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'Literally Relitigating Watergate': Trump DOJ Argues Court Was Wrong to Hand Over Grand Jury Material in Nixon Impeachment Inquiry

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/10/08/literally-relitigating-watergate-trump-doj-argues-court-was-wrong-hand-over-grand

If trump’s crimes are as big as the coverups we are in for quite a show. Now I’m okay with taking as much time as needed to get ALL witnesses to testify. We aren’t going to dump trump before the election anyway.
Not like the bullshit F.B.I. investigation into Kavanaugh’s accusers.
What the hell is taking the courts so long on these subpoenas? Time to light some fires.

Me thinks we are in deep shit right now, and better watch our sixes. Even Colon Powell thinks so.


At 5:00, the Trump Justice Department sent a letter to the House of Reps.stating that they will refuse to comply with anything the House requests because the Democrats are simply trying to change the result of the 2016 election.

So the Articles of Impeachment may become very brief and simple - complete obstruction of justice and contempt for the constitution.


Everyone, including the members of the federal judiciary, better get on the same page, and realize that Trump’s going to continue to assert “unprecedented” and wildly off the wall “legal” arguments–The one public statement that Trump made and he has so far carried out, as he said he would, is when at a press conference after the '18 midterms, he said if the Democrats were going to investigate him, he was “going to go to war” with them–They have and he has and we are now in Trump’s war with congress–The members of the judicial and legislative branches have got to realize what’s going on here, and stop being surprised at Trump’s tactics (no “strategy”)–This is the constitutional crisis that talking heads have been warning could happen–It’s happened, it’s here now.


I think Trump is far more stupid and vindictive then I imagined before toward what he famously called “the squad” for pushing for his impeachment. He seems to be stuck at trying to defy Congress’s due constitutional responsibility to inquire about his possible impeachment. Trump is digging himself in deeper and deeper every day now. The “squad” as he called them happen to be of non Anglo type some with Islamic names that he thinks his supporters hate also. And their hatred for the “squad” (how dare they impeach my dear leader) would compell them to rise up and cause racial civil war. Fat chance you piece of dog doo doo nobody is going to rescue a losing idiot.

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Hang on one second.
The Nixon court case was for access to records from within the executive branch.
This time, it is a grand jury hearing of evidence for the special prosecutor, Mueller.

The Mueller grand jury testimony belongs to:
The prosecutor = yes
The sitting judge =??
The jurors = no
The defendant is allowed access = no

Then, there will be two levels of appeals and then the supreme court.

THe timeline is already about 3.5 weeks behind schedule. Dems are looking to new years in place of thanksgiving.

Here’s how this is going to play out.
The federal appellate court will uphold the subpoenas. That decision will be immediately appealed to the SCOTUS. This SCOTUS, unlike the one Nixon era, is filled with fascists. They will overturn the ruling, disallowing all subpoenas. An impotent House of Representatives will vote on articles of impeachment anyway. There will be a show trial in the senate. Trump will be acquitted 53-47. If Joe Biden is still alive, he will be forced down the throats of the Democratic faithful in Milwaukee. Biden will win the popular vote, and lose the electoral college. Trump will get a second term. The senate will remain republican.
And the American experiment will die.

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By comparison Nixon stole our wheel covers while Trump, Moscow Mitch and their organized crime syndicate disguised as a political party poisoned our well, kidnapped our family, stole our identities, and burned our bridge as they moved on to their next victims.

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Good point. And insofar as Congress is comprised of the representatives of the people, Trump at war with the Congress means he’s at war with the people.

Over nothing less than the fundamental matter of sovereignty. Sovereignty of the people that Trump has appropriated illegitimately, as if there’s no daylight between the executive office and the man who would be king. A pretender more infantile than man, more a teeming caldron of pettiness than a person of any stature, never mind gravitas. Whose breakdown in public, worsening by the day, we are hopefully not frozen witness to . . . .

Trump the Cruel, like an Ivan the Terrible for our age, the broken down enemy of the people—the broke joke of a (mis-)leader.

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Its not a Trump problem. Its a GOP problem.

As Paul Krugman’s column headline rhetorically asks today: “Is it now crystal clear that the GOP is an authoritarian regime in waiting ?”

If Trump disappeared tomorrow the GOP has authoritarian theocrat Pence and a long line up of fascists who are doing Goebbels proud and are ready to put the hammer down on us.

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Typical Trump, taking a baseball bat to knock out all precedents and laws –
in the end it will be democracy that falls under Trump.

Or not – it’s up to us!

Right wing has put guns on our streets destroying our societies and bringing us
38,000 a year dead. We are watching as these guns have destroyed communities
and societies creating violence in every state and chaos sufficient to overturn democracy.
This overturned the 2nd Amendment which for more than 100 plus years had been held
by previous rulings of the Supreme Court to be about a MILITIA, as the opening clause
makes clear. Supreme Court “disappeared” the opening clause - now you see it/now you don’t.

The result of Citizens United was a gradual move to overturn any limits on campaign
funding – and it was done by this illegitimate Supreme Court declaring corporations are
people without any attempt to offer any proof of what they are proclaiming.
Corporations are not people and if the SC wants to proclaim they are, then let them give
us proof of that.
Otherwise, we’re just talking about our SC acting criminally in the interests of corporations
rather than protecting our laws and the interests of the public, free speech and fair elections.

We need to IMPEACH Thomas and Kavanaugh – and remove Gorsuch in order to put a
liberal on the court – let’s go back to at least Garland.

– like the “W” administration where Alberto Gonzales and John Yoo twisted and distorted
law in order to create an avenue for CIA torture to exist legitimately – and signed in August
2002 by Assistant Attorney General Jay S. Bybee, head of the Office of Legal Counsel of the
United States Department of Justice – continues to use illegal attacks on our regulations and
our laws, using criminal lawyers to do it.

This is the way of organized crime – not a nation of laws.

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We all think one Scotus ruling or another was wrong headed. Citizens United for one. But Mr. trump does not want to obey them until they are changed. He is a crook generally , and on specifics.