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'Literally Murderous': In Latest Healthcare Sabotage, Trump to Take ACA Website Offline Repeatedly During Signup Period


'Literally Murderous': In Latest Healthcare Sabotage, Trump to Take ACA Website Offline Repeatedly During Signup Period

Julia Conley, staff writer

In its latest attempt to sabotage the law that 20 million Americans rely on for health coverage, the Trump administration is planning to shut down Healthcare.gov for large stretches of time during the upcoming enrollment period, during hours when many are likely to try to sign up for insurance plans.


I make too much for Medicaid, not old enough for Medicare, and can’t afford the ACA (deductibles, co-pays, co-insurance, etc). Had to go to the ER on September 1, now have $1500 in medical bills which I have to go beg for “relief”.

BTW, I work for a hospital and have no benefits because I am an on-call employee.


That would be merely ironic if it weren’t also tragically commonplace. Best wishes for your health, both physical and economic.


Obama care was written by the insurance companies. Single payer is what this country needs to take the business of insurance companies out of business. Costs of all medical procedures are very high too.

https://www.healthcare-now.org/ great website on single payer




Although I don’t like to bring religion into it, Jesus H. Tap Dancing Christ! After turning the fates of millions of people over to the insurance racket, now the Mango Mussolini wants to make things even more difficult. After a minor stroke three years ago, and becoming an ATM for the health biz. My employer picks the cheapest (for them) insurance - United Health Care - with the crappiest benefits and highest deductibles for us. At least prescription refills are relatively reasonable, for now. I used to keep a .45 under my bed, for the unlikely intruder, but now I keep it locked, in order to make it too much of a drag to get out for my own use.


There are certainly parts of the ACA worth defending. The ACA is clearly better to what the right wing offers, but it is absurd at this point in time to pretend that we should be focusing on working within that paradigm. While the ACA is better than a right wing alternative, you can make a strong case that the ACA is just as inferior to single payer than the right wing alternative is to the ACA as it is. If the 20 states succeed in destroying pre-existing conditions, what exactly is left? The best parts of the ACA were the pre-existing condition protections and the expansion in the public parts of the healthcare system. Both are being undermined. At this point, it should be just as unacceptable to run for office and not support single payer as it is to run for office and not support something like the right to access to public education.

As I have said before though, it says a lot about this political system and the other major party, the Democrats, that the Republicans have the power to do any of this. Their ideas are deeply unpopular, across the board, and only a quarter of the country now identifies with that party. The fact that the Democrats are in the positions says a lot about those that have been in control of that party.


"Beware of those with a strong urge to punish" –

There’s a spitefulness among the right wing which is disgusting - and which I also
noticed in Grassley’s plans to ask Dr. Christine Blasey NOT for her therapist to appear
and make a report … but for the therapist’s notes to be supplied for examination by
the GOP.

And same for the Polygraph where Grassley didn’t want the FBI agent to appear and
explain the results, but he wanted the chart, itself, to be supplied for examination by
the GOP.

Someday someone may be leaking some GOP email so that we might see the behind
the scenes thinking of the GOP and Grassley and what it is that makes them so spiteful.


Glad I was able to keep my insurance. Glad I was able to keep my doctor. Glad my rate went up less under the ACA. Republican lies just roll off my back.