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Live: Sanders, Warren, and Michelle Obama to Address DNC Tonight


Live: Sanders, Warren, and Michelle Obama to Address DNC Tonight

Common Dreams staff

The Democratic National Convention (DNC) kicked off on Monday, with prime time speeches expected from Bernie Sanders, Michelle Obama, and Elizabeth Warren.


Of course Bernie's delegates are booing Hillary.

What are they supposed to do, be happy about the DNC stealing the election for Hillary?

This Bernie delegate expressed how Berniers are feeling better than I can: https://youtu.be/ydIbIgg7djI


"I ask you, as a personal courtesy to me to not engage in any kind of protest on the floor."

In my view, these words are spoken by Bernie because he has to.
We don't know what pressures have been applied to him.
We do know the man we've listened to and observed for all these months.
He said he would battle all the way to the Convention, and then, it seemed he wouldn't.
I watched in awe the many times he would say things to a National Audience that I thought I would never hear from a modern Elected Official.
Then it seemed as if the brakes had been applied and the fight seemed to go out of the dog.
He will speak tonight and I will listen and try to understand what is on the lines and between the lines.
He has Played with Fire for our benefit, risking more, probably, than any one of us knows.
I don't know what will happen tonight on the floor.
I'm guessing he will choose his words very carefully, but I'm not, for a second, doubting his sincerity.


Great videos from the Jill Stein Power to the People rally outside the DNC today:


Also, journalist Abby Martin arrested at the DNC:


Watch Abby Martin's videos from the DNC before her arrest:




Testify, brother.


Wait, they cheated? (gasp!) I heard it was the Russians, Putin trying to get Trump elected. And I supposed Hillary hiring Debbie was also because of Putin.


Susan Sarandon, great interview as a Bernie supporter........


The Russians know that HRC means warfare. She is dangerous and should be Booed - if only for the Hondurans and the Libyians


Really? I'd stick to the Pink Bubble Gum Brownies next time. There are pictures around showing ( supposedly ) 3 children burning in a cage. Sen. Sanders' grandchildren will fare better than that. By the time they're old and gray Assad will be dead. HillBillary will be dead. Obama will be dead. Trump will be dead. Bush will be dead. Kissinger , Albright, Rice, Cheney, Sessions, Blair, Biden, Netanyahu, Lieberman, _______, will be dead. You and I will be dead....


A little more than just booed.


I am starting to hear this message "America Is Pretty Great Already," in contrast to Trump's "Make America Great Again." Trump's message is dark and his solutions divisive and destructive. But the US has many problems and perpetrates many problems on the rest of the world. So we don't need the false message about America being great or great again. The US needs to change - needs to address its class and race inequities, its corruption, its imperial domination and oppression.


What's up with Sarah Silverman?


Silverman supported Hillary in 2008.


Sounds like someone chanting 'war hawk', before silenced. Then later someone chanting 'black lives matter' also silenced.


I'm afraid Ross Perot, Dennis Kucinich and Paul Wellstone know just what pressures Bernie has faced these last few weeks. But I still want my money back. It would have been better to have given it all to the Green Party….


Movement! Movement! Movement!


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"The Republican and Democratic parties, or, to be more exact, the Republican-Democratic party, represent the capitalist class in the class struggle. They are the political wings of the capitalist system and such differences as arise between them relate to spoils and not to principles."-E V Debs

Bernie must have missed this when he read about Debs


Unless his family was threatened.


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