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'Literally What Jesus Told People to Do': In Arizona, Possible Prison Time for Leaving Food and Water for Migrants


'Literally What Jesus Told People to Do': In Arizona, Possible Prison Time for Leaving Food and Water for Migrants

Jessica Corbett, staff writer

Four women were found guilty of misdemeanors and are facing possible prison time for leaving jugs of water and canned food in the Arizona desert for migrants braving the scorching triple-digit temperatures during the summer of 2017.



I used to be of that faith, in my youth I though of entering seminary. To become more Christlike but I looked around me and didn’t see any christians, only wanna be’s. Here we have some people doing what it takes, in Gods favorite nation and look what happens. Just think what would happen if someone started over turning the money changers tables. Just think.



We have our own versions of CRUCIFIXION today! Ain’t it GREAT!!



This is literally what … an American would do. It is people like these women of good will who rebel against inhumane laws in favor of decency and kindness towards others who are the kind of Americans who define the term. Governments will and do try to claim that all laws must be obeyed without question. Laws that prevented people from helping the Jews and Gypsies in Nazi Germany. Laws that prevented people from participating in the Underground Railroad in the days of slavery.

And yes I am proud to be an American seeing that these women are my fellow countrymen.



Those in the legal system who are complicit in the prosecution, and punishment of these thoughtful souls, have been paid their “thirty pieces of silver.”



The name so many people use to call themselves Christians, which means devoted followers of Jesus Christs teachings, would be an anathema to Jesus if he were alive today. They are in many cases, what Mr. Hedges has called them: “CHRISTIAN FASCISTS”. They use the Bible and the sayings of Jesus to justify their fascism.



As far as I can see the entire ‘thing’ about being Christian is by its nature a life as ‘wannabe’. The question seems to be how closely one can align one’s life and be clear about what that means. Humility as a strength of psyche and openness of heart, strengthening clarity of mind, has been ‘externalized’ by the cult deity of materialism. Thatś really something to think about: humility is too costly for capitalism’s institutions - though on occasion it is given lip service. I agree there are many, many actions like turning over the tables of the money changers that can celebrate the living personal and community body of Christ.

I tend to think of an individual reincarnation of Christ as a cultish distortion. To me the second coming is when folks incarnate the values personally and come together in community and humanity becomes the second coming. There was also something about a thousand years of peace. To heck with institutions… time to go straight for the values and live, laugh hearty and love.



"This is literally—literally—what Jesus told people to do."

“If giving water to someone dying of thirst is illegal, what humanity is left in the law of this country?”



America says it is a Christian nation, too bad that isn’t true!

In a time of universal Christian deceit; being a Christian like these four ladies, is an act that lands one in prison!



The way these people care is very heartwarming and good for the many reasons mentioned here. If only all humans would help each other in some way. And that is where my concern is. What if the darker minds in this world, instead of just dumping water and food, were to poison or adulterate the supplies left for these souls suffering in the desert. We need systems and institutions in place that encourages immigration in a safe and sane manner.



They should be sued for endangerment, causing a riot, involuntary manslaughter where it applies, and this shit would stop in a heartbeat.




The whites are panicky about a brown invasion, but the browns don’t even notice their panic. To the browns, anything is better than what they have in their places of origin. To a brown person, the disgust he causes on the average ignorant racist white American is nothing compared with confronting a gangster of his own race in his home country. Nobody wants to be in their shoes.



MLK Day should remind us of our human brothers and sisters being persecuted, murdered, and left to die in the wilderness.
Aren’t we better than that after 2,000 years of practice.



Those who persecute these kind people follow not Jesus Christ, but rather they have been reanimated as and represent, Judas Iscariot.



And a little bit of “Mean Mr. Mustard.”
Peace, at least for today.

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Most of us are better than that. It’s the worst of us, those in the RepressiveCan-Party that drives this hatred and uses their power and influence over others to enact their repressive agendas.



An observation just occurred to me, probably should have been obvious.

We know that the prohibition of various drugs and the selective enforcement of the borders against smuggling feeds the drug industry, including the “ilicit” traffickers, the mafia and “intelligence” connections and so forth. We know this from things like Operation Phoenix, the Contragate scandals of the 1980s, and other government and military drug trafficking, but also because of the before|after picture of the prohibition of alcohol.

This legal and social dynamic cannot possibly exist without its feeding the traffic in humans, for exactly the same reasons, though for somewhat different uses.



McKibben sez:
“This is literally—literally—what Jesus told people to do.”

Jesus? That scofflaw who fed the multitudes and then claimed only five loaves and two fish on his 1040? He got a little taste of “justice” as well, as I recall.

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The State is so concerned about preserving the Pristine Nature of those National parks, they are going to open them up to more mining and drilling for oil so those Corporations can help this initiative along.

This very much like the case of Viola Desmond here in Canada. She sat in a section the Theater owners claimed reserved for Whites and was arrested. The State could not get her for daring to sit in a whites only section as it would never stand a test in the Courts so they got her for tax evasion of 1 cent.

When the law used like this it a clear sign that the law no longer has anything to do with Justice. It being wielded like a club on behalf of the masters. Again this a reason I have no use for that right wing echo chamber that hides their racism behind well they broke the law by entering the country illegally crowd.