have a lot of fish and oysters. The NC oyster industry is mostly dead compared to years of long long past. That makes me sad because I like oysters.


Are we having fun yet? Just think, the whole planet is toxic with waste products.


I could give up meat today but my woman won’t give it up.

We reap what we sow. In a balanced ecosystem, one creature’s waste is another’s food. It remains in stasis. But a species of ape evolved where most members thought they were Rulers of it all. They raped and pillaged their way to the point of extinction. Added to it is the cultural revulsion of death and bodily fluids of all kinds. Just ignore it and keep on consuming. I’m currently reading Fuchsia Dunlop’s Shark;s Fin and Sichuan Pepper, her memoirs on eating her way through China. At first, she’s excited about all the creatures she’s eating. Then…she wakes up. She looks around at the environmental catastrophe and the rapid extinction of status animals, and it all goes south. She comes right out and blames the West, particularly the United States, for infecting the rest of the world with its thoughtless consumerism…Me…I eat little meat. If I do, I prefer wild meat that’s lived naturally. Good luck, North Carolina. Let’s hope no species-hopping disease crops up from this mess…


They should put a cruelty tax on all animal-derived food industries, including dairy, eggs, and fish.
There’s no such thing as a “humane” way to imprison a non-human animal and exploit it for its flesh, milk, eggs, etc.
If animals did to human females what humans do to female cows to get milk, humans would be outraged.
The animal-derived foods industry is a symbol of the cruelty and selfishness of our species.
And vegetarianism is a half-measure.


I’ve seen a lack of ethics in the dietary realm break up relationships.
And when I meet women who claim to be for animal rights and are vegetarian, I explain to them what’s done to female cows so they can have dairy products.
If a woman refuses to go vegan, she’s showing you a lack of compassion and ethics.
Maybe yours will change if you show her this video. If she doesn’t, that’s very sad.


Future Visitors Guide of North Carolina: " visit this scenic wonderland, where every waterway eventually leads to shit creek, canoes and paddles not included. "
N. Carolina’s State Motto: SOSDY-Same Old Shit, Different Year.
" When the chickens come home to roost in N. Carolina, shit happens. "
" We’re happier than pigs in poop " The official state bumper sticker of N. Carolina
Hog farmer from N. Carolina explaining the terrible odor to tourist, " Well sir, most people don’t recognize the smell of gold, but that’s it. "


It’s not uncommon at all, especially in the NE quadrant of the storm. The first cat. 3 I rode out (Frederic), in 1979 spawned dozens of tornados. So many in fact none of the downed trees in it’s path (many on National Forest land) were usable, the trunks were all twisted before they fell, unusable for lumber.


The thing everyone needs to keep in mind is that all factory farms are “poorly located” there is no good location for a factory farm.


If the state government passed legislation adequately regulating these practice, including the consideration for hurricanes, floods and tornados, we wouldn’t be having this conversation.

VoteBlue 2020

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Was this facilty ever prosecuted. ?

I did not watch the video. I’ve seen many PETA reports and get too distraught.

You kinda beat me to the punch. I was going to post that I hoped all the animals were safe, not injured, including those already living in water, especially if it gets polluted and toxic.

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You beat me to the punch, too, like Dove did. I upvote you ten million times.

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I can’t watch this. I won’t watch this. But then I need no convincing on veganism…or vegetarianism, either.

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