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Live: Shell Drilling Vessel Heading Right Towards Bridge Blockade


Live: Shell Drilling Vessel Heading Right Towards Bridge Blockade

Jon Queally, staff writer

This is a rapidly developing story and will be updated....

Update (9:20 AM EDT): Shell's Fennica is on the move

WATCH LIVE: 13 activists are stopping Shell from leaving to drill in the Arctic. http://t.co/6M1JAI66TI via @KGWNews pic.twitter.com/htxDwGnsaq


It’s a noble gesture. The Arctic is likely to be ice free within the next few weeks.


For public opinion to change it first needs attention focused on the subject. The drilling in the arctic was the issue but that has now been changed to Protests against drilling in the arctic at least in the public’s mind.

My point is that actions like these are becoming welcomed by the public. Sure Shell managed to slip through because the Kayaktivists weren’t mobilized for them early in the morning. One battle isn’t the war.

Rinse and repeat enough times and eventually you’ve finished washing your hair.

People are getting tired of corporations running rough shod over everyday life. Corporations act like they alone decide things not the people. That is beginning to change about the climate and fossil fuel use.

Today was just one rinse… time to repeat.

We didn’t lose. People see things for themselves. People think about issues more than the media and politicians would like to admit. The world is changing and people are changing too.

I remember how in the early days of civil rights when people said sit ins at lunch counters wouldn’t ever amount to anything and how student protests about the Vietnam War were just a pointless exercise in futility.

But people take about things that are real … things seen on news broadcasts… these actions today happened and that becomes news that people talk about.

Yay Greenpeace and Paddle on Kayaktivists!!!

We hear ya! We see ya!

Thank you all.


At least in the short term, the Fennica charged the protesters and then stopped short of the bridge. For some reason, almost all police departments believe that they can bluff their way through, but then they usually realize that a frontal attack on protesters isn’t going to work and they stop.


One of the mainstays of the PR industry is and has been the sampling of say a couple of thousand people to assert extremely narrow narratives about issues already assiduously reduced to caricatures of reality to grab the reins of control. Humanity has been dealing with the consequences of colonizing economics for well nigh on a thousand years. The terms socialism and capitalism are being proven to be the tropes toasted with a cocktail by robber barons. Reality is too rich and diverse to be crushed by delusional violence of ill gotten powers.
Strength not power
Dignity not pride
Integrity not usury
Informed governance not bought-and-paid-for politics
Love not avarice
Stewardship not domination
Joy not fear
collaborative coexistence not coercion
Reality not manipulation


I’ll second that - in for the long haul. Peaceably, resiliently, creatively, lovingly, attentively and making space for alternatives


Hah! You old fogeys from the sixties think that you’ve seen it all and … oh wait… that includes me… um? Let’s try that again.

Being a worldly person rich with experience and the wisdom of age and sophisticated in the ways of the world and savvy about politics… zzzzzz… oops I nodded off a bit there…um? Let’s try that again.

We are of the same age (+ or - a year or two) and I’m just as grumpy as you are… ah … hit the right tone at last…!

Yeah we have been there and done that (not enough if you ask me considering the state of things these days) and where the rubber meets the road sure looks impressive a half a century later but old coot to old coot/cootess it wasn’t nearly as clear cut and perfect back then either. In fact organizing an action that would get news coverage, dangling from a bridge and Kayaktivism en paddlessant would have been near impossible.

This was big compared to our rinky dink street theater stuff, a few dozen or a hundred was a successful protest actually. Give these younglings a cheer. They are a class act big time.

What we had eventually was the big marches to end the war. Those marches about global warming will come too. Some have already happened and more will follow. It took time to get people to focus on changing things. Once enough people did they joined the marches and the sidewalk protests and wrote their congressmen and news editors etc.

So what show did your 67 year old grumpiness see that my 65 year old grumpiness didn’t? The early days … like now?

The big marches will come and if you can’t see that then you weren’t part of it way back when and saw how they progressed from small beginnings but are instead ‘pseudo remembering’ as if you were there … when actually you really weren’t.


Is anyone keeping an eye on other ports of departure for drilling ships in case Shell is demobilizing this one and sending another from somewhere else?


This is an aside posted in contribution to the ongoing strength building of localized self reliance resilience.

The Institute for Local Self Reliance is a great resource and clearing house/news and analysis aggregator on otherwise not reported municipal/local case studies of successes around the country.

Heres a link to their energy page:


Ah, the old feint and switch routine. No doubt, they are searching for one if they haven’t got it already. May the good folks at Greenpeace be on top of that one too.
Thanks for being out there for/from ‘all of us against Shell.’


Sending another from somewhere else is an old corporate classic. For example, it was used by the Public Service Company of New Hampshire (a private corporation actually). They had one nuclear reactor pressure vessel stored in Somerset, MA and the Clamshell alliance had lots of four barrel rafts ready for the naval blockade. Instead they shipped reactor pressure vessel #2 directly from Houston to Seabrook, NH and left #1 sitting on the dock.

Of course, then PSC and the police had to deal with a land blockade. The only way to ship a 50 ton piece of steel over a mile of road is with a special 1 mph, 50-tired vehicle. Police kept clearing people out of the way and they kept hopping back onto the road. In the end the police got the reactor pressure vessel onsite. Then one of the PSC’s own workers sabotaged their reactor pressure vessel with some acid so they had to throw it away.

PSC went bankrupt because of Seabrook. They completed and turned on one of Seabrook’s two nuclear reactors before bankruptcy, possibly to make a political statement. The shell of the other unit is nothing more than a big black concrete barn.


But can the police arrest someone hanging from a cable? Julia Butterfly Hill spent months up in a tree and nobody could get her down.

Will blowing a police siren work? Will a bullhorn work?

Will flying police officers do the job? This is Portland, so police officers with hallucinatory superpowers are not out of bounds.


Something revolutionary we haven’t tried that will let us ALL participate in the ACTION. Something that is used by every democracy to remain a democracy: Popular and binding REFERENDUMS.


The main problem is that the American People have been brainwashed and rinsed repeatedly to think that, if they don’t like what the nation has done for the last four or eight years, they can elect a President who will fix all this. He promised! Just like the last sock puppet did, and got elected. See any of those changes?

  • Some countries have the ability to vote “no confidence” in a government and have a new election. In this country, whatever evil and destruction is committed or permitted by the government is glumly put up with until the next “election.” All of that protested damage has been done for four years. Then they vote in Mr. or Ms Change, to turn this all around.
  • The sock puppet they have voted in this time does exactly what the puppeteer tells him/her to, just as the previous one did, and the weary people start planning on a new sock puppet to change things four years from now.
  • Meaningful change is going to have to come from the people, working together, to break this system of greed and corruption at the source, by whatever means necessary.
  • I personally think a good start would be to BDS every nation that is proving a scourge to the environment and the people. That seems to work. Israel is whimpering, and getting its bought and paid for government in the US Fourth Reich to criminalize BDS and criticism of Israeli programs of genocide.
  • If we don’t figure out a way to remove the puppeteers, the sock puppets will just continue to make things easier for them, and disastrous for us.


That is up to us …


Our best bet is electing a Green …


Yup - and they aren’t D/Rs …


Bait and switch - just like O with KXL …


Oops - but first they have to be instituted by law, and for that you need lawmakers who will …


The problem is not with elections, the problem is who we choose in those elections - as long as we elect duopoly candidates we can expect the same …