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Little Big Man: Into the Whirlwind


Little Big Man: Into the Whirlwind

Tom Engelhardt

He’s huge. Outsized. He fills the news hole at any moment of any day. His over-tanned face glows unceasingly in living rooms across America. Never has a president been quite so big. So absolutely monstrous. Or quite so small.

He’s our Little Big Man.


Reality is dead, and we have killed it. --Nietzsche X.0


"There is a cult of ignorance in the United States…nurtured by the false notion that democracy means that ‘my ignorance is just as good as your knowledge.’” - Isaac Asimov

And now it has delivered … Donald Trump. The Dark Ages are upon us, once again. As before, knowledge must be collected and preserved in the hope of better days to come.


Excellent piece by T.E.----thank you CD for posting.

Tom states:
“The U.S. military (and its allied warrior corporations) turned out not to be a force for eternal order and triumph but, at least across the Greater Middle East and Africa, for eternal chaos and the spread of terror movements.”

More specifiic details on u.s. empire’s role in ratcheting up chaos and increasing the spread of terror movements:


“He’s teaching us something invaluable, something we probably wouldn’t have grasped without him. He’s teaching us just how deeply disturbed our American world actually is, or he wouldn’t be where he is.”

Englehardt’s blessedly brief article has it right. Donald Trump is a mirror who reflects the people of the US. He has managed to"work the system" and become the chief executive of the government which rules over a selfish, (self-absorbed, self-affirming, and self promoting) people whose chief commodities are self-love and self-indulgence. He has a rubber stamp Congress and a klown posse crew of oligarchs who make up his cabinet and top advisors. Nothing he thinks or says, or writes embarrasses him because (like the pope!) he is infallible.

He will lay a wreath at the tomb of the unknown soldier later on today and (like Slick Willy Clinton and G W Bush) mouth words of gratitude for “the sacrifice these brave soldiers made” and go right on keeping the wars going.


Thank u, brilliant article.


Thanks, Tom, for one of your very best columns yet!


I agree with Chomsky that the Republican organization is the most dangerous organization in human history and all the proof one needs is to see the current POTUS, who more than anything, it seems to me, is the epitome of that statement.

Question: when Chomsky labeled "the Republican party the most dangerous party in human history, did he mean to include the German Nazi party?


Answer: Yes!


Big or Huge are the wrong adjectives to describe this president.

#Obnoxious is the proper adjective.


Hollywood provides the Fodder, as the MSM devolves, and mutates, Memorial Day into Hollywood War Glory Day.


Did he acknowledge the Duopoly?


Then I guess mini-true is correct: WELCOME TO THE FOURTH REICH!


Of course not! And another thing I disagree with Chomsky about is he seems to be closed minded about 9/11 because he refuses to acknowledge any alternative theories except the official con theory which is so asinine and such a fairy tale that only the most sophomoric would believe it; especially, since so many of Chomsky’s colleagues with impeccable credentials do not agree with the MSM story.


I recently heard him say, on Pacifica (don’t know when the cut was made) concerning the assassination of President Kennedy “…who cares?”


Thanks for the Asimov quote! I I have been thinking exactly the same thing for a while now. And if it was true back when he wrote it, it is true with a vengeance now!


See the Asimov quote above…

The mode of failure of the WTC and Pentagon on 11 Sept 2001 and the circumstances surrounding it is as much an overwhelming consensus of physical scientists and engineers and crime investigators as anthropogenic global warming is.

So you should ponder why you are skeptical of one but not the other.


Exactly. Who cares; Chomsky is interested in the great systemic political-economic forces that drive societies forward or backward. The assassination of Kennedy is insignificant. Had Kennedy lived to complete two terms, it is unlikely that anything would be any different today. The assassination theories revolve on magical “powerful spooky individuals” view of society’s evolution, rather than the time-proven system-based view of societies from Chomsky going on back to Russell, Dewey, Marx, Proudhon and Bakunin, Rousseau, Locke, Plato…


To paraphrase a Neil DeGerasse explanation, on a different subject, : “…the Research has been done, the Facts are in, there’s no Theories involved here.”.


Researched facts have been in the Public Domain since at least 2008, no theories involved.