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LIVE: Ahead of Vote, House Debates Resolution on Trump Impeachment Inquiry

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/10/31/live-ahead-vote-house-debates-resolution-trump-impeachment-inquiry

with just two Democrats voting against the resolution

Primary these two (probably already happening). Don’t see a link as to who they are.


"The final vote of 232 to 196 was along strict party lines, with just two Democrats voting against the resolution, no Republicans voting in favor, "

Which pretty much shows how the Senate will vote, if it ever gets that far.

Always tribal politics before country. Always.


Parliamentary-type systems like Canada or the UK are even more tribal. Voting against your party gets you disqualified to run for your seat in the next election altogether. The British parliament has two red lines painted on the floor on between the party benches for which the members are forbidden to cross. The lines are placed two sword-lengths apart.

“Bipartisanship” is not a good thing. “Getting the Republicans to go along” is why so many of the 1930’s and 1960s social programs in the US are so watered down and laden with Kafkaesque bureaucratic rules whose only purpose is to punish the person for asking for the benefit. We would have already have a national healthcare-for-all system since the 1950s, and still strong union protections (no Taft-Hartley Act) if it weren’t for the Truman Adm. needing to “get along with the Republicans”.


Good. There is someone worse. I am so relieved…

Read my edits.

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Yes indeed true, meanwhile since Reagan the wealthy elites have been increasing their wealth beyond belief at the expense of the homeless, the mentally ill and the millions of uninsured and sick Americans.

The two Democrats voting against the resolution were Jeff Van Drew of New Jersey and Collin Peterson of Minnesota.


Don’t become diverted by the impeachment sideshow. The Problem With Impeachment:


I wonder if Nancy P. actually thought some Repugs would move over to the resolution, and impeaching Trump? It was so OBVIOUS they would not. She is a corporate Dem so of course she is constantly catering to the Repugs. Even though I know this. It still makes me disgusted every time she caters to the Repugs. While at the same time she treats the Progressives in the House with disdain, and ignores the Progressive vote.
If she thought this would stop the Repugs from calling the inquiry unfair she is just living in an alternate universe in which she wishes the Repugs were sincere, and reasonable.
Disgusted again. I have to go meditate to get the bad taste of disgust out of my brain. LOL

The house only requires simple majority to proceed through each step. First step is subject resolution to prevent Repubs from bringing in rebuttal witnesses. Quaint that was once called a kangaroo court…

As for the senate, it will require 2/3 majority. That little constitution bit was available for Clinton and he finished his second term. (Actually, the Dems were never going to let Clinton be removed from office). That little constitution bit will save Trump and he will finish out his second term. Regretfully.

No, but they will know they are voting for a proven crook. If he doesn’t go down now he will likely end up in prison. How far do fools go?

Thats why we need Bernie, and much more progressives in the House and Senate. However, Trump IS horrible, and is doing things that previous Repugs could only dream of. He has put himself above the law in ways none before him have accomplished. Bad as they were. Allowing him to go on unquestioned is asking for him to become our new Dictator. He also has a large cult following that Pence as much as I dislike him does not have. Which I think is why Repug politicians fight for him. Pence would be easier to beat if we had a fair election. Which is another problem that needs to be addressed election machines, and so on.


Please name any president or former president (or any other high-ranking politician) who has ever been imprisoned.

In fact, name a president who has ever been impeached and removed from office.

Great opportunity to see our Toadies taking care of America’s business. Kevin McCarthy is obviously a little delusional.

The Republicans in the House have chosen to support crime, and all have broken their sworn oath they took to support the Constitution of the United States.

May God forgive them.

I’m not sure the American people will.


I think Democrats are trying to distract voters from the Green New Deal and single payer national health insurance that voters want, and Democrats don’t care that they are helping Trump.


Damn! Have to get a new hair-cutter after ten years because of the “Dumbpster”!
She said they should quit “picking on him” and fix the country instead.
THAT is the damned mentality that may stop Bernie, even without DNC help.

I wish Common Dreams wouldn’t give so much coverage to this sideshow.