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'Lives and Livelihoods Are on the Line': Progressive Ad Campaigns Target GOP Senators for Blocking Relief as Covid-19 Rages

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/07/13/lives-and-livelihoods-are-line-progressive-ad-campaigns-target-gop-senators-blocking

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Huge mistake giving 100 Senators the power to determine how 315 million people must live.


The entire United States, with the specific exceptions of every state north and east of New Jersey and also Hawaii, is in a world-leading power dive. The South and the desert West is going to become pretty much a deathtrap for seniors in about one month.

The Republican-controlled Senate deserves more than its fair share of blame for these killing fields. Mr. Trump has moderate to advanced Alzheimers and should have been removed from his dangerous position, but after that it’s very much the Senate’s fault.

If you don’t want to look at the state-by-state breakdown, just look for the heavily Democratic states versus the deeply red states. That’s the map! If you want the numbers, I have been updating them daily since March 22 at ~http://quakerworks.net/statecoronavirusstatistics.htm


I would add the fact that these 100 Senators are millionaires and out of touch with the average citizen. 100 Senators might be okay if they were actual peers of the citizens they are supposed to represent.


BOTH parties are blocking aid to people; Republicans to reduce voting in November, Democrats to tank the economy and heath care system so the Republicans get blamed, and both parties because everything they do is in service of the oligarchy and is sadistic and cruel.

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Was this written by the DNC?
I don’t see corrupt Pelosi standing in the halls of Congress demanding everyone return and do their job.
The dems have rubber stamped every one of the so called aid bills. Really another handout to their 1% friends.

Both parties are equally complicit.
Look at what they have passed during the pandemic. More money for military aggression, allowing the government to spy on our browser history without a warrant, on and on.

Both sides are criminals.

What the Hell is $1200 going to do, but maybe buy another week of life. When tens of millions are evicted and there is no one taking their place in paying the rent, and landlords then stop paying their mortgages, the banks and Wall street will then be affected. As such, it would then behoove our in the pockets of industry, the banks, and Wall street Senate legislators to implement a simple $2,000. regular monthly stipend to every legal age adult so that they can continue paying their bills and keep their landlords, the banks, and Wall street afloat. Of course the alternative can simply remain that the Fed provides the banks and Wall St. free additional trillions of dollars for doing nothing.

This chaotic horrific situation has nothing whatsoever to do with Susan Collins or Majority Leader McConnell and his Goons.

This failure to legislate help for the Millions of Americans that are facing Hunger, Eviction, and the permanent loss of their Jobs is the result of Speaker Pelosi and her sidekick Chucky Schumer, who failed to get appropriate help for small business owners and the working class in the very first aid package.

Progressives were clamoring during the first round of negotiations with the Republicans that the people that needed help the most were being left out of the Bill.

Either Nancy & Chuck are both suffering from Dementia, are too stupid to negotiate for their Constituents or were complicit in ensuring that the Large Corporate Donors to both Parties were satisfied First and Quickly.

Nancy screamed back at the Progressive protesters “Calm Down”, how dare you question my negotiating strategy we will take care of the poor and needy in the fifth aid package.

Yeah right, Nancy & Chuck cannot be that stupid?

Is it possible that they did not realize that they lost their leverage to bargain with those nasty, greedy, heartless, Republicans when they gave them Everything they wanted in the first 4 aid packages??

Hello, not only did they lose their leverage but they lost the opportunity to help Millions of Americans struggling to pay their Rent and trying to find Food Banks to satisfy their Hunger.

This was not an error in negotiating skills this was the typical attitude of Democratic Corporate Puppets neglecting the Needs of We The People intentionally.

It is too difficult to comprehend that the Democratic Speaker of the House and the Democratic Minority Leader in the Senate thew away their leverage, which would have forced the Republicans to Negotiate a Deal in the First Aid Package that would have helped those on the lower rung of the ladder in addition to or instead of their Masters on Wall Street.

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