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'Literally What Jesus Told People to Do': In Arizona, Possible Prison Time for Leaving Food and Water for Migrants


The political cartoon “Idiot Box” depicted a real nature preserve on the U.S. - Mexico border where somebody was leaving water out for migrants, but that’s all right, migrant monarch butterflies.

Our government’s current policy of tear-gassing people who arrive on U.S. soil and who ask for political asylum is contrary to treaty conventions previously ratified by the U.S. Senate and signed by the President. The treaties are binding on all United States citizens. Therefore, these women who were helping migrants to survive were only obeying the law of the land in doing so.

If the women were intending to go out of their way to obey United States laws, then criminal intent has certainly not been shown. So, the written requirements of proof of guilt can’t be shown at all, much less beyond a reasonable doubt.

According to the United States Constitution, all such treaties are equally the law of the land with bills passed by both houses of Congress and not vetoed by the president, or bills where a presidential veto is overridden. Tell your judge that all such treaties are equally binding on all federal and state judges.


It’s a crime in Hungary too. Punishable with a prison sentence.


You should have seen what His Mom and Dad claimed on THEIR taxes. First, the baby Jesus was a baby boy citizen of Bethlehem (one of those anchor babies?) and then suddenly He was a citizen of Egypt. Can’t have it both ways on your taxes. Migrants!


Thank you for so clearly stating the truly insane nature of that hypocracy


just in case any might have a question about that…


Even a cursory examination of the history of the catholic church should make it clear that modern day America is about as christian as it gets.
Incidentally, the nazi’s were christians too, and worked closely with the catholic church.


There were a couple of genuine christians once: Dan and Phil Berrigan.



I was taught to be Christlike. I make every effort to be humble. The Buddha has taught me that the greatest thing standing in your way is your ego, that is a fight worth having every single day. Doubt everything, become your own light; Buddha.

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There is no justice for the 99%, only law and order. I mean what, Cohen got a lousy 3 years for lying to Congress? Papadapolus got 2 weeks in prison for a similar thing? Manafort who is the walking definition of corruption still hasnt been sentenced yet, but my guess is he looking at no more than 2-3 years either, if that. But you leave water and food for starving people and you look at 20 years in the slammer? That is not justice, that is a mockery of justice. And Christian values my atheist ass: that’s only to bash gay people and control women’s bodies for the sake of FETUSES!! The same people who jerk off to Jesus on their Sunday sermons didnt shed one tear over he refugee boy dying alone on Christmas Day in a US concentration camp.

A civilization which leaves so many of its citizens unsatisfied and drives them into revolt
neither has nor deserves the prospect of a lasting existence.- Freud


The act of kindness – giving a thirsty pig water – led to a mischief charge against Anita Krajnc.

After five court appearances and a failed attempt to have the charge against her thrown out, Toronto Pig Save activist Anita Krajnc will finally stand trial August 24 on charges of criminal mischief – for giving water to a thirsty pig in a truck on its way to Fearmans Pork Incorporated in Burlington on June 22, 2015.

The alleged crime – interference with the use, enjoyment and operation of property – was captured on video. It shows pigs on the lower deck of the truck panting with mouths agape and Krajnc reaching in to give one of them water from a bottle while the truck is stopped at a traffic light outside Fearmans

It shows the driver getting out and telling Krajnc not to put water in the truck. SHE RESPONDS BY QUOTING JESUS: “If they are thirsty give them water.” To which the driver counters, “You know what? These are not humans, you dumb frickin’ broad.”

Now I ask you, would Jesus (of Nazareth) care that they are not human? He didn’t care if you were a whore or a tax collector or a Roman centurion. And if you were a pig, don’t you think he’d have compassion for “the least” of our kin? The despised pig?


Just one of the many reasons why America is not a Christian nation.


As Howard Zinn said, our problem is too much civil obedience.


Another nation sliding

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Journalists know the difference between jail time and prison time; so, it is purposely misleading - and disingenuous - to use the word “prison” when describing the potential punishment one faces for a misdemeanor and headlining the story accordingly. Moreover, Jesus would not support the tactics of No More Deaths.


HI SuspriaDeProfundis: since today is MLK day, it’s probably a good day to remind people that one of the things MLK wanted people to remember was that EVERYTHING that Hitler did was legal,we really need to look at Congress and those that want to take away free speech because of BDS------------attention must be paid----because America is changing—and not for the good----- it seems


It’s unconscionable to blithely denounce an endeavor that saves lives. Proposals to facilitate water tanks that trip alarms when used, thereby addressing arguments that leaving emergency rations only encourages illegal travel, have been denied. Ignoring the truth about illegals, jobs they perform which U.S. citizens refuse to do, the comparatively law abiding records of immigrants versus citizens, and the reality behind most refugees native countries–I.e. Honduras, Columbia, El Salvador, etc. Shows a common life threatening environment, arguably exacerbated by U.S. policy. We are subverting international law by placing requirements on refugees that cannot be fulfilled, as border agents actively prevent “stepping on U.S. soil” (the stipulation mandated by Trump) by any persons in any circumstances. We tear gas women and children fleeing genocide hundreds of yards before the border. Shameful


It took me forever to figure it out, and then like an epiphany i saw what was obvious and there all the time, only about six months ago - Americans simply place no value at all on human life. All my life I never would have allowed myself to believe it, but the evidence mounted to the point of overwhelming. Its Capitalism, we value money, human life is measured in net worth. Assets, minus liabilities - that’s the total value of a human to Americans.

That’s why we don’t care about children’s education - unless their parents can buy one
That’s why health care is only important for those who can afford it
That’s why poor immigrant children don’t matter - there’s no money there
That’s why Afghan, Palestinian, and Iraqi lives are forfeit
That’s why torture is ok
It explains everything
Ultimately that’s why we are an amoral culture.


…The Greedy Obnoxious Plunderers roadblock ‘Angels of Mercy’ every fucking time. I HONOR THEM!! Don’t just ‘question authority’, question EVERYTHING. These four ‘beautiful women’ are the essence of what might save this world from those ‘plunderers’, those motherfuckers…


…And within that structure ‘it’s hard to live’…You’re lucky if you Don’t Have PTSD…in fact, I would call it rare anymore…


Welcome aboard, Caz! Excellent post! Succinct and pointed.